New Research Shows Promising Pinterest Sales Potential for Marketers

Pinterest is often touted as an essential social media platform for brands to be on. A new research study reveals more reasons why marketers should join and start pinning on the site to earn Pinterest sales.

More Pinterest sales from increased engagement

In the study, commissioned by Pinterest themselves, there were many positive takeaways:pinterest logo

  • 59% of respondents said they prefer Pinterest over other social media.
  • That figure is 11 points higher than that gained by Facebook (48%).
  • This also beats Snapchat be over 21 points (38%).

The research determined three different reasons why people have received Pinterest positively:

  • Adds value: Pinterest users said that the platform’s visual nature has provided them with a unique kind of inspiration that isn’t on other platforms.
  • More personal: The platform provides users with an online venue where they can focus more on their personal interests.
  • Fits user needs: Pinterest has a clearly defined purpose of helping users discover new ideas.

These factors have helped create the very dedicated user base of 200 million that Pinterest now has.

Pinterest sales are an opportunity for marketers

The study further revealed that:

  • 73% of users find content from brands useful.
  • 61% of respondents discovered new brands through Promoted Pins.
  • 50% have made purchases based on the pins they see.

These numbers illustrate Pinterest’s growing influence in the buying behaviors of its users. What’s more, the site can help increase your profits significantly. This, in turn, was a major signal for marketers, like Whole Foods, to jump in and use the platform to bring their products to users.

pinterest sales potential

Pinterest itself is helping the effort with new features like Search Ads, Taste Graph. and more robust hashtag marketing. Use these features to better identify and target your marketing pins towards the right users. For that extra boost, use Devumi’s Pinterest Repins. This service will increase the visibility of your pins, ensuring that your desired audience will see them and respond.

Join Pinterest and gain plenty of marketing benefits

The latest research data provided by Pinterest is a testament to its growing prominence as a marketing and sales platform. This fact is definitely a good cue for you to sign up and start pinning your content. Soon enough, people will be discovering and connecting with your brand for potential purchases.