YouTube Ranking Experiment: What Happens When You Buy YouTube Views?

Here at Devumi, we are not just talk. We are here to truly help you improve your YouTube channel through our services. If our services don’t work, then we can’t help you. We run experiments to make sure that our techniques are still working, and I would like to share our YouTube ranking experiment with you now.

YouTube ranking experiment: Buying YouTube views

The experiment that we conducted is looking at what happens when you buy YouTube views for a video, and how it impacts your YouTube ranking. To do this we used two videos that were exactly the same in content, length, title, upload time, and in every other way.

The absolute only promotion that was done for them is one had 5,000 views bought for it (The target video), and the other did not (The control video).

Here is the video whose YouTube ranking we experimented on:

As you can see, it has a weird title. It is also little boring, but that’s not what we are here for…

The video was given an unusual title on purpose so that both videos could target the same keyword, with no other videos interfering in the experiment. That keyword is “pointiscill novimba marketing techniques.” No one knows what the first two words mean.

The preparation for the experiment

Here is how we conducted this YouTube ranking experiment:

  1. The exact same videos were uploaded to two different YouTube accounts.
  2. These two accounts were created specifically for this YouTube experiment.
  3. Both accounts had no other videos, subscribers, or any other activity.
  4. No other promotion tactics are being used for either video in anyway. This means no sharing on social media, email, or any other distribution platform.

We treated the videos in the following way:

  1. Control video: This is the control video for the experiment. It was simply uploaded and left to its own devices with no promotion beyond the same keyword optimization as the target video.
  2. Target video: This was the video being experimented on. It was uploaded with all of the same data as the control video, but the variable of 5,000 YouTube views were purchased for it.

Now that you know the controls and variables for the YouTube breaking experiment, let’s see what happened.

Search results found during experiment

The entire point of this experiment was to see how buying views impacts search results. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison of how they did based on their search results over certain time frames:

Three days:

  • Control video: Ranks second
  • Target video: Ranks first, has 2,703 views

One week:

  • Control video: Does not appear in search
  • Target video: Ranks first, has 5,369 views

Two weeks:

  • Control video: Does not appear in search, 7 views
  • Target video: Ranks first, has 5,372 views

One month:

  • Control video: Does not appear in search
  • Target video: Ranks first, has 5,372 views

This video marketing experiment has shown, without a doubt, that buying YouTube views does indeed impact search results. And it impacts them in a way which favors the buying of YouTube views to increase your rank in search results.

Byproducts of the experiment

Note that this experiment was in no way trying to look at whether or not buying YouTube views can get you more views. We can, however, assume that since the target video received over 350 more views than the control video that:

  • The targeted video received more views because of its higher ranking.
  • Social proof played a factor in the target video getting more views.
  • Search result rankings are very important to the number of views you can potentially get.

Having more views on your YouTube videos simply results in many positive things happening. It can result in you getting more views, better rankings, and maybe even more YouTube subscribers for long-term success.

YouTube ranking and buying YouTube views

Not only did the targeted video rank higher, the control video wound up not ranking at all for a considerable portion of this YouTube ranking experiment. If you have particular keywords that you want to write for you can buy YouTube views to increase your search rankings, get more views, and increase your overall exposure. Think about what buying as few as 25,000 YouTube views can do for your YouTube ranking, it could take you to number one for that keyword you have to rank for!

Use this tactic to:

  • Leapfrog your competition for targeted keywords. This is the biggest advantage of this YouTube ranking tactic.
  • Push your competitors down for keywords that other videos rank for, push them down. If you don’t have time to create videos, you can just send views to videos that are already ranking and push your competitors below them.
  • Break into a new keyword you are targeting that you cannot seem to rank for. This could be very useful for companies that are introducing new products.
  • Increase your presence on Google for a keyword you cannot get one of your webpages to rank for. Google includes video search results as well.

Here is the spreadsheet where we tracked everything:

youtube ranking experiment data

See for yourself that this YouTube ranking experiment has successfully shown that buying YouTube views will increase your search ranking. Need more convincing? Read this article on the pros and cons of buying YouTube views to see other benefits!