Social Media Content Ideas: 75 Pieces of Content for Brands & Individuals

Whether you are an individual or part of a brand trying to grow your presence online, having a steady stream of social media content is vital. Creating a variety of content will help keep audiences interested in you. To accomplish this here are 75 social media content ideas that will improve your social media marketing no matter what your genre is.

Social media content ideas: Educational content

1. Opinion pieces

Sharing your opinions about industry trending topics always works to attract the attention of an audience. You can also share opinion pieces coming from thought leaders within your industry. Having a strong opinion is important, but so is having information which backs this opinion up. Vastly increase the clout of your opinions by using our Twitter Retweets Service. This will cause more people to pay attention to what you think.

2. Industry research

If you are delving into technical topics, providing your readers with research relevant to them will help them better understand this important data. Dig deep into a variety of journals to discover studies that might not have been well publicized before, and turn them into easy to digest infographics and charts.

3. Case studies

Case studiesYeah work similarly to the above industry research. This type of content is great to share as it lets your audience learn about best practices. When creating your own case studies to share, be detailed in your presentation for the benefit of your readers.

4. Interview-based posts

Doing in-depth interviews with experts from your niche is a good way to bring new ideas to your audience. When publishing on social media, tag the person who was interviewed so that they can share the post. They will be more than happy to share your post with their own audiences and spread it further.

5. Your production process

People are always curious about how the stuff that they use is created. Videos are the best way to present this type of content. With a good camera, you can easily shoot something and upload it to YouTube.

6. Your opinions on news items

Start with news from your niche. From there, delve into larger national or international news and explore how these could affect those who are interested in topics related to your genre. Do not practice bad newsjacking by simply jumping on any news item, especially when it’s not related to you.

7. Twitter chats and debates

People love following the outcome of Twitter conversations from the sidelines. You can either participate in one that is already ongoing, or create your own. Take this a step further and create debates on popular topics. Tempers can get a little bit heated around these trending topics, so have a plan for dealing with them.

8. Ebooks

If you have rather lengthy content, people might not have the time to read it in one sitting when you post it. Make it easier for them by presenting it as an ebook that they can download and read at their own leisure. Add a feeling of exclusivity to the ebook and its contents by putting it behind an opt-in form.

9. Audiobooks

Audiobooks might be less popular than ebooks, but they are still great social media content to offer to your followers. These are suitable for presenting lectures, content from an ongoing blog series, and other spoken content. You can also repurpose your ebooks into audiobooks to increase their accessibility.

10. Earlier blog posts

Recycling previous blog content is a great way to revitalize them and attract new readers. You can either share them as they are, or update them with new details as needed. Carefully time the reuse of your older content to ensure that they will get maximum exposure.

11. Online courses

Online courses are a great way to share your in-depth knowledge. You can host the courses directly on social media, YouTube videos, or just lead your followers to a dedicated site for it. This is one of those content ideas which you must plan for well in advance.

12. Link Compilations

Establish yourself as a resource by providing your social media followers with a ton of useful links. Some links you can compile include links to:

  • Useful tools
  • Your services
  • Other information resources
  • Helpful blog articles

Share these as social media content when you do not personally have content related to the topic.

13. Ready-to-use worksheets

If you are talking your audience through a particular activity, ready-to-use worksheets are great as complementary content. They will be able to use these worksheets to better understand the flow of the process and the specific goals they need to address at each stage. The worksheet can be reused later for similar activities.

14. Useful hacks

Everyone loves an effective hack that they can use. Thoroughly explain how the hack works, and use video to show them as clearly as possible how it works.

Encourage followers to share their results after trying it out, and get them creating user-generated content.

15. Tips and tricks from your followers

Sharing tips and tricks from your followers actually does more than just provide additional social media content. By doing this, you foster a closer community as your audience gets to learn from one another. Do this as a regular activity to further strengthen those interactions.

16. Busting myths

Every niche has its fair share of myths and people are always curious to find out whether these are true. Look out for the most pervasive ones in your genre and do thorough research to uncover the truth. Tweet your findings and spark a discussion around it. Be sure not to participate in fake news

17. Industry predictions

Use the knowledge that you have about the current trends in your niche to come up with predictions about future trends. These will catch the attention of your followers and help generate engagement. Take careful note of those predictions and return to them later to report which ones came true.

18. Weekly themed-posts

Weekly posts centered around a certain theme work well to attract regular followers. You can use a variety of social media content from written articles, images, to videos about the theme. Use a dedicated hashtag to promote your weekly series, and be sure to hype it up in advance.

