Pinterest Traffic: Use Your Pins and Boards to Attract More Site Traffic

Pinterest users frequently use the platform to help them discover new brands and products. Getting those users to move from discovering pins to visiting your website will surely boost your brand. Here is a useful strategy to drive more Pinterest traffic to your site’s pages by optimizing your profile, boards, pins, and ads.

Setting up your profile to drive traffic

Drawing traffic from Pinterest’s 200 million monthly active users begins with creating a profile that will catch the interest of your audience. For this you’ll want to sign up for a Pinterest business account. A business account has useful features like:

  • Custom name: You can display your brand name instead of a personal name on your account.
  • Access to Rich and Promoted Pins: These two features will push your pins and links.
  • Access to Pinterest Analytics: Know how well your pins are performing to better plan your marketing.

These features will play major roles in driving Pinterest traffic to your website.

When creating your profile, provide as much relevant information as needed to help people better know you. Write a detailed description of what your business is all about. Etsy does this with a brief but informative description of itself.

pinterest verification process


You can also include information about your other social media profiles. All of these will help encourage your audience to visit your web page.

Make your profile more visible by adding relevant keywords. Consider both the terms that people use to search for your business as a whole, and those specific to your products. With your profile optimized, use our Pinterest Followers Service to draw even greater attention to its success.

Linking Pinterest to your website

The quickest way to direct Pinterest traffic to your website is by adding its URL to your profile. If you have done well in talking about your brand in your profile information, the audience will want to know more about you and click the link.

Don’t forget to verify your website’s URL. This will tell people that the site is truly yours, assuring them of its credibility. Verifying your site also gives you access to additional analytic tools which will help you assess the traffic going to it from Pinterest.

Adding Pin It buttons to your site also helps draw traffic from Pinterest. Encourage your visitors to share things they like on your site with the button. To add the button, you just need to get the embed code and include it to your site. You can then customize the button to suite your needs.

Setting up boards which drive traffic

Having well-organized boards will help you lead people to your pins and drive Pinterest traffic to your site. Start by properly categorizing your boards. Choose the most relevant one based on the kind of pins you plan on including in the board. Many users start their search by browsing through categories.

choosing pinterest board categories for traffic

Sorting your boards into general and specific topics will also help your audience find the pins they want. General boards are all about the major categories that are covered by your site. Meanwhile, you can have boards dedicated to specific products or services. Tasty uses this idea to better present its Pinterest content; chicken and pasta are general, food for game day is specific.

pinterest traffic board strategy

It is also essential that you set up the right number of boards for your account. Only have as many as you can keep active. An active board has a higher chance of showing up in search results. The exact number will depend on the resources you can provide, but 15-20 boards is a good baseline.

Get Pinterest traffic with seasonal boards

Boards relating to specific seasons or holidays are also great for directing Pinterest traffic to your site.

drive pinterest traffic from boards

Set up your seasonal boards a month or so before the occasion. This will give you enough time to fill the board with content and promote it to your audience. As the season draws nearer, move the board higher in your listing for visibility.

Once the season is over, don’t delete the board. Any pin that did well during the season will still show up in the search results during the off-season. This will let you attract residual traffic. There’s also always next year.

Pinterest traffic from pins

Your pins will ultimately be what drive the most Pinterest traffic. Having the right image to pin helps in generating engagements. Use images that would best represent the branding you want to convey.

Putting multiple products into one image is also a useful tactic. Adding more subjects into your pinned image descriptions gives you more potential points of engagement.

pinterest traffics from good pins

This increases the likelihood they will click your links to know more. To avoid your pinned images looking like a mess, use techniques like knolling, shown above, to arrange the items pleasingly.

Also consider the size and dimensions. Pinterest recommends an aspect ratio of between 1.3:5 to 2:3 (width to height). Minimum width of images is 600 pixels. Create tall images as they stay longer in feeds as people scroll through them.

Writing your pin descriptions

The most important part of any description is an appropriate call to action that directs the audience to the attached link. Let people know that they can learn more on your website than Pinterest alone.

You will also want to add relevant keywords to your pin description. The keywords you choose should be specific to the pin. Additionally, you can use hashtags to tie your pins to trending topics, or an ongoing story you’re telling. This will help your pins rank higher in the search results.

Advanced pin creation hacks

Including videos in your pins adds variety to your content. You will also be able to present more information than with just standard images.

drive pinterest traffic with pins

An effective way to use videos to drive Pinterest traffic is to pin teasers and link to the full video hosted on your site.

When linking pins to your site, don’t just lead to your homepage. Instead, link directly to the specific page relevant to the pin. This will encourage your audience to stay since they will already be on the right page.

Once you have set up your pins, give them some initial traction using Devumi’s Pinterest Pinterest Likes and Repins. People will be more interested in checking your pins if they see them being repinned often.

You can also drive traffic by commenting on other relevant pins. The idea here is to drop a link directly back to your site. The link that you post should be of value to the conversation on the pin to get people to click.

Taking advantage of Pinterest’s promotional tools

Pinterest also provides several useful tools to use in further promoting your pins and attracting traffic. Two of the tools that you should make the most of are:

  • Promoted Pins: Promoted Pins work are ads displayed at the top of relevant searches. This increases the chances that people will see your pins.
  • Rich Pins: Rich Pins provide more contextual information about the subject the pin. There are a variety of Rich Pins you can use depending on the type of content you are posting.

Explore these tools to determine how they can help you attract more Pinterest traffic.

Use Pinterest to attract more visitors to your website

Pinterest has a lot of potential for driving more traffic to your website. To pull this off you need:

  • An informative profile: Provide all the relevant information about you and your content to encourage first-time viewers to check your site and know more.
  • Well-organized boards: Make it easy for your Pinterest followers to find the specific content they need by properly arranging everything into organized boards.
  • Create engaging pins: Use both your pinned images and descriptions to effectively deliver the information you want your followers to see and lead them to your site pages.

By funnelling your Pinterest audience from initial discovery to subsequent engagement, you can more effectively get them to click through your links. This will drive a considerable amount of Pinterest traffic to your website.