How to Network on LinkedIn: Endorsements for Discoverability

LinkedIn is now the most important social network in the professional world. Learning how to network on LinkedIn properly will boost your discoverability. One of the best ways to do that is to optimize your LinkedIn profile by better managing your skills and endorsements.

Networking on LinkedIn: Endorsements & Skills

LinkedIn recently announced that the platform has reached the colossal milestone of 500 million users. With this much competition you need to craft your profile so that your chances of being discovered are greater.

Add and arrange skills on your LinkedIn profile

The first step to optimizing your LinkedIn profile is to carefully select the ideal skills that you deem relevant, and manage your endorsements. One of the most important components of your LinkedIn profile is your skills:

  • Members on LinkedIn have a 27x higher chance of being discovered by recruiters if they add more than 5 skills on their profile. The more skills you add, the better your chances are of being found. Keep in mind that the limit on LinkedIn is 50 skills.
  • The skills you choose to work as keywords. For example, if someone is searching for “content writing,” LinkedIn will pull up results of people who have listed “content writing” as a skill.

Arranging your skills is also important. Only the top three skills are automatically shown on your profile, the others are visible after clicking “View more.”

how to network on linkedin skills feature

Most LinkedIn users are likely to endorse you for the three visible skills. Make sure to order your skills by placing the ones most important to you closer to the top.

Endorsements help you get found

Endorsements vouch for the quality of your skills. This is one of the most relevant factors that recruiters consider. It’s an easy way for them to verify that you’re qualified for the skills that you claim. Only first-degree connections can endorse you for your skills:

  • Once you have endorsed a skill for another person, your image will be displayed next to that skill. It is also a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile.
  • By clicking on the particular skill, you can see who has endorsed you by clicking on the list.
  • You can endorse your connections by going on their profile to the “Features Skills & Endorsements” and clicking on the + icon. 

Having many endorsements is huge for the optimization of your profile. Not only do they help you appear in searches, but they’re also a sign of positive social proof.

how to network on linkedin endorsements feature

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Learn how to network on LinkedIn properly

LinkedIn is growing rapidly all around the world. Learning how to network on LinkedIn is crucial to maximizing your potential discoverability on the site. Knowing what to do with your skills and endorsements is a crucial aspect of this. Choose the best skills to portray your abilities, and manage your endorsements to boost your chances of being discovered.