Pinterest Autoplay: Why Marketers Will Benefit from this New Video Marketing Feature

With videos fast becoming a prominent part of Pinterest, the company has sought ways to help marketers take advantage of them more. The latest feature is one that other social media platforms have; Autoplay. Video marketers are going to love Pinterest Autoplay!

What Autoplay can do for marketers

Previously, Pinterest only offered videos in a click-to-play format. While this setup lets users choose the ones that they would want to watch, it put marketers at a disadvantage and hurt their sales potential. People can simply go over their promotional videos without watching. This significantly impacts the video watch rates that brands get, limiting the success of their efforts.

Autoplay works around this concern by making videos play immediately when users scroll through them, as demonstrated in this video.

The sound is muted during autoplay. If users want to watch the video in full, they simply click on it to turn on the audio. This means that users still retain the freedom to choose which video content to watch.

Promoted videos are also designed to appear in the most relevant search results. This ensures that your videos are shown to people who are most interested in them. The Autoplay function helps make your video content stand out from the rest of the results and quickly draw their attention.

Taking advantage of Autoplay

The biggest challenge for brands when trying to take advantage of Pinterest’s Autoplay feature is how to effectively catch the attention of viewers in those first few seconds. Since you don’t have sound, a strong opening visual is crucial. You can:

  • Come up with an eye-catching scene that will quickly tell viewers what your video is all about.
  • Use catchy copy to serve as an intro and get people to listen once they read it.
  • Have lots of motion and activity to help catch people’s eye.

Autoplay can also be used to bring the audience to your other videos. When viewers finish one of your videos, the next relevant clip immediately plays. By stringing the right videos together into a queue you can create a continuous viewing experience for them. Use short videos for this strategy to maintain the interest of your viewers, and follow tactics similar to those of YouTube playlists.

Boosting the prominence of your brand’s promoted video will help a lot in convincing viewers to play through it all the moment they see it on their feeds. Give your video pins that bit of traction by buying Pinterest Likes and Repins from us. When people see that your video content is being liked and shared often they become more interested, and are more likely to watch it. This service will be a useful addition to all of your Pinterest Promoted Video marketing as well.

Pinterest Autoplay attracts more attention to video pins

According to Pinterest, 61% of users love watching videos from brands on the platform. This is a great reason to start pinning videos a part of your board strategy. The Autoplay function will be of great help in drawing the attention of your audience. Include it in your overall Pinterest video marketing strategy as well and you will soon find yourself racking up the views and attracting potential purchases.

If you are a Pinterest user who wants to stop Pinterest Autoplay videos, we have you covered!