Leveraging LinkedIn Influencers to Boost your Company Profile and Brand

One group of professionals that you definitely want to attract on LinkedIn are influencers. These well-respected members of the community can help a lot in boosting your brand’s prominence. Find out how you can reach out to and take advantage of LinkedIn influencers to grow your brand today.

What are LinkedIn influencers

LinkedIn describes its influencers as a global group of users who have been recognized as thought leaders in their respective fields. We are talking about some big names, here is one: 

linkedin influencer arianna huffington

Other notable LinkedIn influencers include:

  • Bill Gates
  • Richard Branson
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Mark Cuban

And hundreds more. Unlike traditional influencers on other social media platforms, LinkedIn influencers are part of an invite-only list curated by LinkedIn. A team of editors determines who will be part of the group based on their work. The list of officially-recognized influencers changes yearly, with names being added and dropped.

Official influencers work closely with the same team of editors to create content for the platform. Often, these pieces of content are about the relevant current issues in their respective industries and potential trends.

Other LinkedIn influencers

Aside from official LinkedIn influencers, there are also the more traditional influencers that can be found on the platform. These are the people who have amassed a sizable following to be considered as thought leaders in their own right. Unofficial influencers are easier to connect with than official ones due to their more accessible nature.


Connecting with and Engaging LinkedIn Influencers

Discovering LinkedIn influencers

One thing to take note of is that LinkedIn doesn’t publish a master list of officially-recognized influencers. This means that you will have to discover on your own who within your industry is part of the group. However, the site does indicate an official influencer via a small stamp on the top left corner of their profile.

linkedin influencer profile example

A useful tool to help in your search for influencers is the LinkedIn Pulse Discover page. The page displays people and content that LinkedIn believes would be interesting to you.

linkedin influencers list

It includes an influencer section showing you the officially recognized ones that might suit what you are looking for.

Another page to check out when searching for influencers is Top Voices. This page lists the top ten LinkedIn writers for specific industries. The listings are a mix of both official and unofficial influencers, which will give you more options.

linkedin top voices influencers

Aside from these tools, you can also do your own research. Ask members of your industry about the people they consider influential. Once you have your list of influencers, follow them on the platform. This will help you better understand how they work and come up with an effective strategy to engage them.  

Drawing the attention of LinkedIn influencers

When reaching out to influencers on LinkedIn, you need to draw their attention. In creating your company profile, focus on establishing what you can offer for your industry. Highlight any projects your company is engaged in that you believe would be of benefit to your goal. Use Devumi’s LinkedIn Followers Service to increase the prominence of your brand’s profile and draw more attention to yourself.

Creating content on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform and elsewhere can also increase your brand’s prominence. Just like with your profile, the focus of your content should be on what you can add to the industry. You need to be seen as a bit of an influencer to gain the attention of an influencer.

Being able to effectively connect with your audience through your content also helps in drawing the attention of influencers. Here, authenticity plays a big role. Keep in mind that your content is being consumed by actual people. Take inspiration from the same influencers on how to better converse with your audience through your content.

Engaging influencers

Directly engaging with your target influencers’ content is the first step when finally reaching out to them. Here, your goal should be to add value to the discussions surrounding their content. Instead of trying to comment on every article they publish, focus on the ones that you are most interested in. This will allow for more intelligent comments that will draw their attention and spark a conversation.

linkedin infuencer profile

Sharing their content is another way for you to engage LinkedIn influencers. When sharing their articles, add your own commentary as to why these are worth checking out. Influencers will take notice of you more if they see you giving intelligent recommendations of their content.

Outside of their content, you can also engage influencers through the LinkedIn Groups that they are a part of. Don’t try to be in every group. Only join those which are relevant to your brand. Don’t limit yourself to just responding on the threads that the influencer is in. Be an active member of the group, contributing to every discussion of interest. Influencers will feel your presence more if they see you becoming an asset to the group.

Connecting with influencers

Once you have established a significant amount of clout around your company’s LinkedIn presence, you can finally reach out to your target influencers. When sending a connection request to them, don’t use the generic message provided.

connect with a linkedin influencer

Create a more personalized one that tells where you first encountered each other and the reasons why you would want to reach out to them. Start a conversation and show the value they can gain from their interaction with you.

If you and the influencer both have a mutual connection, take advantage of it. Study how you three are all professionally connected, the ‘Connection of’ feature can help with this. From there, you can ask that mutual connection to create an introduction for you. Alternatively, you can just cite that mutual connection as part of your initial message to the influencer.

Taking advantage of influencers to boost your brand

Connecting with LinkedIn influencers can add clout to your brand. Take advantage of that clout by citing and referencing those influencers in your content. By engaging them in discussions, you can gain useful insights which you can then share with your own audience. Don’t forget to acknowledge them in your content. Influencers like it when you share the knowledge coming from them to more people.

Another way to leverage your connection with influencers is by using it to discover new marketing opportunities and strategies. Take the opportunity to ask influencers questions that are directly relevant to your brand. This will give you tailor-made advice coming from them. The same goes with tapping into their knowledge for discovering new markets to explore.

linkedin logoGetting influencers to talk about your brand

The biggest push LinkedIn influencers can give to your brand is when they talk about it publicly. To be given that opportunity, you need to provide value to the influencer’s own audience. This is where everything that you have done earlier comes back into play. If the influencer has already seen that value enough to network with you, they are more likely to mention your brand when sharing that value with their audience.

Continue with engaging influencers in meaningful discussions. Regularly coming up with content that will be useful to your immediate audience and the larger LinkedIn community also helps strengthen your presence. When the influencer finds your content to be of value, they will likely share it with their audience. This, in turn, makes your brand more visible.

LinkedIn influencers boost your brand

Being associated with influencers on LinkedIn can give significant benefits to your brand. To successfully network with these prominent members of the LinkedIn community you need to:

  • Know the right ones to pursue: Use the various tools LinkedIn provides to discover the influencers that would best suit your brand.
  • Build your own prominence: Create an engaging company profile and come up with informative and valuable content that will draw the attention of your chosen influencers.
  • Engage in meaningful interactions: Focus on providing additional value to every instance that you and your target influencer engage each other.

Follow this strategy and you will soon get LinkedIn influencers talking about you and boosting your brand’s popularity. In the end, you may become an influencer in your industry yourself!