19. Weekly recaps

Bring your most successful content pieces for the week back in the forefront by resharing them in a recap. This is also a good way to reuse old content and present it to those who may have missed it.

Social media content ideas: Visual content

20. Product action shots

If you are talking about products, it would be a good idea to look for images of them in use or in action. They work better at creating visual interest compared to the product’s stock images. If you can’t find any, make your own action shots to suit the story you are telling. The sneaker community is well known for doing on foot shots:

21. Data visualizations

Visual aids like graphs, charts, and diagrams help your social media audience better understand any quantitative data that you are presenting. When creating these data visualizations, the final product should be well-designed to be easily understood at a glance. Prepare a larger version if it contains more detailed data.

22. Looping GIFs

Animated GIFS are a great alternative to videos when presenting information such as the visualization of a process. They are compatible with every social media platform, making them highly shareable. Outside of their educational use, GIFs are also fun to watch for your audience,  while helping them save on data cost versus a video.

23. Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are similar to GIFs. The major difference between the two is that in a cinemagraph, only a portion of the image moves instead of the whole. Since these can be easily mistaken for regular images, cinemagraphs are great for surprising your audience.

24. SlideShare presentations

A good alternative to long blog posts is to put everything into a Slideshare presentation. Make your presentation more visually engaging by including plenty of images. SlideShare presentations can be used on their own or incorporated into other posts.

25. Mixed-media infographics

You can make your infographics more interesting by adding mixed-media elements. These include animated sections of the infographic, or sections that respond to cursor movements. Post a bunch of these on Pinterest and use Devumi’s Pinterest Repins Service to increase their reach.

26. Motivational images

When creating motivational images, don’t just go for a random one. Opt for an image and a quote that directly ties to your niche. This makes it easier for your audience to understand and grasp the message that you want to convey.

27. Comic strips

Look for serials that reflect your niche’s values or mindset. Tag the creators to show your appreciation. You can also go the extra mile and create your own comic dedicated to your audience. This adds a more personal touch to the message you want to convey with the comic.

28. Create unique visual metaphors

Using product images can be a bit boring. Add a more creative spin to your product discussions by creating unique visual metaphors to represent the products you are talking about. Just be sure that your audience can easily understand the metaphor you use.

29. Take advantage of negative space

Negative space is the space that surrounds the subject of an image. By incorporating this space into the overall design of the image, you can add another layer of meaning to your design. This makes it more visually engaging for your audience.

30. Add some “meta” to your images.

Another way to incorporate more meaning into your visual content and make it more engaging is by weaving in a certain “meta-ness” to it. This is often done by calling out the nature of the image in the image itself. Such added context makes for a more thought-provoking presentation of your visual content.

31. Share images made by your followers

Look for niche-relevant images made by your followers. Tag the original creators when you share their work on your social media accounts. They will appreciate you recognizing their work and this will open opportunities for more engagements.

Social media content ideas: Interactive posts

32. Interactive white papers

You can make regular industry white papers more useful to your audience by adding a degree of interactivity to them. This can be in the form of actionable elements like questions and assessments. By responding to these interactive elements, readers will be able to get personalized information from the paper, helping them understand what it is about more.

33. Online calculators

If you are tackling a topic that has a financial component to it, your social media followers should be able to understand how that component applies to them. Online calculators give them that opportunity by providing real-time computations based on their personal figures. Customize them with predetermined values which relate to your industry. Online calculators have a lot of practical uses.

34. Online assessment tests

Online assessment tests work in the same way as online calculators in that they can help your audience apply a certain topic or issue to their personal situation. You can also use these assessments as an avenue to provide free advice to them based on the result of the tests. They are also great for market research.

35. Interactive demos

Use interactive demos if you want your audience to be more immersed in the products you are talking about. Social media sites already provide tools to add a basic level of interactivity to demos. You can take it a step further and create a dedicated site to fully provide that experience, and share links to it from social media which describe the element of interactivity to push for clicks.

36. Videos with multiple storylines

A neat way to make the videos you share on social media more engaging is to have them branch out into multiple storylines. Create an ending scene where you provide two or more options for your audience to choose from. Follow this with the succeeding entries in the series to create your own ‘choose your own adventure’ series.

37. 360-degree images and videos

Many social media sites now support 360-degree viewing for panoramic images. A few are also  starting to explore the same for videos. Take advantage of 360 video and let your social media audience “explore” your world. Attract the attention of your followers to these videos by using Devumi’s YouTube Likes Service service.

38. Screenshots of conversations

Featuring social media conversations is a great way to generate follower interactions. Post some of the funny or helpful conversations you have with your audience and encourage discussions. Tag the users involved in the conversation and let them freely tell about their experience.

