Pinterest Board Sections Feature Gives You New Pin Organization Options

With more people using Pinterest to discover new brands and product, helping them locate a specific pin within your page is always a good move. Now, the site makes that easier with its new Board Sections feature.

Pinterest Board Sections

The feature lets you divide your Pinterest boards into smaller sub-boards. To create new Pinterest Boards Sections, simply tap on the “Add section” button that appears on the top of your boards. After naming the section, you can select the pins that you want to move into it.

pinterest boards section example

You can also move pins from different boards into the sectioned board. Just open the board that you want to move pins from and tap the “Organize” option on the top. Choose the pins that you want to move and put them into the sectioned board.

Pinterest Board Sections limits

There are no limits on the number of sections you can add to a board. This gives you a lot of freedom on how you can break down and organize each board.

Pinterest began testing the Board Section feature in September. The site’s CEO Ben Silbermann noted in an interview that:

“It’s been a really popular feature request for years. A lot of people create a board, and then after they create it, they want to add structure to it.”

During the beta-test, more than three million pins were saved to 100,000 different Pinterest Board Sections.

The feature is currently being rolled out to both mobile and web users. To get it, mobile users need to update to the latest iOS or Android version of the app.

Getting engagements with Pinterest Board Sections

Silberman added that their main goal with Pinterest’s Board Sections is to get people to stay within Pinterest longer and engage more. This increased engagement can directly benefit marketers like you. Organizing your boards into well-defined sections makes it easier for your followers to discover specific pins. This will help speed up your sales process.

At the same time, you can use sections to lead followers to other content that you have. Pinterest developer Lawrence Ripsher demonstrates this by dividing the content of his board into more orderly sections.

pinterest board section example board

By putting complementary products together in one section, you get followers to browse more of your content. Boost the prominence of these related product pins using our Pinterest Likes and Repins to further draw their attention.

Effective Pinterest organizing with Board Sections

The new Pinterest Board Sections feature is a long time coming. And now that it’s here, you can use it to better present your pins and make product discovery easier. Start organizing your boards today and help followers find more of your products.