Using Offline Marketing to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Social media is fast becoming the dominant way for businesses to reach out to their customers. That does not mean that marketing in the real world is dead. Learn how you can use offline marketing to boost your social media efforts.

Offline marketing to promote your social media

Be sure that the handles for your social media pages are consistent with each other. If using the exact same name is not possible, come up with variations. Your chosen handle should then be prominently displayed on offline materials like business cards.

Featuring content from your social media pages on your offline materials also works well in getting your customers aware of your social efforts. These could be images, videos, or event quotes that you can highlight.

Use mobile to encourage online engagement

A study conducted by Nottingham Trent University found that an average person checks their mobile phones 85 times a day. Another study by Business Insider discovered that 46 percent of Americans use their phones while watching TV. These two pieces of data show how integral mobile devices have become in everyday activities.

Leverage this by adding calls to engage via mobile to your offline content. Broadcasted materials like TV ads work well here. As if sexy people in their underwear weren’t enough, Calvin Klein also give us a hashtag to use when we watch these commercials on TV:

Using hashtags as part of your commercial and YouTube marketing will become more important as you develop advanced plans.

This can also be done with other materials like posters and flyers.

Give your offline audience a reward

Get your offline audience to visit your social media pages by giving rewards that they can redeem once they drop by. Coupon codes are particularly popular:

You can also do social media contests wherein participants can get their entries from the offline promotional materials, or somewhere in your store:

Get more people interested in checking out your social media pages by featuring your contest winners both online and offline. When featuring your contest and giveaway winners on social media, use Devumi’s related services, such as Twitter retweets, to give them more visibility. You want to draw as much attention as possible to these important moments in history of your brand.

Combining your offline and social media marketing

One way to bring your offline and social media marketing is creating “To be continued” campaigns. The idea with this is to come up with a campaign story that begins offline then continues online or vice versa.

You can create intriguing cliffhangers for your campaign’s narrative to get people to check out the next installment. Don’t just do it one way. Keep your audience moving to and from each component to increase engagement on both.

Get online audiences to help your offline campaign

Ask your social fans to come up with ideas for your next offline campaign. This could be as simple as letting them choose which type of image they want for your offline campaign posters. Or you can set up contests where they can set send their ideas, with the winner getting their entry used.

Your fans are always happy to see their work used by you. Most will gladly promote the offline campaign to their peers to show it off.

Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content is one of the best ways that your fans can show their support. Use your offline materials to encourage them to create these. Add a dedicated hashtag that they can use when sharing them on social media. More restaurants need to take advantage of this as the food selfie craze continues.

You can also search for random creations people make for your brand and share these on your accounts.

Bring your online and offline customer services together

Good customer service plays a big role in attracting and retaining customers. Provide this by combining the online and offline components of your customer relations management system. Ensure that your online customer response team has a social media escalation plan in place to guide them to offline responders.

Your offline team should be well-versed in the social media tools that they can use to quickly help people in front of the counter.

Use offline marketing to bring your social media efforts to the next level

Offline marketing can help increase the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Some ways you can take advantage of it are:

  • Using it to draw people to your social media accounts: Featuring your social media profiles prominently on your offline marketing materials can increase interest and get people to go online and visit.
  • Creating combined marketing campaigns: Make your audience more invested in your effort by getting them engaged both on and off of social media during your campaigns.
  • Providing extensive customer support:  Ensure that your clients can get the help they need whether they are on or offline.

These are just a few of the strategies you can do. Take a second look at your offline marketing plan and discover more ways for it to boost your presence on social media.