39. Quora threads

Threads on the question-and-answer site Quora are surprisingly effective at sparking social media conversations. Find a thread that relates to an issue or problem within your niche and share it on social media. Let your audience discuss whether the answers provided suit the problem on hand.

40. Interactive microsites

Create a dedicated microsite that focuses on helping your audience do a specific activity related to your niche. Share the link on social media with additional information on how to use it. This could be a regular source of traffic, especially if you are planning to make the microsite a permanent part of your main website.

41. Social media debates

As seen earlier, debates can be great pieces of social media content. Take this to the next level by moderating one within your community of followers and encouraging them to participate. Look for a topic that a large portion of your audience is interested in and use it to create the debate question.

42. Online roundtable discussions

Go live on social media with a panel of experts and tackle a host of topics that affect your niche. Get your followers and fans to send in questions they want to ask these experts. You can also create polls during the discussions to get the audience’s sentiments.

43. “Caption this photo” game

If you are looking for quick ways to engage your social media audience do a “caption this photo” game. Look for a funny or interesting image and post it on social media, asking your audience to add their own captions. You can also get interesting audience insights based on their captions.

44. Fill-in-the-blank posts

Like “Caption this photo” games, fill-in-the-blank posts work well for quick audience engagements. Make these posts more useful by structuring them around a particular topic you want to tackle. Don’t leave the blank too open for potential bad responses to come in. Have a plan for how you will respond to these bad comments.

45. Social media comments and opinions

Look for interesting commentary about your niche (that is not directed to you) and share these comments on your social media accounts along with your own opinion. Your own commentary will help generate a conversation about the original post.

46. User-generated content

When leveraging user-generated content, ticking off your audience’s competitive drive works well in getting them to interact. Create sample content and encourage your social media followers to outdo what you have made. Highlight the best ones you see in a succeeding post.

47. Ask your audience for content ideas

Make your request for content ideas more useful by asking them for ones that address their current issues or pain points. Be sure to quickly deliver on these ideas to take advantage of the interests your audience has.

Social media content ideas: Fun stuff

48. Book recommendations

In most cases, you would want to recommend books that have a certain amount of relevance to your niche. You can also do random recommendations of titles that you just find interesting. Provide information on where they could possibly find the titles you are recommending.

49. Documentary recommendations

Just like with books, you can also recommend documentaries for your social media audience to watch. Be sure to research your audience and choose titles which would interest them. If the titles are legally available for watching online, share a direct link.

50. Gift ideas

Use the follower personas that you have determined to create a list of gift ideas that would be to their liking. Be more helpful by providing additional information such as pricing and availability for these gifts. You will usually share these ideas closer to Christmas and the winter holidays… But everyone has a birthday. Try sharing one per month.

51. DIY projects

Provide some weekend activities for your social media followers by sharing a variety of DIY ideas. These could be simple food recipes, or home improvement projects. You can make the projects more interesting if you have personally tried them and will be able to provide references.

52. Music playlists

Create playlists based on specific moods or themes, such as work time or chill out sessions. You can also share seasonal playlists such as Halloween, Christmas, or Fourth of July. Take advantage of our SoundCloud Plays Service to quickly build up the prominence of your playlists.

53. Join fictional holidays

The Internet loves making up holidays for almost anything. You can use them for engagement as they are kind of silly, and you don’t have to do much to get people talking. Join something as lighthearted as #TalkLikeAPirateDay or #NationalTacoDay to show a different side of your personality.

54.  Celebrate regional holidays

If you are catering to an international audience, take note of the holidays that are celebrated in each region you have followers in. Create dedicated posts greeting your followers on these holidays. They will surely love the gesture.

55. Bring your international audience together

Learn more about the cultural similarities and differences between your regional audience. Write a social media post tackling these issues and use it to bring your audiences together. Make the effort to introduce your regional audiences to each other.

56. Humorous niche insights

Take a break from doing serious commentaries about your niche and write a more humorous insight on it. Look at an angle from where you can poke fun at it. Don’t forget to remind your audience that it is just a tongue-in-cheek analysis and should not be taken too seriously, use an ‘LOL’ or ‘jk’ to clue them in on the joke.

57. “Fan/Follower of the Month” posts

Put a new spin on your regular “Fan/Follower of the Month” posts by presenting the featured individual in a more lighthearted manner. You can ask them to provide candid photos or be the one to take it for them. Throwing in a quote from them makes for a nice close to the post.

58. Promote sales

Scour the net for discounts and other promos that are relevant to your niche and share these on social media. Choose those that are not affiliated with you. The brands doing the sale would be more than thankful for the little gesture, and your audience will surely appreciate the opportunity to save some dollars. The best content ideas always come from value adding. This type of content is quite literally adding value to your social media.

