Pinterest Search Ads Manager Released, Opens More Opportunities

Pinterest has been working hard to reach out to marketers. This is proven by the recent release of the Search Ads feature to more brands as part of its new self-serve platform.

Better targeted Pinterest ads

Search Ads work in a similar manner as other targeted advertising formats. Marketers get to bid on relevant keywords to be used in their ads. When Pinterest users search for these keywords, the targeted ads appear above the search results.

The feature was first made available to Pinterest Partners earlier this year. The site is now making it accessible to all marketers through the Pinterest Ads Manager. The Ads Manager will let marketers fine-tune their ad targeting by using:

  • Broad phrases and exact matches: Marketers will be able to define both broader search terms and specific key phrases to widen or narrow their ad coverage.
  • Negative keywords: Marketers will also be able to focus the appearance of their ads by excluding terms that are not directly relevant to their pins.

Pinterest said that these tools will mount a more effective campaign on its platform.

The site also unveiled an auto-targeting option for Search Ads. The option lets marketers automatically capture other searches that are relevant to their ads. Auto-targeting uses Pinterest’s Taste Graph to determine the relationships between various audience interests and target the related searches.

How marketers can take advantage of search ads

Pinterest noted that 97% of searches done on its platform are unbranded. This means that people do not prioritize brands when doing their search on the site, they are looking for products. This causes marketers to shift the way they promote their products.

This is where Search Ads comes in. By knowing the keywords that people use to look for products like yours, you will be able to more effectively position your advertisements in search results. You can boost the prominence of these ads by using Devumi’s Pinterest Likes and Repins. This will help you draw more people to your pins and eventually your product site, making your ads all the more effective.

pinterest search ads manager

The Home Depot is one of the major brands that has taken early advantage of the new feature.

Make your brand more visible with Pinterest’s Search Ads

With more than 2 billion searches a month, Pinterest has become an important platform for discovering new products and services. The recent release of a better hashtags system is proof of that. The full release of Search Ads gives marketers the chance to better position their product pins and attract potential customers. Try the feature and find out how it can help bring your products to your audience.