What’s Next After Buying SoundCloud Followers

Your marketing efforts should not stop after buying SoundCloud followers. There are other marketing strategies that you can apply to further raise your online music presence. This in return can help build your fan base and your music career. This article will discuss SoundCloud cross-promotion strategies to reach audiences on other online music platforms.

Use social media to grow your online presence

Create a YouTube Channel

When you have a YouTube channel, you allow the public to discover you easily as so many use it for music. You can take advantage of the global market reach of YouTube. Everything about YouTube is free so feel free to post your:

  • Demos and cover songs
  • Music videos
  • Rehearsals and other behind the scene moments
  • Interviews

Running a contest on YouTube is also a good engagement strategy as they’re easy shares. Joseph Vincent created a buzz on YouTube with a contest to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

JV was successful because he was able to receive 186,070 views out of it. As a prize, JV dedicated a love song to the winning couple. It cost him nothing, but gained him very much on platform. Buying YouTube views can help push this even further. The added number of views would increase the perceived importance of the song and cause more people to want to watch it.

Share your songs on Tumblr

It is easy to share your music and playlists from SoundCloud into Tumblr. All it takes is two clicks. Tumblr is also a blog platform, allowing you to share the full details of your songs. For example, you can use Tumblr to reveal the inspiration behind your composition. You can also share the story behind your album artwork, album title, and your music video.

Right now, the most famous musician on Tumblr is Beyonce. She uses Tumblr to feature her upcoming albums and concert tours. She also uses her Tumblr account to sell her perfumes and apparel.

best tumblr beyonce

Explore the many features of Facebook

After buying SoundCloud followers, you need to push your music on Facebook. There are many ways to do social media engagement on Facebook:

Facebook Page

This will serve as your official fan page where your followers can stay tuned to your latest songs, covers, and music videos. You can also post Facebook polls to gauge your fans’ interest in your music. Use your Facebook Page to announce the schedules of your upcoming gigs and the details of similar music events. 

Facebook Groups

Join music-oriented Facebook groups. This is your chance to connect with fellow musicians. Start local like the Vancouver Music Scene group does:

This is also a great place for you to engage with your target audience – music lovers. Study their music tastes and start creating your own playlists based on it. 

Facebook Location Service

This is a useful Facebook feature for musicians because it allows you to create an opportunity for your fans to meet you in person. When you post your current location, those near you will be able to come and watch you perform. Facebook location service is a way to instantly engage with your fans.  

It is also worth sharing a post or review of your music experience and the places you have performed. That way, venues like hotels or bars also benefit from the exposure. They gave you a chance to shine, so share the spotlight with them.

Facebook Live

This is a new exciting feature on Facebook that lets you broadcast your live music sessions in real time. Your fans can join in the conversation while you’re streaming your video. They can ask you on-the-spot questions and you can answer them immediately using the comment section. They can choose emoticons to show their reaction to your ongoing music session. It’s like you are having a fan meet-and-greet, only virtual.

Feature your SoundCloud profile on a website

What are the benefits of having a website?

The following are ways in which you can greatly benefit from a website:

  1. Your website will serve as your electronic press kit where others can read about your background.
  2. You can embed your songs from SoundCloud, as well as the music videos from YouTube. 
  3. Place links to all of your social media accounts on your official website. 
  4. Turn your website into a music store where fans can purchase your albums, and merchandise. 
  5. Apply email marketing on your website. Send exclusive information about your music activities, on and off the stage, to the people who sign up. 

When you figure out how to exploit all of the great features of your website, you will make your online presence felt worldwide. A website opens you up to a larger audience through the power of search engines.

Look for a website platform to feature your SoundCloud profile

When designing a website, choose from the following platforms to embed your SoundCloud player:

  • WordPress: It is easy to embed your SoundCloud player on WordPress pages, even when you are using its free subscription option. WordPress is also a popular website platform for professionals.
  • Squarespace: You can access your Squarespace website on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also add e-commerce functions in case you decided you want to sell your merchandise or albums. 
  • Joomla: Joomla lets you choose from its large collection of readily available music templates. You are also free to alter these responsive templates.
  • Wix: This website platform has hundreds of ready-made templates to choose from. It’s responsive design allows you to easily drag and drop your photos and text. There is also what is known as “Wix Music” where you can set up an online store for your songs, albums, and merchandise. 

All four of these are going to make incorporating new music into your website easy! If you went through the effort to buy SoundCloud plays, put some effort into your website make sure you can easily embed SoundCloud.

Learn other SoundCloud marketing strategies

Create beautiful playlists that have your best songs

Playlists are your chance to put together a collection of tracks which aren’t necessarily your album. You can put together a bunch cover songs, or just artists that you enjoy. Make sure that you follow a theme of some sort. Ed Sheeran did this all the time before he was famous:

Another SoundCloud marketing technique you can use to boost your online exposure is Spotlight. This feature is only available when you subscribe to the SoundCloud Pro plan. Use Spotlight to highlight your 5 best songs or playlists on your profile page. 

Apply visual marketing on your SoundCloud

You can do this by simply making your album artwork attractive and more appealing to your audience. Place your album artwork neatly in your account’s header and make sure it shows the important aspects of your song or album. There are even some artists that use their SoundCloud account header to promote their gigs, social media, and website.

Check out the album artwork from Kehlani’s mixtape:

Besides revealing the name of the mixtape, Cloud 19, Kehlani uses a strong visual presentation to describe the content of her current mixtape.

Buy likes, comments, and reposts to attract more listeners

Your music marketing should not stop after buying SoundCloud followers. There are other ways to draw more listeners to like your music. For starters there is our Likes, Comments and Reposts service:

  • Likes: Having a good number of likes will entice the public to play your song since they will assume many have already listened to it and enjoyed it.
  • Comments: When the public notices that your song has gained lots of positive comments, they will surely want to play it. Some will even join in on the conversation.
  • Reposts: Reposts are an effective way of boosting your online exposure since many people will share your songs on their own accounts and pages. Buying reposts, helps get your music heard by a larger audience.
  • Don’t forget: SoundCloud plays can be an integral aspect of how people perceive your music. Buying more plays on the platform will help people see your music positively.

There’re always ways to improve your music marketing on SoundCloud. Those two services will certainly help!

Continue your marketing efforts and eventually, your time will come

You have learned from this article that there are other marketing strategies that you can do after buying SoundCloud followers. To sustain and further progress your music career, you can do the following:

  • Use major social media platforms like YouTube, Tumblr, and Facebook to further improve your online presence
  • Create playlists on SoundCloud and embed it on a website so more people can discover you online
  • Apply marketing techniques inside the SoundCloud platform like making attractive album artwork
  • You can also buy add-on services such as likes, comments, and reposts to draw more listeners to your music

Listen to the signature song of John Legend. Since it was launched on SoundCloud in 2003, it holds a record of 107 million views, 1.39 million likes, and 318,000 reposts:

John Legend is an established artist. Despite his status, he still uses social media platforms like SoundCloud to promote his songs, albums, and tours. Just like other well-known artists, John Legend manages to engage with his fans on social media platforms and keeps them updated about his music activities and other things that interest him.