The Training and Marketing You Need to Become a Famous Singer

If you want to become a famous singer, and you don’t want to rely on a reality show to hand it to, you’re going to need some real marketing and training. This article is going to look at the training your voice should undertake, as well as the basic marketing you’ll need at the beginning of your career.

Become a famous singer using YouTube

YouTube is fast becoming a way to learn pretty much everything. There are dozens of tutorials online to learn how to sing, such as this one:

You will even find videos which cover very specific topics which you may need to focus on:

I would recommend finding a complete course online. Find one teacher that you enjoy, and work through all of their content. Using free resources like YouTube is a great way to start your career. Once you start getting serious about it you can start spending a little bit of money using the steps below.

Become a famous singer watching webinars

Many teachers are now trying to connect with students worldwide through webinars. These can be one-on-one, or group, sessions with a teacher online:

Prices can vary widely. Everything from free, up to hundreds of dollars per hour. If you are having a specific problem, and you cannot get help on YouTube, this is the way to go. It’s short of attending school, but still gets you in front of a teacher.

Become a famous singer: Music theory training

While there are some people who make it in the music business without knowing music theory, it is not going to hurt you in the slightest to learn some. You don’t even have to leave your home as there are a number of online resources:

Knowing just the basics of music theory will help you become a better singer. You will also understand the language of music so that you may better communicate with other musicians. YouTube is also an option, but you may need a deeper learning tool.

Become a famous singer: Singing with other vocalists

There are music groups all over every major city in the world. This is your opportunity to do something peer to peer learning. You can help each other out both in training, and in marketing. Places to meet include:

Not only can you learn how to become a famous singer, you can make valuable friendships that will really help build your career.

Become a famous singer: Karaokeeeeee!

Don’t underestimate karaoke as a way to help you become a famous singer. When you can’t get yourself on stage, there’s always a bar nearby with karaoke. It can allow you to:

  • Work on stage fright issues
  • Learn how to read an audience
  • Sing along to songs without a band
  • For crying out loud, remember that music is fun

There are few things that can prepare you for becoming a famous singer like singing in front of a drunk audience. Don’t get too drunk yourself, you could injure your voice! Try one of my favorites:

Become a famous singer with voice lessons

Only a professional will be able to truly help you reach the next level of your singing career. You simply could not beat one-on-one interactions. Here are some options:

  • music lessons treble clefMusic school: This is the obvious option, and also the most expensive. There is no doubt that a good music school will help you become a famous singer. Not only for the fact that you will be a better singer, but you will also be a better connected singer.
  • At home tutoring: Use this option when you have bit of money to spend, but cannot afford to go to school either financially or time wise. They can come into your home once a week and hear where you are at, and then offer lessons to do while they are gone.
  • Online tutoring: This is one more step down in cost. Considering that the teacher doesn’t have to travel they can charge less. Nearly every music lesson website has some sort of online tutoring available.
  • Online course: You will not get the personal touch here, but the progressive practice schedule that you can get in an online course will build the strength of your voice. If you cannot afford any of the options above, this is what you will need.

Vocal lessons are going to help you learn how to not only be a better singer, but how to protect your voice. This is one of the many things about the music business a teacher will be able to teach you beyond just singing.

Marketing tactics to become a famous singer

As you work on your training, you also need to work on your marketing. The world is full of exceptional singers who never bothered to market themselves. Let’s look at what you need to do to start your career:

  • Website: It doesn’t matter how basic your website is, you need to start building it, and links and connections, right away. This is going to be the center of everything you do to build your singing career. Use a basic tool like WordPress if you don’t know how to build a website, then follow our guide to launching your website once it’s built.
  • SoundCloud profile: This is one of the biggest platforms for distributing music online. You will find many other musicians there, but you will also find agents and record labels. Read our guide to building your SoundCloud account to be successful.
  • YouTube account: Another very important platform for distributing music is YouTube. Many famous singers have started their career here. Have you heard of Justin Bieber? He started on YouTube. You need to build an effective YouTube account as well.

  • Collaborations: Once you have established your YouTube and SoundCloud accounts you can begin collaborating with other musicians. The goal is for both of you to build your audience by sharing your fans. Once you post these on YouTube it is a good opportunity to purchase YouTube views. You need to highlight these important moments in your career.
  • Sing at small shows: Your local state fair, weddings, coffee clubs, and many other opportunities await you. You never know who will be in the audience, and you’ll never know how much your confidence will improve from one show to the next.
  • Booking agents: Becoming a famous singer is all about connections. The most important connection you will make is with your first booking agent. They’re going to help you move away from singing at the local state fair and towards bigger venues. An important part of your press kit should be a SoundCloud account with lots of followers. Use our SoundCloud followers service to grow quickly and impress them.
  • Start a band: Very few people make it as a solo artist. If you find yourself struggling, working with other musicians will help you as they can take on some of the marketing tasks.

These marketing tactics are used by amateur and professional singers alike. The only difference is the scale. Start your career off right by getting practice as early as possible in all of these aspects of your singing career.

You will become a famous singer

It is not easy to become a famous singer, but you can do it with the right hard work:

  • You need to learn music theory and then build your voice from there.
  • Move your vocal lessons forward using YouTube.
  • SoundCloud will help build your career, and even get you signed to a record label.
  • Sing with other vocalists, and use karaoke to build your confidence.
  • Get professional vocal lessons.
  • Market yourself effectively using YouTube and other online tools.

All of the natural talent in the world will not do you any good if you don’t do the things above. The world is absolutely littered with talented vocalists who do not put in the effort to train themselves, or market themselves using the best websites for music discover. Don’t be one of them!