Marketers Should Rejoice; Pinterest Hashtags are Here to Help you Get Followers!

Pinterest is a great tool for discovering new ideas. A problem is that it can sometimes be hard to sift through the multitude of pins on the platform. The site has now made that search easier thanks to Pinterest hashtags now being functional!

A new way to make pins more visible

Pinterest made the announcement of the long-awaited feature via a blog post. The site said that users will now be able to include up to 20 hashtags in pin descriptions.

using pinterest hashtags

The hashtags work in the same manner as those found on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; users simply click on the hashtag to see other pins which use the same hashtag.

To make it easier for pinners to choose which hashtags to uses, Pinterest has set up two categories:

  • Timely: Hashtags that are related to current trends.
  • Evergreen: Hashtags connected to topics of long-term interest.

Pinterest was able to balance the distribution of both categories, allowing users to take advantage of both for their pins.

At the moment, Pinterest does not give priority to Promoted Pins in its hashtag feeds. However, users still have the option to add hashtags to content related to the promoted pin to increase visibility.

Taking advantage of Pinterest hashtags

Since Pinterest hashtags have the same function as those found on other platforms like Twitter, you should know exactly what to do with the feature. Pinterest advises to choose specific and descriptive hashtags for your pins. This will help in better targeting the content of these pins. Also, keep your Pinterest hashtags consistent to those on other platforms to tie everything together for cross promotion.

Other ways to use Pinterest hashtags include:

  • Use as many hashtags as you deem necessary to increase the reach of your pins, but avoid stuffing in too many unneeded ones.
  • Create unique hashtags so that when people click on and it they will be sent to more of your content.
  • You will want to use trending hashtags when you have interesting content that will  lead people to you.
  • To boost the prominence of both your pins and chosen hashtags, use Devumi’s Pinterest Repins service.
  • Use Pinterest’s new Promoted Videos feature to push your best content even further.

Pinterest marketers should be excited about hashtags. They offer new ways to connect with your audience, and keep them clicking on your content.

Hashtag your way to Pinterest success

Now that Pinterest hashtags are part of the site’s functions, you will be able to better target your pins and ride trends. Take full advantage of it by brainstorming the right hashtags for your Pinterest content.