Finding Paid Influencers for your Social Media Marketing Effort

Having social media influencers promote you often required a considerable amount of effort. That is not the case when it comes to tapping into the power of paid influencers. With their help, you can cut down the amount of time that would normally be needed to build your account into a major presence on social media platforms.

The power of paid influencers on social media

Social proof is an essential element of marketing. Influencers, what their large following, have plenty of social proof. In some cases, you can go directly to the paid influencer and negotiate a deal. A problem that many brands have is that it takes a lot of time to identify, reach out to, and negotiate these deals. Using influencers is supposed to save you time, not cost you more.

This is when third-party services which connect with paid influencers come in handy. These services connect you with thousands of paid influencers, and at the same time to give you a bigger boost. Here are a few of them from each of the major social media platforms:

youtube influencersPaid influencers on YouTube

With two clearly visible metrics, subscribers and views, YouTube is a social platform where numbers matter. YouTube influencers have these numbers, and you can find them on:

  • Content BLVD: This site claims to have a reach of over 6,000 product experts on YouTube, and attract more than 43 million views on the platform alone. Content BLVD does not require sponsorship fees which makes them affordable to smaller businesses.
  • Bidio: Bidio proclaims that it can connect video creators to brands who can sponsor their content. The site adds that, by advertising on the user-generated content they host, companies can have wider brand recognition than they would using traditional means.
  • Nevaly: Nevaly caters to gaming and mobile application companies wishing to promote their products on YouTube. The site claims that it can help brands reach out to multiple channels on YouTube allowing for the broadcast of content to a wider audience.

All three sites have a global reach. To further expand your chances of success with the influencer use our YouTube Views service. This will push the considerable influence that the user already has into nearly viral territory. This will maximize your investment, and do wonders for your exposure.

twitter influencersPaid influencers on Twitter

The way that Twitter works makes it perfect for influencers and social proof. Influencers are easily identified by the number of followers they have, and the engagement they clearly receive from them. Here are some third party websites that will help you find the best paid influencers on Twitter:

  • adMingle: adMingle claims it has influencers in 14 different countries. Their main focus is on the UK. Since these countries have large Twitter-using populations, you are sure to reach far with the paid influencers here.
  • Style Coalition: This service’s main attraction is that its team of Twitter influencers already has a combined following of over 17.25 million. Style Coalition also has real-time analytics that gives you a good idea of this audience’s behavior. This goes beyond the benefit of the paid influencers and helps you create a more engaging Twitter marketing campaign.
  • Izea: Izea’s unique selling point is their SaaS system that further streamlines the connection process to paid influencers. This allows you to connect with them faster on Twitter as well as on other social media platforms.
  • Peadler: Local businesses are the focus of Peadler, especially bars and restaurants. The site covers major cities in the United States and can be used to connect with real people.

The influencers associated with these sites have taken a considerable amount of effort to build their following, guaranteeing the effectiveness of their work. By combining these services with our Twitter Retweets Service, you can increase the reach of your Twitter marketing campaign. This will push your brand exposure until it’s viral.

Harnessing the power of paid influencers effectively

Paid influencers can bring your brand to a wider audience. There is still more that you can do to ensure success by using the relevant Devumi service which supports the work being done by the paid influencer. This small investment will bring a much better return on what you invest in the paid influencer. Do this and you will be surprised at the massive amount of traffic your landing pages will attract.