The New LinkedIn Suggested Stories Feature: Use it to Be Discovered

LinkedIn is slowly rolling out a new feature that will influence the platform’s news feed experience. With the launch of trending storylines, you’ll notice curated, interest-based feeds. This will help you connect to relevant stories and discover diverse ideas. Let’s see how you can use LinkedIn’s latest addition to expand your reach and influence.

The new LinkedIn suggested stories feature

Over the past year, LinkedIn has been revamping. At this time, they are working on rebuilding the news feed experience. They redesigned it from scratch to match the professional nature of the platform.

Now, with the addition of LinkedIn suggested stories, you will receive professional news and conversations of the day. Here is what it’s all about:

The goal was to totally change LinkedIn’s content experience and allow a different sort of connection amongst users. You’ll see a new box on your LinkedIn news feed labeled “What People Are Talking About” along with trending news. Note that this feature is not available for all users yet, but you will soon be able to use it as part of your LinkedIn content strategy.

LinkedIn suggested stories features

The breakdown of the feature looks like:

  • What people are talking about: LinkedIn’s suggested stories will be selected and managed by a team of news editors on the platform, with the help of computer algorithms, to serve relevant stories. The feature will leverage data that is both on and off LinkedIn. Each story includes multiple perspectives from the likes of influencers and news publishers.

  • Personalized trending storytelling: The LinkedIn suggested stories are personalized according to what LinkedIn knows about you as well as the industry you’re included in. The stories you will see in your feed under the label “What People Are Talking About Now” are professional stories which offer in-depth knowledge. They also give you the chance to connect and discover diverse perspectives on your topic of interest. The default focus is on stories in technology, finance, and healthcare.

Each story will have a unique hashtag associated with it, making it easier for you to join the discussions to get diverse perspectives on each story. In the future, you will be able to start following topics and people that you discover within the storylines.

As you become more active, your LinkedIn feed will reflect your professional interests and offer you similar topics. This can be great for helping you push your LinkedIn Showcase Pages as you will have better content to share.

LinkedIn suggested stories expand your marketing capabilities

LinkedIn’s latest addition looks very similar to Facebook’s trending topics section and Twitter’s “Moments” feature. Since this is on LinkedIn there’s a whole different approach you can take with LinkedIn suggested stories to stretch your influence in a number of ways:

  • Use the opportunity to generate sales leads: This is an opportunity to increase your reach on LinkedIn by simply being active when relevant stories appear in your area of expertise. You can jump into a discussion by contributing your insight on the matter and then share it as a status update. LinkedIn then adds your input to other posts that are also being shared around the same topic. You can also include a link to a video or blog post you may deem relevant to the topic.
  • Directly engage with your target audience: LinkedIn suggested stories present an excellent way for you to directly demonstrate what you can offer to your audience in terms of service and value. By involving yourself in various discussions on business-related topics, you can always share articles and podcasts that reflect your own content. Remember to focus on the niche you best represent.

With the introduction of LinkedIn suggested stories you will have the chance to hold intellectual discussions with your target audience. You can find Trending Storylines on your mobile home screen under the Trending tab. On desktops, it is found at the top-right corner of your homepage.