Celebrate Pride in your Social Media Marketing this June

Pride Month, a celebration of equality for everyone in the LGBTQ commuity, is upon us. Social media platforms are rolling out colorful features in support of members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Take a peek at some of these and learn how your brand can also show support.

Celebrating pride on Facebook

The popular social networking site is giving users several nifty tools to show solidarity with their LGBTQ friends. First, the network has added a new rainbow-themed profile frame to celebrate the event. Users get alerted about the new option via a special News Feed prompt.

facebook pride message

Facebook also says:

“…you might also see a special animation on top of your News Feed if you happen to react to our message.”

The social media site is also bringing in a special Rainbow Reaction, which Facebook says lets you express your pride.

pride reaction facebook

The Rainbow Reaction, available only for this month, follows the previous one-time Reactions the site added for events likes Mother’s Day and Halloween.  

Lastly, Facebook is adding Pride-themed masks and frames for its Facebook Camera feature, as well as themed stickers, frames, and effects in the Messenger Camera.

pride facebook

To help get more activity for your brand on Facebook be sure to use calls to action which involve your fans using these features. Get them to use a rainbow flag on your posts they support your message, for us to send in photos using the filters.

Celebrating pride on Twitter

Twitter rolled out Pride-themed emojis for the occasion. These special emojis are triggered when you use specific Pride-related tags:

Twitter has been a popular channel for brands to show their support for the LGBTQ community. Some of these include:

American Airlines



These brands are likely going to take advantage of these hashtags and emojis for this year’s Pride Month. Some of these brands are also likely going to use Twitter retweets to increase the reach of their campaigns. Pride is always busy. Using this service can help you stand out thanks to the power of social proof and people noticing the higher numbers of retweets that this service brings to these popular hashtags.

Celebrating pride on Instagram

Instagram follows the other two platforms with its own set of Pride-themed stickers for use in its Stories feature.

pride instagram

What makes these stickers stand out is that they were made by LGBTQ artists. When users tap these stickers, they get to learn more about the artists.

Instagram is undertaking a real-world campaign painting iconic walls in the colors of the rainbow. The project starts with the Paul Smith Wall in Los Angeles:


With similar undertakings following in London, Madrid, Nashville, and Cleveland. Instagram says people can show their support by taking their pictures in front of these and joining the #KindComments movement. Be sure to follow good Instagram hashtag marketing practices.

How brands celebrate pride in their social media marketing

The Pride Month is a celebration of equality regardless of gender, or orientation. The various social media platforms have shown the right way to reach out on this occasion, and your brand can as well:

  • Stay true to the equality theme: Your campaign should stay clear of the various stereotypes associated with the LGBTQ community. Instead, focus on themes of unity, respect, and love.
  • Incorporate your brand the right way: Present your brand as an inclusive one that doesn’t discriminate. Put the focus on themes like “unity” and “caregiving” and how they relate to the community.
  • Provide empowerment: By showing the LGBTQ community that you are ready to support them regardless of the angry responses your brand might get for showing support, brands will gain the respect of community members further.
  • Show Pride within your business: What better wait to show your support for equality than giving full support to members of the community within your ranks. Display the rainbow flag in your store, or have Pride-themed specials in your store, and show everyone that you’re not just supporting them on social media.

Follow these pointers and you can freely reach out to LGBTQ community, and celebrate pride all June long!