Social Media Case Studies: PlayStation Doesn’t Play on Social Media

Sony’s PlayStation has long been a household name when it comes to video games. To push their brand into the 21st-century they have made waves on social media. Let’s take a look at how PlayStation consistently wins on social media.

Social media case studies: PlayStation

Unlike most brands on social media, PlayStation doesn’t directly promote its own product – the PS4. They focus on promoting the games published for its consoles. On Twitter and YouTube they promote these games with trailers, promotional posters, and gameplay footage. They also use customer support videos.

This has resulted in:

  • 14 million followers on Twitter that they love to acknowledge.

These two figures come together to make PlayStation one of the most popular brands online.

How PlayStation succeeds on Twitter

Despite most of PlayStation’s tweets being promotional in nature, they still attract a huge audience on Twitter through effective use of images and videos. Most of these images and videos are provided by game publishers with high standards.

They also create their own multimedia content promoting its products like the PlayStation VR.

Engaging interviews with game creators also help deepen fans’ connection to the games and brand:

This original content adds variety to PlayStation’s feeds, giving audiences more reasons to follow it.

Audience engagement

People love video games, and this results in many engagements in the form of replies on PlayStation’s tweets. The brand keeps these engagements going by actively responding to them.

Additionally, the account retweets messages it receives from its supporters. This helps their supporters feel special, and they would feel even more special if PlayStation used our Twitter Retweet Services to draw even more attention to their followers. They recently retweeted this:

PlayStation also receives questions concerning its consoles and services on Twitter. To deal with these inquiries, the brand put up a separate customer service account.

Aside from directly responding to customer questions, @AskPlayStation also posts tips on common concerns about the console. Engagement should be part of any complete Twitter content marketing strategy.

Monitoring engagements on Twitter

To make its engagements on Twitter more effective, PlayStation actively monitor conversations about it them. This was shown by a project done by PlayStation Poland when they teamed up with Konceptika to develop a social media monitoring tool to track discussions on Twitter. Data from this tool help them attract engagements, and to tweet at optimal times. This resulted in:

  • 60% more followers for @PlayStationPL
  • A 55% increase in the number of tweets about PlayStation
  • An 88% increase in positive mentions

All of the numbers demonstrated the effectiveness of social media monitoring tools to enhance engagements.

Why PlayStation’s YouTube channel is a hit

The trailers posted on PlayStation’s YouTube channel are mostly the same as those posted on its Twitter account. Aside from them, the brand also posts game-related videos like:

  • Creator interviews
  • Gameplay footage
  • Behind-the-scenes features

All of this content is compiled into playlists based on game titles. This makes it easier for the audience to locate specific videos that they want to watch.

Prominent branding

PlayStation consistently brand their videos. Each video has the recognizable PS logo in the top left corner.

social media case studies playstation youtube branding

That branding extends beyond logos as PlayStation adheres to a specific identity for its product; that of a hardcore gaming machine. This was heavily emphasized during the launch of the PS4 in 2013, and it has reflected in the promotional videos shared by the channel ever since.

Using YouTube for unique marketing approaches

PlayStation has also frequently explored the potential of YouTube for unique marketing campaigns. In its 2013 “Bid for Greatness” campaign, it released an interactive YouTube video.

The video allowed viewers to find and identify game-related merchandise. They could then redeem these items through the PlayStation Network. This created a unique experience for gaming fans.

The brand has taken the approach in another direction by incorporating Youtube compatibility into its products. The PS4 can be used to live stream gameplay footage to YouTube. This taps into the growing popularity of Youtube gaming. Meanwhile, the PlayStation VR headset fully supports playback of 360-degree videos on YouTube.

What you can learn from PlayStation’s social media success

PlayStation has seen the type of content that their audience wants. They have taken cues from gamers and show gaming sessions, along with detailed trailers, and also listen to their fans.

Just searching for your brand or product name on social media will return dozens of conversations. By going through these conversations, you will discover insights that you might have missed. Joining these conversations will also be a good idea so that you can smooth over issues and push happy moments. Direct engagement with their fans and followers it is important to them, and should be important to you.

Provide value to your conversations with the audience

Through the study it conducted, PlayStation Poland identified five areas where it can engage its audience:

  • Supporting customers: PlayStation monitors twitter for post about people who are thinking about buying a game console, and they help them decide.
  • Supporting sales: They provide direct information to help with questions.
  • Concerns: PlayStation also strengthens its relationship with its audience by expressing concern over the problems they can have while using PlayStation products.
  • Encouraging sharing: PlayStation reacts to audience posts about playing games on its console. This has encouraged gamers to share more of their experience.
  • Appreciating loyalty: PlayStation regularly highlight positive reviews from customers on social media, acknowledging and thanking them for their patronage.

In all of these engagements, the brand has always sought to provide additional value for the audience. This has helped it better endear itself to them and increase brand loyalty.

Play as well as PlayStation and you will be a hit on social media

Despite being an already globally-recognized brand, PlayStation doesn’t slouch around on social media. They have a clear goal and know how to effectively engage their audience for increased brand loyalty. Take a cue from what you learned in this social media case study and use it for your own social media content ideas, and learn from their audience engagement.