Job Hunting on LinkedIn Made Easier: New LinkedIn Search Features

LinkedIn is a haven for online data as its millions of users create billions of data points. When you’re job hunting you need to be sure that you’re not just creating lots of data, but the right data to be found by recruiters through LinkedIn Search.

Your job hunt is going to be easier thanks to a new LinkedIn search functionality called Search Appearances. Let’s look at how you can best use it to find employment.

New LinkedIn Search feature for job hunting

The new feature from LinkedIn allows you to see who has looked at your profile in greater detail. LinkedIn described it this way:

“You can now go to your LinkedIn Profile on both mobile and desktop and see how many people found you from a LinkedIn search. You can also see the companies and job titles of the people who found you in search to help signal what types of opportunities you may be a fit for. Click through to see open jobs at each company as well as who the hiring managers are so you can follow up for more information.”

Here’s what it will look like on mobile:

job hunting using linkedin

The photo LinkedIn provided shows who’s searching for you according to:

  • Job title
  • Keyword

You will use these two important pieces of data to reverse engineer your job hunting.

Learn from this data for better job hunting

You need to properly interpret the data you find. Start forming lists of:

  • Job titles of those who find you
  • Types of companies that find you
  • The industries of these employees and companies

With this data in hand you need to use it to improve your LinkedIn job hunting. How you will do this is:

  • Are the job titles of the people finding you the titles of the people you want to finding you? You likely want people who are in the hiring departments to find you. It won’t do you much good if sales associates are finding you. Pick out the words that are leading to you being found by the wrong people and change them. Cater your language to the industry and positions you want to be found by.
  • Alter the content you are creating or sharing. As an example, if you are being found often by those in the startup industry, start creating and sharing content related to startups. Once people find you and begin to look through your profile they are going to want to find content which relates to them. This will keep them around longer on your profile, and grow their interest in recruiting you.

This strategy has two aspects. The first helps you get found more often by the people you want to be found by. The second hopes to retain the attention of those people.

Perfecting your LinkedIn profile

Your profile itself will also need some tweaking. If you don’t see this with your profile, it needs work:

linkedin job hunting

You have to be sure that your LinkedIn profile is filled in completely. We go into LinkedIn profile optimization in greater depth in an article previously published, but the basics for better job hunting are:

  • A professional profile photo
  • Listing your current or most recent position
  • Adding your most relevant skills
  • Using our LinkedIn Connections Service to boost your numbers and be more appealing to recruiters
  • Adding your city to your profile
  • Asking your close connections for recommendations, and skills endorsements

After doing the work above of being found easier, you need to optimize your profile to make your job hunting optimization worth your while.

Other LinkedIn updates to help with job hunting

There are also some other important updates LinkedIn have done in the last two months which will help you find a job:

LinkedIn is doing everything it can to make your job hunting even more easy, and automated. Their goal is making it so you never have to job hunt, the right jobs come to you instead. Let the jobs come to you, and make sure that your LinkedIn profile’s properly optimized in order to do this.