New Facebook Group Tools, Mission Statement, Catfishing Defences

Facebook has just announced a range of new tools and features that will improve the Group functionality, along with a brand new mission statement for Facebook Inc. The introduction of the new tools provides Group Admins ways to assess their group strategy to increase engagement. Read on as we discover how these latest improvements, and the new mission statement, will affect the popular social media platform.

New Facebook Group tools, mission statement, catfishing defences

In the first-ever Facebook Communities Summit held in Chicago, Il., CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new features that will help support communities on Facebook. Hundreds of Group Admins were delighted to hear that the launch of the new tools and features would provide a better understanding of how to manage their groups.

Facebook Group Insights

The launch of this feature allows Group Admins to have a more concise overview of their groups’ statistics. They will be able to observe the growth, engagement, and memberships gauged by benchmarks like the number of posts and the times when most of their members are most active.

These real-time metrics will help create an easily manageable environment in which Group Admins will be able to make better decisions on how to best support their members. This feature should help them compete with the powerful LinkedIn Groups features found on their site.

Membership request filtering

Group Admins complained that admitting new members to the group was a time-consuming process. Facebook responded with a straightforward way to sort out the application process. The membership request filtering tool will allow Group Admins to better organize requests through categories like location and gender, making it easier to quickly accept or decline a request.

Removed member clean-up

In almost every group, there are individual members who cause problems, forcing Group Admins to take the inevitable action of kicking them out. Facebook has now made it easier to remove members as well as any trace of content they may leave behind. This is an excellent improvement allowing Group Admins to get rid of spammers, for example, to restore and maintain order in their group in a short time.

Being able to remove unwanted members is part of any good groups marketing strategy on any platform.

Group-to-group linking

With the current Groups upgrade, admins will now be able to recommend related or similar groups to their members. This addition will help connect like-minded communities on Facebook. Furthermore, it also presents an excellent opportunity for brands to utilize the option to expand group discussions.

Scheduled posts

Now, Group Admins will be able to post updates to their members at any specified time. Scheduling posts to a specific day and time gives admins a chance to utilize the data they receive from Group Insight by planning out their posts to achieve maximum exposure by posting them at the most relevant of times.

More than 1 billion people around the world use Groups and the new Facebook additions highlight the fact that Facebook Groups have become critical tools to the platform’s users. In addition to becoming a more appealing business prospect, these tools will further increase the value of groups in the world of online marketing.

Facebook’s new feature to prevent catfishing

Catfishing, a type of online identity theft, is widespread in many countries. It has been causing many problems in India. Facebook’s new tools will help users combat profile picture theft. Now, users can add profile picture guards that will prohibit others from downloading them.

facebook catfishing

The protected photographs will appear with a blue border and shield around it. Facebook now allows users to easily add designs to their profile pictures as people are, at least, 75% less likely to copy a picture that is adorned with patterns.

New mission to guide Facebook for the next decade

Zuckerberg recently took the opportunity to announce a new mission statement. He hopes it will guide Facebook on a new course in the coming decade.

“For the past decade, we’ve focused on making the world more open and connect. We’re not done yet and we will continue working to give people a voice and help people connect. But even as we make progress, our society is still divided. So now I believe we have a responsibility to do even more. It’s not enough to simply connect the world; we must also work to bring the world closer together,” 

Essentially, the meaning behind this idea is to help people realize that it’s important to unite and strive towards building a better world – together. Hopefully, in a decade, Facebook will have completed its mission to bring the world closer together.