Get Your Marketing Campaigns Ready With Twitter’s September Event Calendar

With just four months left until the end of 2017, brands are now in the rush to plan out their year-end marketing campaigns. Twitter gives them a hand with the release of its September events calendar.

Eventful September

As is always the case, September signals the start of the long line of events that will eventually lead to the year-end holidays.

september events calendar twitter

Important holidays include:

  • Labor Day kicks the month off on the 4th.
  • This is then followed by the start of the National Hispanic Heritage Month on the 15th.
  • The 22nd officially marks the start of the Fall season and all the activities associated with it.

Aside from the official holidays, the calendar also lists some of the major commercial events that are slated for the month:

  • PAX West: A major video game trade event, Sept. 1
  • NFL opening weekend: Kickoff on Sept. 7
  • Primetime Emmy Awards: Sept. 17
  • Paris Fashion Week: Runs from Sept. 26 to Oct. 3
  • Toronto International Film Festival: September 7 – 17

These events are worthy of dedicated marketing campaigns from your brand.

Twitter has also added a few more “Days” to the month, like #CharityDay and #LiteracyDay. While these are not official holidays or events, they provide more opportunities for you to engage your Twitter audience and focus your messaging. And, in the case of #TalkLikeAPirateDay, have fun while doing it. They can all be an important part of your hashtag marketing campaign.

Taking advantage of the calendar.

Twitter publishes event calendars like this all year round. What makes the site’s calendars stand out from others is that it also includes the expected tweet volume for major events. This helps brands determine the best events to participate in.

To better stand out from all the other brands joining the events you need to come up with a unique take on them. Or you can take advantage of the less crowded “holidays” to freely engage your audience and establish your prominence more.

In both of these, use Devumi’s Twitter Retweets service to bring your event-related Twitter campaign to more people. This service will drive you hire in the trending topics results. This will vastly increase your number of impressions.

Get ready to party with Twitter’s event calendar

Twitter’s monthly event calendar is a great tool to print out and pin on your social media team’s corkboard. With it, you can get a quick glance of upcoming events and holidays and plan out appropriate tweet campaigns. Check it out today and see what celebrations will excite your followers the most.