Twitter’s November Events Calendar Is Here With Plenty of Marketing Opportunities

November is just a week away, and Twitter has released its events calendar for the month. They list the celebrations, hashtags, and trending topics that Twitter users can take advantage of.

Twitter November events calendar

twitter november events calendar

The month’s celebrations are kicked off by #VeteransDay on Nov. 11. Marketers can hop on board not just to promote their businesses but also show their support to America’s heroes.

That is always a nice gesture that can reflect well on their brands.

Other major Twitter events in November

November also features a host of major business and entertainment-related events, including:

  • Dreamforce conference: #DF17, Major tech conference organized by Salesforce, Nov. 6 – 9
  • Country Music Association Awards: #CMAA, Nov. 8
  • MTV Europe Music Awards: #MTVEuro, Nov. 12
  • American Music Awards: #AMAs, Nov. 19
  • WWE Survivor Series: #SurvivorSeries, Nov. 19

All of these events have their specific audiences that marketers can target by using the right hashtags on the right day… With great content!

The biggest event every November on Twitter, and everywhere else in the USA, is always Thanksgiving. It is on November 23 this year.

With over 1.3 billion tweets in 2016, it is also one of the most talked about social media topics all year. Some of the popular hashtags to use for your Thanksgiving campaign are:

  • #Thanksgiving
  • #HappyThanksgiving
  • #Greateful
  • #Leftovers

Use Devumi’s Twitter Retweets to spread your Thanksgiving message and hashtag to a large audience on this important day. While you are at it, don’t forget to talk about the traditional #MacysThanksgivingparade.

At 56 million tweets last year, it still remains one of the biggest Twitter events of November.

More marketing opportunities

While Thanksgiving is considered the main event for November, the weekend following it is also important for marketers. #BlackFriday on the 24th is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Brands and shopping centers typically release some of their biggest promotions to mark the occasion.

Meanwhile, #SmallBusinessSaturday (Nov. 25) and #CyberMonday (Nov. 27) are relatively new shopping “holidays.” The former is an initiative started by American Express to encourage support for local businesses. The latter, on the other hand, is now considered as one of the biggest marketing events for online retailers.

By doing your marketing early, you can draw more attention to your promotions for these days. Tweet regularly in advance to spread the word about the deals that you are offering, and hype your unique hashtag marketing.

Give thanks for Twitter’s November events calendar

The month of November contains some of the biggest annual promotional opportunities for brands. Twitter’s November events calendar is here to help you plan out your promotions. Start preparing now as we are waiting for the deals you will be offering, and for your warm wishes!