Where to Find Non-Copyrighted Music for Your YouTube Videos

Finding non-copyrighted music for use in your YouTube videos is essential. The YouTube Content ID system can automatically detect the use of copyrighted music. This can result in your videos being taken down or blocked.

Fortunately, there are many musicians out there offering music without a copyright. Let’s look at the best of them and find non-copyrighted music for you to add to the drama of your YouTube content.

Non-copyrighted music: Public Domain 4U

This website features nothing but music whose copyright has expired. Once the copyright expires it enters into the public domain. Some truly classic music is under this category. Here is Jack White singing one of them:

Most of this music is quite old as you have to wait decades for copyrights to expire. If you are looking for early jazz or blues music this is the place to find it as you start your vlog.

Non-copyrighted music: Musopen

This is another non-copyrighted music website which looks at music that is in the public domain. Their focus is mainly classical music:

The site has not updated very much over the last few years, but the music is still there for you to use without a copyright. Every good YouTube channel has signature music they use over and over, maybe you need to go classic!

Non-copyrighted music: Incompetech

This site is full of non-copyrighted music from one composer; Kevin MacCleod. He has a rather eclectic collection of music, and he arranges them into interesting categories:

He has many compositions under more traditional titles such as jazz and hard rock as well. He has everything, here’s an example of something a bit danceable, a bit… hackerpunk:

Non-copyrighted music: Partners in Rhyme

The sheer amount of music on this site could make it the only one that you need to visit. Not only do they have music but they also have:

With this wide variety of content and tools they can prove invaluable to the improvement of your YouTube videos. If you don’t have enough YouTube subscribers yet, you can still get some cheering…

Non-copyrighted music: DanoSongs

Most of the music that you will find here on Dano is pop music in the form of rock and more traditional pop. It should be noted that he does ask for donations, and it might be nice to slide him a few bucks every now and then.

There aren’t many options for a traditional score, but your YouTube videos can use some of this content to fill your videos out a bit.

Non-copyrighted music: Free Soundtrack Music

When you are on this site you need to be certain that the content is free. Look under the heading which says “Usage Status.” It will say FREE underneath there if you’re free to use it.

non-copyrighted music for youtube videos

Those which are not free require you to purchase credits through the website. Most songs are one credit. A credit is worth $3.50USD. If you want to move beyond using free non-copyrighted music this is a good way to start.

Why you need non-copyrighted music

For more on why it’s important to find music that isn’t copyrighted, take a look at how the YouTube Content ID system works. You can’t beat it:

Don’t risk promoting your YouTube channel with copyrighted music in it. Use the services above and stay in the good graces of YouTube!