Using YouTube Cards for Marketing: Get More Views

YouTube Cards are the latest tools to help content creators provide more information on their videos. When used the right way, these are effective in drawing more view for your videos and directing traffic to your landing pages. Learn how to harness the power of these cards.

How YouTube Cards work

YouTube Cards are visual tools that appear on the right side of the player’s screen. These are indicated by a small icon on the top right-hand corner of the video. When clicked, the icon displays all the attached cards. Up to five cards can be added to a single video.

Cards replace YouTube’s earlier Annotations feature. They provide a sleeker and more organized look compared to Annotations. Cards also have several major benefits to get more views:

  • Mobile device compatibility: Unlike annotations, Cards work on mobile devices. This gives you more opportunities to capture a larger audience.
  • A better way to engage viewers: With the cleaner look of YouTube Cards, you are able to better draw the attention of viewers and get them to check out the information.
  • More means to direct traffic: YouTube Cards are a non-obstructive way to present your links to the audience and get them to click.

All of these benefits come together to make YouTube Cards a more effective marketing tool than Annotations ever were. There are six different card types:

  • Video cards:  This type lets you link to other videos or playlists.
  • Channel cards: These are used to link to channels with the goal of getting subscribers.
  • Link cards: These let you link to external pages. It can be your associated website, donation sites, and approved merchandise pages.
  • Donation cards: These link directly to a registered non-profit organization’s donation site and let viewers send their donations quickly.
  • Poll cards: Poll cards are an easy way to add on-screen surveys to your videos.

All these types can be used simultaneously in a video depending on your need.

Optimizing your YouTube Cards

When optimizing your video or playlist card, consider the title that is going to show up on the card. Note that you can’t optimize this on the card itself. Instead, you need to go back to the video or playlist that you want to link to and edit it from there.

youtube cards optimization

Note that linking to a specific video in a playlist will instead default to the entire playlist. Take advantage of this by ensuring that the playlist has videos relevant to the one you want to direct your audience to. That video should be at the at the beginning of the playlist and lead into the others for them to get watched.

Optimizing link cards

To make your link card more useful, don’t just link it to your associated site’s home page. Instead, choose a landing page that is directly relevant to the video the card is on. This makes it easier for your viewers to discover more information from your site.

Be sure to optimize both the title and the call to action of the card. These should clearly give your audience an idea of what they are getting when they click, like in this example.

youtube cards example

Once it is properly optimized, use services like our YouTube Likes & Shares to make the video more appealing to those who see it.

Optimizing donation cards

As is with regular link cards, your donation card’s landing page should be well-made to better handle visitors. Make the donation process streamlined to jive with the idea of it being easy with the card. The page should also have information and links that will help visitors further understand the projects they are donating to.

Once you have set up the landing page, you can focus on building the card itself. Use a good title and call to action to better entice your audience to donate. Don’t forget to include a thumbnail image that best illustrates the donation campaign being promoted.

Increasing YouTube Cards engagement

When getting your audience to engage more with your YouTube cards, consider their expectations. Remember that they are there to watch your videos. Your cards are just secondary material that they might want to check out after watching.

To increase the likelihood of engagement, your YouTube Cards need to be:

  • Directly relevant to the video: The card should provide your viewers with more information that will help them better understand the video they just watched.
  • Have an appropriate call to action: Your cards’ call to action should specifically tell viewers what they are supposed to do next.
  • Accurate: Ensure that the information that you provide on the card matches correctly with what viewers are expecting.

The time when you show your cards also plays a role in how effectively they can create engagement. Typically, YouTube Cards are placed at the end of the video, as this is the point where your viewers make their decision on what to do next.

You can also show the card earlier in the video. Let the card appear in the segment of the video that it is most relevant to. Since the card icon stays on until the end of the video, your audience would still be able to recall it at the end and click.

Calls to action

Your video itself should also actively encourage viewers to check out the card. Add verbal calls to action that point to your cards. Time the latter to appear right at the moment of these verbal calls to better catch the attention of the audience.

You can do a unique visual presentation to make the cards more noticeable, such as the one done here by toy reviewer Mecha Gaikotsu.

using youtube cards

Use YouTube Cards to get more views and traffic

YouTube Cards are a great tool to get people to check out your other content and visit your site. To effectively use these, though, you need to.

  • Choose your cards wisely: Understand how each card type functions and where they would best fit in your videos.
  • Optimize these thoroughly: Have a good title and call to action to get people moving. The links where your cards lead to should also be prepared to better engage visitors.
  • Encourage your audience to click: Don’t just passively wait for your viewers to click your cards. Actively draw their attention to these and encourage them to click.

Follow these simple tips and your YouTube Cards will engage your viewers, and drive this valuable traffic where you want it to go.