Use Pinterest Search from the Home Screen, New Stats Show Success

While Pinterest may be great for finding inspirational ideas, searching for specific pins is a different story. To remedy that, the site has made a small tweak to its mobile app’s user interface. The new Pinterest search feature is easy to use, and very functional.

A new look for Pinterest’s mobile app

With the new update, Pinterest has added a Search tool at the top of the mobile app’s home screen.

Pinterest search

The new addition replaces the old method, where you had to open the Explore tab before you could access the search tool. Pinterest says that this is part of their efforts to make the whole search experience easier for their users.

The Lens feature has also been added to the home screen. It can now be quickly launched using the button located right next to the search tool. Lens allows users to perform a search by just snapping a picture using their device’s camera. Lens was launched in February of this year, but has already undergone several updates in that short time.

For now, Pinterest’s updated layout is only available for iOS users; an Android version is expected to roll out soon. Either one is a fine tool for Pinterest marketing, with other apps available to supplement them.

What the new layout means for brands

The layout change comes on the heels of new stats which were released by Pinterest. They show a healthy growth by the online media sharing company. The most notable figures include:

  • Around 85 percent of searches on Pinterest are now done using mobile devices
  • Monthly mobile searches have increased by 40 percent from 2016
  • Monthly visual searches are up by 60 percent from last year
  • Everyday, almost 4 billion Suggested Pins appear in searches

The figures in the report highlight the site’s growing mobile user base. When it comes to brands, they serve as indicators on how the platform can be better utilized. Pinterest itself offers businesses and organizations an array of tools to use, including:

These tools, along with Lens, can greatly help brands create better-targeted pins. Meanwhile, services like Devumi’s Pinterest Repins can be used to get these pins to reach their desired audiences.

Small Pinterest layout change, big impact

The change Pinterest made to its mobile app layout might look trivial at first glance. However, this change highlights the platform’s desire to attract more mobile users. This is a sign for brands using Pinterest for marketing who need to take a closer look at their efforts on the platform to find out new ways to get the attention of its growing mobile audience.