Make Money with Twitter: Get Rich in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter has long been proven to be an effective tool to market businesses. Marketers are finding that the platform can be used to directly generate income. Read on to learn about some of the strategies that can help you make money with Twitter, and how you can increase the effectiveness of your own tweet monetizations methods.

Selling products on Twitter

The most common way that you can monetize Twitter is by selling your products directly.

Samsung does this above with a direct link. Let’s look at how you can effectively tweet out your products in the most effective ways possible.

Creating an effective product tweet

The first thing you need to do when offering your products for sale on Twitter is create a product tweet. Simply tweeting your products won’t be enough to get people clicking. You need to have a good call to action to accompany it. This tweet from woodcrafts manufacturer, and occasional actor, Nick Offerman uses an amusing call to action: