Social Media Marketers: Pinterest Grows To 200 Million Monthly Active Users

Pinterest has been one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the last few years. Now, it crosses another milestone by hitting 200 million active users per month. I am going to look at what crossing this milestone means for social media marketers.

Rapid growth

The site proudly announced its latest achievement through a special infographic highlighting its growing user base.

pinterest infographic 200 million users

To put this in perspective, Pinterest reached 175 million monthly active users in April, 2017. Even more impressive, the user base figure is a 40% increase from 2016. 

More than the overall growth, the infographic also revealed how the site has expanded and diversified its user base in two core areas:

  1. Half of all Pinterest users now come from outside the United States. This has been in line with efforts to attract more international users.
  2. Women still dominate Pinterest’s user base, accounting for almost three-fourths of users. But the site has seen a 50% increase in the number of males signing up. Coincidentally, the number of automobile-related pins has gone up by 46% in the last five months.

These are the key areas that the platform needs to focus on to succeed.

More marketing opportunities

The infographic has also provided some interesting insights on how people have been using Pinterest:

  • 72% of users say Pinterest helped them find out new ideas for daily use.
  • 61% says that they have discovered new brands or products through the site. Those using it for marketing will surely rejoice at this.
  • 50% have made purchases after seeing a Promoted Pin.

Pinterest has also been proactive in attracting more people to it, launching new features that aim to enhance its user experience. The site’s co-founder Evan Sharp announced the latest of these features: Board Sections. With it, users will be able to further divide their boards into sections. Sharp said that the feature is currently undergoing tests and will eventually be available to everyone.

By taking advantage of all of these figures and new features, you can firmly establish your brand on the platform. There’re many things going on with Pinterest right now that can improve your marketing: 

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Take advantage of Pinterest’s growing community

Pinterest’s latest infographic gives a clear picture of how fast the platform is growing. That is certainly an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Take a good look at this info graphic and you will see how these figures will be of use for your marketing strategy. Your brand’s pins might be the next big thing on the site, driving traffic and sales to your website.