‘Covfefe’ And Trump’s Twitter Mistakes: Retweets & Popularity Save Him

Donald Trump is a well-known active Twitter user from long before he got elected to office. He also been infamous for saying weird things in his tweets. His latest blunder has America collectively going “What the heck was that?” This is the oddness known as “covfefe.” One has to wonder how he keeps getting away with it… We have a theory

Donald Trump and covfefe

Trump’s latest head-scratching tweet was sent out during odd hours on May 31. The President was apparently about to comment on the negative media coverage of him, but then suddenly stumbled upon a strange new word.

covfefe trump

The tweet was first thought to be a typo and was expected to be corrected in a few minutes. However, that correction never came hours after the tweet was sent out. This fueled the curiosity of the online community as to what the word meant. Soon enough, jokes about the true meaning sprouted.

There were also stabs relating the curious word to some of Trump’s recent policy declarations.

The craze over the word took an even more amusing turn when people whose surname is Covfefe commented:

The President eventually took down the tweet. However, he seemed to have found himself enjoying the buzz created by his blunder so much that he tried to fuel it:

He made the kind of mistake that regular people would be closing their account over …how does he get away with it? He’s been making these mistakes long before he was President.

A string of Twitter blunders

While the “Covfefe” mistake turned out to be an amusing one, some of his earlier Twitter blunders are far from such. One tweet had him question the very same process that got him elected to office years later.

Others have him displaying a blatant disregard for established facts on policy matters.

Trump has also been known to use his account to bully political opponents.

I am not sure how many times Abraham Lincoln made comments about another President’s manhood. I am betting that it is a very few, and not in public.

How does Donald Trump getaway with covfefe

At this point, you might be wondering how Trump managed to maintain his image despite all the Twitter mistakes. That boils down to the large number of retweets he gets, and the online respect that comes from those high numbers. He is social proof personified.

While the initial Covfefe tweet was retweeted thousands of times before it was taken down, Trump was able to turn it to his favor with the even larger number of retweets he gained from that succeeding tweet playing upon it.

For brands and individuals who might have faced similar blunders on Twitter, this gives them an idea for an effective escape plan. By quickly taking control of your initial mistake and boosting the positive buzz around your response, you can overcome the negative reception.

Of course, not all have the follower size that Trump has. This is where our Twitter Retweet Service comes in handy for generating a positive image. Ignoring mistakes and moving on to something his base sees as positive is his entire policy. It is not a way for anyone to succeed, but it can be a way to cover up a mistake. Make use of it and you will be able to fix your biggest blunders, even a covfefe-sized mistake.


Caricature by DonkeyHotey.