Marketers Welcome Pinterest’s New Pinch To Zoom Feature

Pinterest has kept on improving on their functionalities even as they continue to grow into one of the most popular image search engines. A recent addition to the mobile app improves it even further: the ability to pinch zoom on pins.

See more with Pinch to Zoom

The new feature is pretty straightforward – users simply pinch on their mobile devices’ screens to zoom into displayed images. The feature works on both standard images and GIFs.

This new feature will have a large impact on the development of Pinterest’s visual search capabilities. The introduction of the feature enhances the capability of Pinterest’s computer vision technology to index individual objects in a single image. This is achieved by getting people to spend more time looking closely at the images using the new function.

The Pinch to Zoom function comes alongside other announcements Pinterest made in an effort to further build itself as a dependable image search engine. The site has earlier revamped the layout of its mobile app to make its search tools more accessible. Now, people can also use the Pinterest Save Button to search for images even if they don’t have an account. The change is seen as a push towards getting more people to search through the site’s contents.

What Pinterest’s Pinch to Zoom entails

At the moment, the Pinch to Zoom function does just that – let’s you pinch to zoom in or out. Pinterest intends to enhance its capabilities in the future. One such enhancement they plan to add is the ability to automatically start an image search by simply zooming in on a specific object in the pin.

As for brands, the Pinch to Zoom function can be seen as a call to upload more high-quality images on their boards. By having more objects of interest in the photos you pin, you get the audience to engage longer with your pins. This, in turn, increases their likelihood of clicking on them as well as going on to check out any associated links. By using Devumi’s Repins service, you can increase the pins’ reach and attract even more people to your most important pins.

Use Pinterest’s Pinch to Zoom feature

Pinterest might be a bit late in adding a Pinch to Zoom feature to its mobile app. Their use of it signals the beginning of better things to come for the site’s image search capabilities. Brands and individuals alike should take early advantage of the new feature. Upload your high-quality images now and get your followers to see more by zooming into them.