Reach Out to New Connections With Linkedin’s ‘Connections Of’ Filter

Finding and getting new connections is an important step in building your professional network. LinkedIn’s new “Connections of” filter is surely going to be useful for this. Learn how it works so that you can quickly grow your network and career.

See who your connections are connected with

The “Connections of” filter is a simple tool that allows you see the network of your first-degree connections without needing to visit their profiles first. To use this filter:

  1. Click on the Search Box and hit Enter.
  2. In the search results click on the “People” tab.
  3. In the “Filter people by” side bar, you will now see the “Connection of” option.
  4. To see the network of a specific connection, just type that connection’s name and press Enter.

You will then see the list of connections that your specified connection has, as shown here.

new linkedin connection of feature example

The “Connections of” filter is just one of the small changes that LinkedIn has rolled out in the last few months to enhance professional engagements. Some of these are:

  • Customized notifications tab: Gives you more control over the notifications that appear on your profile:
  • Hover feature: You can now get some basic information about people appearing on your feeds just by hovering the mouse cursor over their profile photos.
  • Other Search features: LinkedIn recently introduced other features to search for job hunting.
  • New profile picture editing and filter features: These new tools added to the Edit Profile Photo features let you further enhance your profile image and better grab attention.
  • Multiple photos on posts: LinkedIn now allows users to upload more than one photo to their posts, giving them the opportunity to share more of their experiences.
  • Website demographics: A new feature which gives better insights into who visits your website.
  • Native video: You can now record and upload video entirely within LinkedIn’s app.

All these features can be used alongside the “Connections of” filter to attract and engage new leads.

Making the most out of the “Connections of” filter

The “Connections of” filter opens up plenty of opportunities to find and attract more leads. Particularly, it helps you better get referrals from your connections. By using the features to quickly scan their network, you can give your connections an idea of the specific people in their networks you want to reach out to. With that, they can craft better referrals for you.

What’s more, you can use the feature to discover your 2nd-degree connections who might be on their network. From there, you can send them connection requests to bring them into your fold. To increase your chances of them wanting to connect with you, use Devumi’s LinkedIn Connections Service to increase the prominence of your profile and draw their interest.

Build your professional network with LinkedIn’s “Connections of” filter

LinkedIn’s “Connection of” filter is one of those small changes that the site rolls out without much fanfare. However, it has a significant impact on how you can further build your professional network. Use it today to discover new contacts and bring them into your professional network.