The New LinkedIn Career Advice Feature Brings Professionals Closer To Great Mentors

Getting advice from the leaders in your industry is always a great help to your career. LinkedIn is now helping you get those words of wisdom easier with its new LinkedIn Career Advice feature.

Professional advice delivered right to you

Career Advice lets LinkedIn users connect with potential mentors from within their respective industries. To get started, simply open the Career Advice section within your LinkedIn profile, as demonstrated in this video.

Enter the preferences for the type of advice you want to see. LinkedIn will then recommend members to connect with based on those preferences, as well as mutual interests and other professional information.

Once you have been matched with a potential mentor, LinkedIn provides you with suggestions on how to reach out to them. This works in a similar manner as the site’s Smart Replies feature, giving you several options for opening a conversation. The prompts can be accessed by tapping the lightbulb icon in your account’s messaging panel.

What LinkedIn Career Advice will do

LinkedIn said that the new feature caters to both advice-seekers and mentors. The site noted that 80% of its members have shown interest in having a career mentor. Meanwhile, 89% of senior industry leaders have expressed the willingness to hand out useful advice.

The site began rolling out Career Advice to users in the following regions:

  • USAwhat is linkedin logo
  • UK
  • India
  • Australia

Members from other countries are set to get it in within the next few months.

Use LinkedIn Career Advice to expand your network

LinkedIn’s Career Advice is meant to help you get helpful tips and lessons from industry leaders. You can also use it to expand your professional network. By connecting with the right mentors, you discover more members of your industry to reach out to. This will open additional professional opportunities for you.

On the flip side, Career Advice also lets you play the role of the mentor, which you can use to enhance your professional standing. By giving out useful insights and ideas to other people, you will be seen as a valuable thought leader by your colleagues.

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Get LinkedIn Career Advice from experts

The new LinkedIn Career Advice feature is a useful way for you to learn from the best minds within your field. You can also use it to share your knowledge with more people and position yourself as a thought leader. Start using it today and discover how it can help expand your list of connections, find you new career opportunities, and help you have a better career.