Twitter’s New Direct Actions Buttons, New Bot Options

As it turns out, bots are surprisingly effective for engaging your customers on Twitter. However, these tools are still lacking in certain areas like providing streamlined means of driving their actions. This can limit their effective use. Not to worry though; Twitter has rolled out some new features to fix this.

Twitter’s new action buttons

Twitter bots are often employed as a means of providing automated responses to customers via direct messages. Aside from offering likes or retweets they aren’t able to directly drive customer actions. Twitter has solved this by allowing users to add new action buttons to their messages. These buttons can be customized to offer different tasks that the message sender wants recipients to perform. Such tasks include:

  • Visiting a website
  • Following accounts
  • Starting conversations with other accounts
  • Tweeting about the message itself

Businesses can fully customize the call-to-action text on the button and link it to any URL, as well as other features within the Twitter app. Up to three different buttons can be embedded in each message which provides readers with a variety of options.

An example of the new buttons at work is shown below, you can open it up on Twitter info:

Twitter says that, by using the new buttons creatively, brands will be able to come up with a more distinct user experience for the customers interacting with them.

The Direct Message button is the latest of tweaks made by Twitter to give businesses more room to enhance their messaging bots. In May, the site unveiled a new Direct Message Card that lets businesses promote customer engagements with their chatbots. SMT adds that these tweaks could eventually make it easier for brands to implement Twitter chat bots.

Using the new Twitter bot feature

You will need to find unique ways to use the new Direct Message buttons, if your brand is to make the most out of it. In the example above, the featured brand used the button to encourage its followers to play a game that eventually leads them to purchasing a product from them. Be imaginative in how to incorporate these buttons in the messages that are sent out by your chatbot. With some effort you will be able to come up with an engaging experience for your recipients.

Where you lead your audiences, via the buttons and the messages, also plays a big part in their effectiveness. If you are trying to attract more followers, make sure your account is something that they would be interested in once they get there. Use Devumi’s Followers service to boost the prominence of your account and impress the customers you lead in with your bots.

Make your Twitter Bot more engaging with Direct Message buttons

Twitter’s push to make it easy to implement and use bots is a welcome development for brands that employ them to interact with their customers. The new Direct Message feature adds an even more interesting dimension to the whole effort by giving you more options to drive customer actions. Take it for a spin and see what unique user experience you can create for your customers and followers.