LinkedIn Native Video Starts Rolling Out to Everyone

Videos are some of the most popular content shared online. LinkedIn is now joining in with the launch of a LinkedIn native video sharing feature.

Share professional video content

LinkedIn’s new video sharing feature is available on both its Android and iOS mobile apps. To share a video, users just need to go to the share/post box of their feeds. There will now be a video icon that you tap to share a video. You can either record directly from the app, or upload one you have made.

The site began testing its native video sharing platform in July. Many notable users, Edwin Rhemrev, participated. Here’s a screenshot, see the embed at the end of the article:

linkedin native video being used

LinkedIn’s move to finally include video sharing on its platform now puts it in line with more traditional social media networks. LinkedIn also launched other features intended to get users to share more content. These include:

The site says that these are also aimed at getting users to engage in conversations with others about the content shared.

Making use of LinkedIn video sharing

With video sharing now a part of LinkedIn’s features, users have a new way to engage with their audience. By creating videos that specifically cater to your viewers on the site, you can better catch their interest and get them to check you out. Using Devumi’s LinkedIn Connections Service will help build your rep further as you gain the attention of those who see your videos.

The new feature also lets you see who has viewed your videos. You can get demographic information like companies, job titles, and the location of your viewers. This is essential data when refining not only your videos but your entire LinkedIn content strategy to better target the intended audience. This can be accessed in your profile dashboard on both mobile and desktop.

Use LinkedIn native video to connect with other professionals

LinkedIn’s rollout of its new video sharing feature is a long awaited development for users looking to expand their content portfolio. With LinkedIn native video hosting, creating and sharing such content is easier. This also opens more conversation avenues between you and your connections. Start uploading your video content today and get people watching and talking.

Edwin Rhemrev on LinkedIn: “Flipping through one of my…

Flipping through one of my sketchbooks, some drawings were done on locations throughout The Hague , others from imagination😊 #sketchbook #Thehague