YouTube Branding Attracts More Subscribers to Your Channel

With all the new channels popping up on YouTube daily, it can be a challenge to get noticed by viewers. This is where excellent YouTube branding becomes vital. Learn how you can build a brand that would attract people to your channel.

Fleshing out your YouTube branding

Start fleshing out the details of your YouTube branding by determining what it’s all going to be about. The type of content you’ll create will dictate how your channel will look. Your channel’s name is the first one to work on. Go back to the general branding that you have and think about how you can represent it in a name. That name should also be:

  • Unique: You make up your own words, as long as the name itself makes sense to your audience.
  • Concise: If your channel’s title is a phrase, limit it to just 2-3 words for recall.
  • Memorable: Make your channel’s name easy to pronounce for your audience. 

YouTube toy reviewer MechaGaikotsu uses these elements to come up with a unique channel name that can still be understood by his target audience. Those are words which his particular audience will have no problem remembering. A different audience would not do so well.

youtube channel branding

Another aspect of your channel’s YouTube branding is to plan out is its visual presentation. You will consider things such as:

  • What colors your audience will respond to.
  • The visual cues that you can incorporate into your overall channel.
  • Which logos or comment shapes are prevalent in your industry.

Use this information to plan out the color scheme, logos, and other elements of your channel’s visual design.

It is also smart to look at other channels. Study how they do each component of their branding. Take this further and look into your competitors. See what they are doing right with their branding and think of ways you can improve on their strategies.

Incorporating your branding into the channel

The first place for your YouTube branding is in the channel artwork. Use your channel banner to display images that represent your brand. Add a brief description of what viewers can expect to see in your channel, and include important information such as your schedule:

youtube branding header image

You also need to consider what to put as your channel’s YouTube icon. Your channel icon appears in the comments you post, making it one of the most visible pieces of your brand. Make sure that the image, whether it is your picture or logo, is easily recognizable within the 98 x 98-pixel size of the rendered icon.

Sony PlayStation’s PS logo is a good example of an image perfectly suited for a channel Icon.

youtube branding channel icon

Optimizing your channel description

Your channel description is another place where you want to incorporate your branding. Don’t just go for a generic description. Use it as an opportunity to further sell your brand. Tell channel visitors what you are offering them and what they can gain from it. The tone of your description should reflect that of your brand. Just please be more descriptive than that smart-ass PewDiePie:

bad youtube channel branding

You also need to make your channel description searchable. Add keywords that are relevant to your brand. Make sure that the keywords blend with the other text of the description. This makes them more effective at providing information to your audience in the search results.

Creating a channel trailer

A channel trailer also works well in getting viewers acquainted with your YouTube branding. When crafting your channel trailer:

  • Engaging introduction: Catch your audience’s attention with a warm hello and tell them who you are and what the purpose of the channel is.
  • Preview: String together a series of clips to whet your audience’s appetite for your videos.
  • Interactive: Use various tools, like YouTube Cards, to get your viewers exploring the channel right from the trailer.
  • Make it professional: Show the quality of video content that your viewers can expect by making your trailer look professional.

VICE’s official YouTube channel follows these tips to come up with an attention-grabbing trailer for itself.

Branding your videos

When incorporating your YouTube branding into your video content, the audience should see it clearly even before they hit the play button. This is where custom thumbnails come in handy. Create a thumbnail that incorporates various visual elements of your brand, such as the color scheme and the font used. Use this to make individual video thumbnails consistent with each other and better represent your brand.

youtube branding thumbnails

Continue the branding within the videos themselves. If you are shooting from a studio setup, use items and backdrops that show elements of your brand, like color schemes. This should also be seen in things like captions, graphics, and the title cards for each section of the video. The most famous backdrop of all time comes from the =3 Show:

youtube branding background

Adding intros and outros to your videos also helps in making them consistent with each other and reinforce your brand. The intro is a two to five-second clip that mentions your channel title and its purpose. Meanwhile, your outro can be a simple end title card that displays your channel logo and title, as well as links to your other videos.

Adding watermarks to your video

Watermarks not only serve as another way for you to insert your brand into videos, these images can also be used to directly get viewers to subscribe to the channel. Hovering over the watermark causes a subscribe button to appear.

To add a watermark to your videos

  1. Open Video Manager on your YouTube account and go to the Channel section.
  2. Go to the Branding tab and select the Add Watermark option.
  3. Upload your desired watermark.

You can select the start and stop time for your watermark. The pop up which displays with your watermark shows your subscriber count. If it is low you will be ignored. Fortunately, our YouTube Subscriber Service will help you here by boosting those numbers.

Spreading your videos outside of YouTube

Getting people to share your videos outside of Youtube is an effective way of increasing awareness about your channel and its brand. Take the initiative by sharing your videos on other social media accounts that you have.

When using Twitter in particular, push your most important tweets into viral territory using our Twitter Retweets Service. Your consistent branding will help make this service even more useful as people will notice how many tweets you have, and notice your brand.

Email marketing is another marketing tactic to use. When doing your email marketing campaign, provide more than just notifications of your upcoming videos. Give engaging content like exclusive footage, in-depth discussions of the topics you tackled, and related resources. This will get your audience excited to sign up for your mailing list.

Getting help promoting your channel

Trying to promote your channel’s YouTube branding on your own can often be a challenge. Here, getting the help of social media influencers is a good move. Look for influencers that are relevant to the niche that you are in.

To convince them to lend their help, provide something of value that they can share with their own audience. This could range from useful pieces of information to products and tools that they can use for their own purposes.

Collaborating with other YouTube creators is another way you can get help promote your brand. Look for creators with content like yours. In some instances, they might be going after a similar audience. Ultimately, both you and your collaborators will benefit from a greater reach.

Create a branding that will attract more viewers to your YouTube channel

Strong YouTube branding can do a lot for the success of your channel. To come up with one, you need to:

  • Define your brand clearly: Understand the message that you want to deliver to your YouTube viewers. Use it to flesh out every detail of your brand.
  • Make it recognizable: Incorporate your branding into every aspect of your channel and your content. Come up with ways for your viewers to recall it easily.
  • Build a community around your brand: Engage your viewers in discussions about your content. Encourage them to share your videos and channel to more people.

Follow these reminders and you will soon be able to establish a popular channel on YouTube thanks to proper branding.