Using Social Media for Brand Advocacy: Get People Talking Positively About You Online

Having many voices talk positively about your brand online helps a lot in getting your promotional message across. This is where an army of brand advocates will be a good idea. Learn how to use social media for brand advocacy, and vastly increase your reach online.

Identifying brand advocates on social media

The goals you want to achieve with your brand advocacy campaign will be a big factor in deciding on who to recruit. Define your goals clearly to have a better picture of your ideal advocate:

  • Increasing your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube following
  • Getting more site traffic from social media
  • Increasing the ROI of your store

Use the SMART method to lay out what your goals are in detail.

With your goals set, you can begin outlining your ideal advocate’s persona. Consider all the qualities that would enable them to effectively deliver your brand message. These could include:

  • A strong social media presence
  • Their ability to connect with others
  • Being able to gather feedback and provide insights
  • Having an engaged audience
  • Impressive product knowledge

Just like with your goals, define these qualities clearly to better identify your preferred advocates.

Discovering your brand advocates

Your own social media posts are good sources of information about potential brand ambassadors. Take a look at who likes and comments on them the most. Study their comments to get a better idea of what they think about your brand.

Also, look into the various social media conversations about your brand. Use relevant hashtags to search for these. Find out the ones who are most actively talking about your brand. These people will serve as the core of your team of brand advocates.

You also would want to tap influencers as advocates, mainly for their greater reach. When selecting influencers, look for ones most relevant to your brand. This helps better position them in line with your promotions.

The very employees of your brand also make effective brand ambassadors. 52 percent of consumers consider them reliable sources of information. Since they have more intimate knowledge of your brand, they can effectively persuade customers. Creating a dedicated advocacy program for them will help your employees get more from their efforts.

Gaining rapport with your brand advocates

To better reach out to your brand advocates, you first need to understand what makes them tick. Neil Patel lists the common motivations why people will want to participate in your brand advocacy campaign:

  • Entertainment: Your brand advocates are on the lookout for content that will entertain them. This is the most common type of information that they share to their peers.
  • Information: By closely following your brand, advocates can get plenty of information for their personal use, as well as share with their audience. When they have information to share they look like experts. Nightwing 2303 shows that below.

  • Problem solving: Your would-be advocates might also be looking for specific information for dealing with problems. By continuously providing this, they will see you as a valuable resource.
  • Learning: This is an extension of the points above. Your advocates will love seeing plenty of “how to” content that they can further share with their peers.

By leveraging these motivations, you can come up with a better strategy to convince potential advocates to be part of the team.

Engaging potential brand advocates

When reaching out to your desired brand advocates, don’t immediately make an offer. Instead, focus on making some initial interactions. This well get them more comfortable engaging with you in preparation for the offer.

Commenting on their posts about your brand is one way to get would-be advocates more enthusiastic. This could be as simple as a short “Thank you” for posting about you. Make your comment more engaging by being specific in your compliment.

This will show your advocates that you did read through and appreciate their content.

Sharing their content on your social media pages also works well in gaining the support of your advocates. Look for the best ones they have to offer and highlight it in a post on your social media. Don’t forget to tag them to get their attention.

This will encourage more people to follow suit, creating more potential advocates. Use services like our Twitter Retweets Service to increase the prominence of these features and attract show other advocates the potential benefit of teaming up with you.

Engaging your brand advocates should also not be limited to social media. Sending emails will show that you are serious about getting them on board. Create personalized emails to thank them for their support. From there, offer them the opportunity to officially become part of your brand advocacy team.

You can also get in touch with them via traditional snail mail. The notion of getting personalized paper mail is surely going to excite them. Make the letter more engaging by including some tangible freebies to show your appreciation. It is common for brand advocates to do unboxing videos for moments like this:

Creating the right content for your brand advocates

While your advocates can use any of the content that you have, creating dedicated content for them helps make their work more effective. Consider how your content will figure into their own. If your advocates are fond of sharing a variety of tips and tutorials, make sure that you have plenty of this content.

Directly asking your brand advocates for the kind of content that they want to see also helps in fleshing out your content.

Use social media to get a quick response from them. This can also be an opening to ask for their opinion on the content you currently have.

Making your content more accessible

It is also important that brand advocates can easily access and use your content when they need to:

  • Put social media sharing buttons in visible spots on your blog posts.
  • Turn on automatic sharing and have your posts be available on your social media pages once published.
  • Send them a file with your official logos.

This will make it easier for them to share your content on their pages.

Aside from making your content more accessible, you also need to boost their prominence. This will aid your advocates in better convincing their audience to check out your brand. You can achieve this by increasing the number of social media shares and likes that your content gets.

Getting advocates to create their own content

Encouraging advocates to create their own content helps dispel the notion that they are just mindlessly sharing yours. This makes their calls to explore your brand more convincing. Help them create this content by providing materials they can use, like sample products for review. Ask them to be creative in their approach to their content.

Make this user-generated content more visible by sharing them on your brand’s social media pages. Tag your advocates on your post and let them freely respond to the question and comments about their content. This fosters a three-way conversation between you, your advocate, and your customers.

Showing appreciation for your brand advocates

Your advocates will be promoting your brand out of sheer love for it. Return the favor by showing them how much you appreciate their effort. Regularly send out thank you messages to them. Specifically mentioning your advocates’ names in these messages will show how much they stand out from the rest of your customers.

Creating a rewards program is another good way of showing your appreciation for advocates. This need not be too grand, even simple discount offers and freebies work well.

You can be even more creative and reward those who provide excellent criticism of your brand. This not only gives you good feedback but is also a great opportunity to turn haters into followers.

Use social media to build a brand advocacy campaign

Having plenty of brand advocates is a great way to spread positivity on social media about your products and services. To attract and retain them you need to:

  • Find effective advocates: Use social media to search for the best candidates as brand speakers. Your immediate employees can also be effective.
  • Build rapport with your advocates: Engage with their content and help them become more known to your wider audience by featuring them on your site and social media pages.
  • Support them all the way: Give them a variety of great content to use, but let them freely express their love for your brand. Reward them nicely for their efforts.

Follow these points and you will attract an army of loyal advocates that will help your brand gain more customers.