Vimeo Business Marketing Tactics: Be a Brand that Creates Art

If you are looking to expand your video marketing efforts, one site that you definitely want to take advantage of is Vimeo. Businesses can expect a different kind of marketing for their video content here. Let’s look at what Vimeo business marketing has to offer, and how you can effectively use it.

Understanding how Vimeo marketing works

Vimeo is oriented towards a more professional presentation of video content. In particular, its higher video quality lets brands showcase their content in the best way available.

The site takes the professional orientation further with tools for branding:

  • Customizable players
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Custom domain hosting

All of these tools allow users to make their video content more distinct from others by prominently displaying their respective brands. This example illustrates these features well.

A tighter user community

Vimeo also has a tight community of users. This allows creators to find and connect with each other faster, leading to more collaborations and networking between creators.

The Vimeo community also offers more in terms of support. As most of the members are professional filmmakers, you can expect more thoughtful insights about your work. The community can also help you find resources for your video projects to improve your video content further.

Ad-free environment

A major difference between YouTube and Vimeo is that it does not support ads. This has a considerable impact on how you promote your content on the site. While you won’t be able to take advantage of ads yourself, it also means that your viewers won’t be distracted by them. What you get is a more focused viewership that can be better led to your larger marketing efforts.

Vimeo lets you promote your products and services directly in your videos with extra charges. This isn’t really that big of a concern since the site as a whole is more of a paid service. Also, the money you spend will be worth it with all the amenities Vimeo provides.

Creating your Vimeo marketing plan

Some of the marketing goals that you might have for Vimeo are:

  • Driving conversations about your brand and products
  • Generate more customer leads
  • Increase customer retention
  • Supplementing other video marketing

Note that these goals might be different from the ones that you have for other platforms. By fleshing these out further, you get a clearer picture of the specific role that Vimeo will play. This “product demonstration” video is a good example of Vimeo content that has a specific goal in mind.

With the goals set, you can begin planning the content to create. As with other video marketing efforts, your audience will be the biggest deciding factor. Owing to its more professional orientation, Vimeo has a unique audience that you need to cater to.

The budget that you set aside for the campaign is also important. If you decide to go with creating your own content, take into account any unexpected costs that you might have. Create enough leeway in your proposed budget for these unknown costs. When opting to hire a video production company, you have to carefully choose based on not just price, but also the quality of the work, and your expected ROI.

Developing your video production strategy

To better coordinate their marketing campaigns on Vimeo, businesses also need to develop a video production strategy:

  • The strategy outlines the type of video content that you want to make and the production schedule.
  • The overall marketing plan you have created will guide your video production strategy.
  • Consider your goals and decide what kind of video content would best reach these.
  • Create a production timetable that will allow you to release your videos at the best time.
  • Look ahead to future events and marketing opportunities. This will help keep your content up-to-date with the changing interests of your audience.

Along with the production and release strategy for your Vimeo videos, you also need to plan out the accompanying marketing campaigns. This includes creating additional social media posts and content that will help promote your Vimeo videos. 

Crafting better Vimeo content

As mentioned earlier, Vimeo distinguishes itself as a more professionally-oriented video-hosting platform. This carries a lot of expectations for content creators as audiences look forward to seeing high-quality content. Your video must have good production values.

These production values aren’t just about equipment or editing skills. Your Vimeo videos need to effectively engage the audience with a good story. A great way to do this is to present that story in the context of your audience’s own needs. Samsung does this nicely with its “We are greater than I” video.

Another way to do this is by refocusing the video’s narrative from the products to the people behind those products. This humanizes your brand and makes it easier for viewers to relate to it.

Letting your brand’s personality show in your Vimeo videos also helps in making its story more engaging. This makes your videos distinct from the other videos on the site. Be sure that the personality you present is consistent with that seen of you on other platforms.

Improving your video presentation

Given high-quality production values and great storytelling, your videos can attract a sizable audience on Vimeo. But presentation also plays a big role in drawing more views.

Your video thumbnails are one tool you can use for better presentation. A unique thumbnail will catch their attention and encourage them to watch. Vimeo actually lets you add custom thumbnails for this purpose. Adding relevant titles and text to your chosen thumbnail makes them more useful to the audience at a quick glance.

Vimeo also lets you customize the player itself, which is great for professionally branding your content:

  • Embedded logos on the video is one option.
  • You can also change how the player looks when embedded into other sites.
  • You can also highlight specific actions you want the audience to take by showing only the player elements relevant to these actions.

Such actions include adding a Buy button, like in this Nike video.

vimeo business buy now button

Be sure to take advantage of the various Vimeo Groups to increase the presence of your videos. Choose groups that are not only relevant to your video content, but are also frequented by your target audience. Use Devumi’s Vimeo Views service to increase the social proof of your videos and pique the interest of group members.

Making use of Vimeo Business

Introduced in 2016, Vimeo Business is a relatively new Membership plan that the site is offering. As the name says, it is oriented more towards businesses looking to establish a larger Vimeo presence.

Vimeo Business has all the features of the standard PRO account, while also offering:

  • No weekly upload limits
  • Up to 5 Terabytes of storage
  • Clickable calls to action on videos
  • Email capture
  • TTThe ability to add up to 10 account managers

All of these additional features enable you to increase your production and marketing capacity on the site.

Taking advantage of Vimeo Business

Another great reason to sign up for Vimeo Business is that it gives you plenty of access to the site’s creator community. With it, you can quickly connect with creators who are part of the Vimeo Brand Studio. These creators can help you come up with breathtaking content for your next project.

With all the features that it offers, Vimeo Business will be able to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. But to make it more potent, you can also combine it with Devumi’s Vimeo Followers service. This will build your presence and social proof on the platform exponentially.

Vimeo business marketing is an art

With Vimeo, businesses have a lot of opportunities to expand their video marketing efforts. Take full advantage of the platform by:

  • Creating a video marketing plan: Consider all the unique aspects of Vimeo and develop a suitable marketing plan for it.
  • Crafting better videos: Don’t just make your typical marketing videos. You need to tell a story and show a bit of artistic touch.
  • Utilizing Vimeo Business: Explore what this new membership plan has to offer and use it to your advantage.

Vimeo is not YouTube. You cannot simply rehash ideas from YouTube and stick them on Vimeo. Carefully consider what we have looked at in this article, and you will be much more likely to succeed.