Pinterest Promoted Videos Now Available to All Advertisers

Pinterest Promoted Videos have been highly anticipated ever since the site announced it for testing in 2016. Now, the wait is over as Pinterest makes the feature available for all advertisers.

A new ad option

The Pinterest Promoted Videos feature lets users display their video content in GIF-like formats. When you scroll through boards, these featured contents automatically start to play. You can then view them in full screen by simply tapping on the pin which opens a new tab.

The feature runs in a similar manner as the site’s earlier Cinematic Pins. It is currently available to mobile users only.

With the latest announcement, Promoted Videos goes from being tested to becoming a fully-fledged ad option. Businesses and other advertisers will now be able to purchase them on a per-impression basis. The feature allows them to be better targeted based on:

  • Keywords
  • Audience interests
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Devices

All these targeting options are available to advertisers when they sign up for the service.

Pinterest’s move to finally make Promoted Videos available to advertisers is in line with its larger push to make video a major part of its user experience. In fact, during the initial testing of the feature last year, there was already a 60 percent increase in the number of videos uploaded into its collection. It added that around 80 percent of those who watched videos on the platform said the videos helped them learn how to do a variety of projects.

This, along with their new Home Screen search shows that they’re serious about continually improving their service.

Taking advantage of Pinterest Promoted Videos

In its initial assessment of Promoted Videos, Pinterest found the feature to be 3 times as memorable as regular pins. The site also notes that compared to other platforms, Pinners are 2.4 times more likely to make purchases after watching the videos. These figures highlight just how crucial this media format is for an effective Pinterest marketing effort.

To take advantage of the feature, you need to have the right videos ready for your target audience. Note that around 75 Percent of Pinterest users are more likely to watch videos with topics that directly interest them than those with vaguer titles. Come up with video content that not only taps into their interests, but also provide lots of practical knowledge on them. Use the Pinterest Promoted Videos feature to bring them to your target audience’s favorite boards. Devumi’s Repins service can then be used to further expand the reach of your promoted videos.

Bring ads closer to your audience with Pinterest Promoted Videos

With video content becoming an integral part of the Pinterest experience, Promoted Videos serves as an essential new tool for advertisers. Businesses can now take better advantage of the platform to not only draw the attention of their audiences, but also engage and get them to make purchases. Check out the feature and see how it can effectively boost your Pinterest marketing campaign.