59. Social media banter

Engage brands on social media by tagging them for some back-and-forth banter. When trading punchlines with these brands, be sure to keep everything lighthearted. This also means that you have to be careful of any wayward follower of yours spoiling the fun.

60. Fun product usage

Look for odd and unique ways to use some of the products that you are featuring on social media. These could be entirely tongue-in-cheek, or actual practical uses that many might not realize. Invite your followers to also share their own ideas.

61. Fun anecdotes

Get the ball rolling by sharing an anecdote about a funny encounter you had with a social media follower. Tag that user to tell them that you are sharing their story and have them join the conversation. From there, encourage your audience to share their own encounters with you, or other people in your audience.

Social media content ideas: Heartwarming content

62. Throwback photos

Go on a trip down memory lane with your social media followers by sharing a photo of you from the early days of your career. Make it more engaging by telling people what was going on around the time the photo was taken.

63. Share the lessons you learned

Continue with the Throwback stories by sharing the struggles that you have encountered and the lessons you learned from the experience. Relate this to your social media followers’ own stories and tell them what they can also learn from these lessons.

64. Talk about your inspirations

The people who inspire you is another topic that would make for heartwarming social media content. Talk about them in-depth and how they have affected your own mindset. Bring it back to your audience by providing them with some invaluable information that you have learned from those inspirations.

65. Tell your audience how important they are

To show your social media followers that you truly value them, tell them how they have impacted your career. Talk about how their support has helped you establish the personal brand that they now follow. You can also tackle how they have influenced some of the important decisions you have made.

66. Share some work-life balance tips

Take a break from all the niche-related information you provide to share some useful work-life balance tips. This will show your audience that you are just like them and have similar personal struggles.

67. Ask for advice

Turn the tables around and be on the receiving end of help from your social media followers. Ask for some advice on issues that might concern you, or for decisions you have to make. This will increase their affinity towards you more.

68. Encourage your audience to support a cause

Look for a cause that you are truly passionate about and share its website to your social media audience. Take time to explain what the particular cause is all about and why it matters. Capitulate on their initial interest by providing more information when asked.

If you’re posting on Twitter, use Devumi’s Retweets Service to bring your call to a larger audience.

69. Give your followers people to connect to on social media

Help your audience expand their social media network by giving them a host of people to connect to. Provide them a compelling reason as to why they should add that particular person to their network.

70. Do “A day in the life of…” posts

When doing a feature on members of your niche, do away with more serious profile articles. Opt for a more candid approach, narrating the day’s event from their perspective. Be sure to add a dash of humor to make your story more relatable. Content ideas like this can lead to an ongoing series.

71. Release your manifesto

People will always be curious about what you truly stand for. Help them better understand your core values by releasing your own manifesto. Talk about what makes your personal brand unique and how it was able to attract your current following.

Social media content ideas: For publicity

72. Feature your partner brands

When featuring partner brands on your social media content, don’t just focus on promoting specific products from them. Instead, provide your audience with more information about them. Tell them how they would be of use to your social media followers.

73. Help out local businesses

If you are a fan of some of the local businesses in your area, show your support by featuring them in your social media posts. Talk about what you like about them. You can also update your audience on any promotions that they have.

74. Do follower interviews

Contact some of your most ardent social media followers and interview them. Encourage them to be honest in telling what they like about you and your brand. If done correctly, this is a nice way to boost your social proof.

75. Do “flash events”

Get your social media followers revved up with a surprise event. This could be a flash sale or a quick giveaway. Doing these “flash events” is an effective way to quickly build hype around your social media profiles as it makes it more useful for people to follow it consistently.

Social media content ideas to engage your followers

Having different kinds of social media content ideas will help you keep your followers engaged and invested in you. Your content should also have a clear purpose, such as:

  • Educating your followers: Provide both professional and practical knowledge that your followers can use.
  • Engaging them visually: Visual content is one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of your followers on social media. Find unique ways of presenting visual content to make them more engaging.
  • Getting your followers to interact: Don’t let your social media followers just passively engage with your content. Have them actively interact with your social media posts.
  • Bringing the fun to your followers: Take a break from all the serious posts and post humorous or otherwise lighthearted content from time to time.
  • Humanising your social media presence: Show your followers that you are a real person behind all the social media accounts by sharing your own stories with them.
  • Promoting the people around you: Take the focus off of yourself and put the spotlight on the brands and followers that you engage with.

All the content ideas listed here fulfill these purposes. Add these social media content ideas to your content strategy, and always have something to post.