The New Pinterest Taste Graph Brings More Ad Targeting Opportunities for Brands

In the last few months, Pinterest has introduced new tools to help brands better reach out to their target audience. The new Pinterest Taste Graph promises to provide even more ad targeting opportunities.

Pinterest Taste Graph: More targeting categories

Pinterest Taste Graph will now give marketers more than 5,000 different categories to choose from for their ads. This is a significant increase from the 400 that were previously available.

Here is what else Pinterest has in store for Taste Graph:

  • You can access it via a drop-down menu within Pinterest’s Ad Manager.
  • Each category has further subcategories under it.
  • Pinterest also plans to add a search bar to help users quickly find specific categories.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Pinterest Product Manager John Millnovich said that that Taste Graph is significantly different from how they previously created categories. Millnovich explains that they are now further exploring the intricate ways by which pinners relate to various interests. This, he said, has allowed them to more clearly discern changes in a user’s tastes over time and provide even more personalized recommendations.

The Pinterest Taste Graph follows several other updates that Pinterest has made with marketers in mind:

All of these tools provide brands with more ways to better reach out to specific audiences on the platform.

How brands can take advantage of Pinterest’s Taste Graph

Pinterest’s latest user data infographic found that:

  • 61% of users said that they have used the platform to discover new brands and products.
  • 72% say that the site helps them find new ideas for their everyday life.
  • Around half admitted to having made purchases based on Promoted Pins they saw. 

Taste Graph will give you the opportunity to bring your ads and pins to your audience. Choose the correct category from the thousands available to match their exact interests. Supplement this by using Devumi’s Pinterest Repins to increase the prominence of these pins enough to draw the attention of that audience.

Use the Pinterest Taste Graph feature

Now is definitely a great time for brands to take full advantage of Pinterest as a marketing platform. The introduction of Taste Graph gives you a useful tool to better focus your ads and capture your target audience. Try it today and discover how it can boost your marketing pins.