LinkedIn Recruiter Tactics: Use LinkedIn to Recruit Top Talent

LinkedIn is well known for being a great site for connecting with other professionals. But, it isn’t just for people looking for jobs. Companies seeking to attract good hires also find the site useful. Read on to learn how you can become an effective LinkedIn recruiter and attract top talent into your folds.

Building your LinkedIn company page

If your company has been on LinkedIn for some time, you will likely have a company page put up to attract business connections. But what about applicants? To draw their attention, you also need to take them into consideration when you build your page.

Begin by filling out the descriptions for your company. As your goal is to attract job seekers, the details you provide should give them a good idea about what you do. Include relevant keywords about the kinds of positions you have on offer or those that relate to your industry. This helps your page show up in more search results. Manpower agency AppleOne does this well; they have created a page that gives visitors a good idea about what you can expect from them.

linkedin recruiter

Your page also needs to be active to increase its visibility. Post status updates frequently to keep job seekers informed about new openings and job-related news. Creating a variety of content about your industry will also grab the interest of potential applicants. Write about topics that pertain to their concerns. This strategy can also be applied to the About section, where it can better target job seekers. Alternatively, you can use Devumi’s LinkedIn Followers service to further boost the visibility of both your page and content.

As is with other LinkedIn profiles, getting more recommendations and endorsements also help increase your visibility. These typically come from businesses associates and former employees. A good way to earn these recommendations is to give them your own recommendations in return. Be honest while doing this to be sure that they will also be honest in their assessment of your company.

Getting the word out about your company

To increase their company’s visibility further, and reach out to even more potential hires, LinkedIn recruiters need to go beyond their pages and spread the word farther. The various Groups within LinkedIn itself are good places to start spreading the word about your company. Look for groups that cater to the specific job you are offering, such as this one for pharmacies and related medical companies:

LinkedIn Pharmacy ad

You can also join general jobs groups and look for threads pertaining to the position. One thing to remember when joining these groups, though, is that you shouldn’t immediately promote your job offers. Keep in mind that your goal is to simply familiarize the members with your company. Respond to questions regarding the position in a helpful manner. In case you do have job ads, you can post them in dedicated threads.

Connecting your LinkedIn profile to your other social media accounts also helps to increase your reach to potential applicants. By sharing your LinkedIn job posts on the platforms where your target applicants can be found, you increase the chances of their seeing and responding to them.

Increasing your connections on other platforms also helps in establishing your networks of contacts and referrals.

Creating an enticing job offer on LinkedIn

When writing your LinkedIn job posts, you need to understand the difference between a job description and a job ad. A job description is merely that: a description of the position. Job descriptions are often meant to be used internally and for information purposes only. On the other hand, a job ad is meant to promote and sell the position to external interested people.

Your goal, when creating job posts, should always be the latter. Instead of simply laying out the job descriptions and qualifications required, emphasize what potential applicants could gain from the position. Note that this isn’t just about the pay; talk about the skills and what they would be able to achieve if successful in the work. Software company Zendesk does this well in this particular job post:

LinkedIn Job ad

Ask yourself why highly-qualified candidates would want to get the position. Also, think about what they can successfully accomplish within the first few months of their joining your firm. Be realistic in your answers here and use them to create an enticing copy for the ad. Keep in mind that you only have 125 words to use in the job ad creation wizard and be sure to use it wisely.

This idea should carry over to the other sections of your job ad, most notably in:

  • The position: Write the job title in a way that includes information that relates uniquely to it or your company.
  • The company: Start your company summary with the most interesting and attractive information relating to the position being offered. This helps in getting applicants to want to read on more about you.
  • Who else works here: Get your team, particularly those who will be working with the new recruit, to come up with good LinkedIn profiles. Knowing the people they will be working with can also get applicants interested in the job.
  • Who posted it: You yourself can also be a selling point for the job ad. Be sure to have your personal profile filled out and visible in the ad.

Ensure that all these elements come together along with the main job description to present the job offer in a more interesting and engaging light.

