Increase Your Promoted Pins Efficiency via Pinterest Visual Search

Pinterest is a very visually oriented social network. The platform has become a powerful medium and is especially designed to promote pinned images. This helps brands advertise in a unique manner. Let’s find out how you can drastically improve your promoted pins’ performance by using Pinterest visual search.

Increase your promoted pins’ efficiency via Pinterest visual search

Pinterest’s team is always trying to find new ways to push the boundaries of the social network’s marketing capabilities. With the addition of Pinterest Lens, there’s now a very easy way for your brand to advertise with them.

The Lens Beta keeps getting better. It is now able to detect multiple elements of an image and can thoroughly identify its individual components. For example, a quick “Lens” of your living room would result in a display of various names tagging objects in the image. Just tap the guide to narrow your search and zoom in on more relevant ideas. With this feature, your advertising possibilities broaden as the Lens does a great job of coming up with useful keywords and category selections.

Using the Pinterest Lens is easy. When you open the app, you’ll see a red camera icon next to the search bar. Just point the Lens at any object, and tap it to discover related keyword ideas.

You can also use the photos in your camera’s store to do a search. You can use this by Lensing the product your business provides, or images of the product you’re building an ad around, to find out the keywords that you can use and then choose the ones that fit your needs for the campaign.

Select your ad objectives

Pinterest lets you build a concise promoted pins campaign structure by offering a selection of ad objectives which you can choose from. This helps to optimize your campaign’s end results. Promote your pins so they appear in the most relevant places. To start off, you’ll select a pin that you want to use to promote your brand:

  • Like many ad platforms, you have options for engagement, awareness, traffic, or app installs. Depending on the objective of your ad campaign, you can decide which of these options will result in optimal results.
  • Afterwards, you’ll be requested to add keywords, interests, and to select a target audience. For a better Pinterest visual search experience, check the terms that come up during your visual search and include as many relevant keywords as you deem necessary. Just make sure they are in line with your pin, product, and ad objectives.

Finish the creation of your promoted pins by choosing your location, language, gender, and device preferences. You’ll also be required to set a CPC bid for your campaign as well as your intended budget for the campaign. You can also buy Pinterest likes and repins to further boost your pins’ reach.

Choose attractive pins to sell your idea on Pinterest

Pinterest provides all the resources required to tailor your campaign according to your projected audience and in order to help you create better promoted pins. Nevertheless, for better appeal, you’ll need to be extremely careful with the images you choose. In order to properly optimize your promoted pins, make sure to:

  • Choose attractive and rich pins
  • Build a long-term strategy
  • Showcase different images of your product
  • Optimize for relevant keywords

Ton’t forget that Pinterest users love lifestyle imagery. All of the best Pinterest marketing brands do this and you need to make an effort to present your products’ images in that manner. Conduct a visual search so that you’ll be more familiar with the keywords your promoted pins could include. This will bring a more in-depth search based on the items in the image and will pull up keywords that are relevant to the scene.