Optimizing your job posts

Searchability is another thing that LinkedIn recruiters need to consider when creating job posts. You can’t attract top talent if they can’t find your posts easily. Having the right set of keywords is the first step in optimizing your posts. These keywords should be the terms that your industry commonly uses to refer to that position. In some cases, there might be several terms that refer to the same job position. Consider them when you refine the final job title to use.

Once you have decided on the keywords, consider where you would want to put them. Place your chosen keywords in the sections of the job ad that show up in the search results, such as the title and description. Don’t just randomly plant them; make sure they blend in well with the surrounding text. This gives job seekers a more informative preview that will encourage them to click on it. Also, don’t overuse them as your posts might end up becoming insufferable.

Making it easier to apply for the position also works in your favor. Make it possible for interested candidates to apply directly from their LinkedIn profiles.

Don’t forget to provide them with other channels for applications like apps.

One tool that you will find useful to further promote your job posts is the LinkedIn Recruiter. This is a recruitment solution provided by LinkedIn to help companies better identify the best candidates for the job openings they may have.

Some of the features that Recruiter has include:

  • Profile recommendations: LinkedIn’s own algorithm provides suggestions on prospects that you might want to invite for your job openings. These recommendations are divided into several categories for ease of use.
  • Update Me: This feature lets you keep track of the changes made by prospects to their public profiles. This lets you engage them in a more timely manner.
  • Talent Updates: The feature lets companies share status updates directly from LinkedIn Recruiter. You can also keep track of the comments, shares, and likes made by your followers, allowing you to add them to your talent pipeline.
  • Connection Path: This feature traces how you are connected to the candidates you are evaluating, allowing you to better gauge how well they would fit in your team.
  • InMail Recipients Insights: This tool lets you craft better personalized InMail messages by showing you the aspects that you have in common with your recipients. By emphasizing these similarities, you can get prospects to respond to your messages.

Using these features will help you better target the job ads you prepared and attract the best-suited candidates for the job.

Engaging your applicants on LinkedIn


LinkedIn recruiters should create personalized emails, instead of generic ones, when sending out invitations to interview prospective candidates. Such personalized responses will tell applicants that you are indeed interested in them and make them more excited about the job.

Read through their public profiles and find points of interest relating to the job. Use these points to explain why you have chosen them. Addressing candidates by name also lets them feel that you indeed took the time to study them. An example of a good email invitation is shown below:

LinkedIn invitation letter

You can also tell them a little bit more about the company you represent and the job being offered. Emphasize on how the prospective candidate fits into your team.

After sending your email invites, don’t just wait and see who will respond with a confirmation. Be proactive and follow up after 3 to 5 days to see if they are still interested in the job. Following up again emphasizes your interest in the applicant. This will convince them to take up the invitation again.

Conducting the interview

During the interviews, you need to have a good study of the final candidates. To do that, take control of the conversation. One particular aspect that you have to address early here is the topic of compensation. Instead of delaying it for another time, assure them that it will get tackled right after both of you have assessed whether the position being offered is a good fit for them. Doing so will put them at ease and will make them more willing to answer key questions. You also need to be honest during the interview. Give them more insight about the company and the people that they will be working with. You need to clarify some of the misconceptions that they might have picked earlier about your hiring process.

After the interview, follow up the candidates with the results. This should be no more than 2-3 weeks later to keep the interest of the successful candidate. As for those that were rejected, provide a clear explanation as to why they were not accepted. If possible, direct them to other related openings in your company or refer them to other businesses that might also be looking for someone to fill a similar position.

Be a LinkedIn recruiter and attract top talent to your company

LinkedIn is not only great for people looking for jobs but also for companies that want to attract an excellent hire. To do that LinkedIn recruiters need to:

  • Be more visible to job seekers: Make your company easier to find on LinkedIn for the benefit of the would-be applicants. Being active within your industry’s community also helps in increasing awareness about your company and its job openings.
  • Create an enticing job ad: Focus on showing what the company will be able to provide candidates when they take on the job. Also, give them a glimpse of what they can achieve if successful in the position.
  • Engage your applicants the right way: Use LinkedIn to prep and guide them for the actual job interview. This will assure them that you indeed value their talents and experience.

In doing this, you can be sure that you will draw the attention of top talent and convince them to come on board with you.