The Best Music Websites for Music Marketing

The Internet has provided many up and coming musicians with opportunities to showcase their talent. With that many options, deciding on where to start your music promotions can be confusing. To help you figure that out, we have listed some of the best music websites for your tunes.

Best music websites: SoundCloud

With more than 175 million users, SoundCloud is one of the biggest online communities for musicians and music lovers. The site also claims that almost 12 hours worth of music is uploaded to its servers every minute. This makes it one of the largest online collections of content coming from new artists.

What SoundCloud offers

SoundCloud lets users organize their content into playlists. Organizing these playlists is easy, and you can embed them in websites for promotional purposes. This playlist, for instance, features some of the new acts coming out:

One distinct feature of SoundCloud is the way it displays tracks. Aside from the typical player bar, the track is also represented in waveforms. These waveforms not only look visually interesting to your listeners but are also useful when studying the quality of the tracks.

Getting the most out of SoundCloud

Being a social media site, SoundCloud is designed with the aim of making it easier to discover and share music. Each track comes with a share button that posts it directly to some of the most popular social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Aside from these sites, you can also embed tracks in emails, which is quite useful for marketing. To push yourself even further, use our SoundCloud Followers Service to get your account off to a monumental start.!

Best music websites: Spotify

Spotify is a media streaming website that also covers video and podcasts aside from music. The site also carries music provided by major record labels. These can either be played on-site, or downloaded for later listening.

What Spotify offers

One of the most notable features of Spotify is the ability to create multiple playlists for your content. This not only serves as an effective way to organize your tracks, but can also be harnessed for promoting them.

For instance, you can use it to create a playlist to promote an upcoming event. These lists can be readily shared on your other social media accounts for increased visibility. 

Spotify also offers its users a variety of advertising formats which they can use for promotion purposes. These formats include:

  • Sponsored session: Allows artists to provide their followers with uninterrupted audio plays in exchange for video views.
  • Video takeover: Artists can secure a video spot during commercial breaks in between users’ music sessions.
  • Display ads: These are clickable image ads that appear for 30 seconds at the bottom of the Spotify client screen.
  • Overlays: These are the large ads that appear on the Spotify welcome screen whenever users log in using mobile or desktop clients.
  • Homepage takeover: Displays your promotional ads as a unique background skin and an interactive area on the Spotify homepage.

Make use of as many types of ads as you need to increase your music’s visibility on the site.

Getting the most out of Spotify

Aside from the ads mentioned above, “Branded Moments” is another Spotify feature you need to make the most of. This is a new advertising and engagement format where brands provide their followers with music that is specifically selected for a particular moment. The feature has 6 different categories:

  • Chill time
  • Workout
  • Party
  • Dinner
  • Focus
  • Sleep

By choosing the right category for your music and providing an engaging video to introduce the playlists, you get to increase recognition of your tunes.

Connecting with other artists through Spotify is another great way to increase your reach. The site’s Collaborative Playlist feature allows for better coordination between you and your collaborators in managing your combined playlists.

Best music websites: YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site. It has also become a breeding ground for new musicians. Acts like Justin Bieber, Susan Boyle, and Ed Sheeran all began their career with a video uploaded to the site. YouTube has become the most popular option for listening to music on the Internet.

What YouTube offers

The biggest selling point of Youtube is, of course, videos. Videos can range from homemade renditions of their pieces, to professionally produced music videos. Ed Sheeran is one of the many mainstream artists who took to YouTube early:

In 2011, YouTube became the first video sharing platform to introduce live streaming on the Internet. The service has since become a favorite among artists as it allows them to do online concerts and jam sessions.

Another aspect of YouTube that has benefited musicians greatly is the YouTube for Artists program. This is an initiative by the site to support artists in establishing their careers. The program provides:

  • Artists resources: A comprehensive guide on building your presence on YouTube.
  • Music charts: Get weekly reports on the most popular music on YouTube.
  • Music insights: Track your fans to better schedule your content and events.
  • YouTube Spaces: Helps artists get access YouTube exclusive studios.
  • Youtube For Artists blog: Get the latest news and trends about the music industry.
  • 360 Video & VR: A special section guiding musicians on how they can take advantage of the 360-degree video and virtual reality features of YouTube.

All of these features are open for new artists who want to use the site’s promotional capabilities to the fullest.

Getting the most out of YouTube

Aside from providing a channel for promotions, YouTube also helps artists directly monetize their music. The site has made the work of selling digital copies of your music a lot easier by providing direct links to services like:

  • iTunes
  • Google Play
  • Amazon

Another way to monetize your music is by becoming a YouTube partner. Being part of the Partner program lets you earn from the ads that are displayed whenever it plays. The ad rates are not that particularly high, but the pay could still be considerable depending on the number of people you attract.

Best music websites: Twitter

Unlike the websites we have seen above, Twitter is more of an engagement tool for musicians, rather than a directly promotional one. Still, its reach and influence definitely make it one of the best music websites to help get your tunes heard.

What Twitter offers

Connecting with your fans is important if you want your budding music career to thrive. With Twitter, that becomes a lot easier than before. The real-time nature of the platform lets you reach out to fans whenever you want to. This helps build their loyalty to you as they feel more recognized by you.

Twitter is also commonly used by musicians to provide updates like release dates and tours. Some artists also love to tweet about mundane stuff like what they are doing at any given moment. Rapper Nicki Minaj combines both in her tweets:

Another useful aspect of Twitter is the ease with which it can be integrated into other social media platforms. SoundCloud, in particular, readily connects to your Twitter account allowing you to post clips of your music directly in your tweets.

Getting the most out of Twitter

What will make Twitter one of the best music websites comes down to the content you share. Have a good balance between promotional tweets and more personal stuff. This will keep your followers interested in you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many producers are on Twitter. By getting in touch with them you increase the likelihood of your music getting noticed by them. Gaining the attention of Twitter influencers important. Look at people like like journalists, fellow artists, and other music industry members for help.

Best music websites: Songkick

You are most likely already familiar with the sites above for promoting your tunes. Some of the best music websites, though, are the ones that you might not have heard of before. One you need to start familiarizing yourself with is Songkick.

What Songkick offers

For many new musicians, attracting more people to their concerts is challenging. Songkick can help lessen that work by providing a means for potential gig-goers to purchase their tickets and track events. Even larger artists like Adele use the platform to better manage ticket sales.

best music websites songkick

Songkick works as a mobile app that users can download for free. The app notifies them whenever artists they like are set to have shows in their area. They are then directed to a page where they can purchase tickets.

Getting the most out of SongKick

One great thing about SongKick is that it readily integrates with many of the best music websites on the Internet. If you have videos on YouTube or tracks on SoundCloud, SongKick will display them along with dates of your upcoming concerts.

There are also widgets that you can add to your Facebook and Tumblr pages and even on your WordPress blog. SongKick even has a dedicated Spotify app that lets users keep track of the artists they follow on the site.

The site has also introduced its Tourbox feature. This provides a more streamlined way for you to get your fans to attend. Tourbox lets you directly connect your fans to ticket sales pages for specific events. You can also add a button to bring them to your VIP packages, merchandise, and other related goods.

Best music websites: Bandcamp

While most people would simply enjoy listening to your songs, other fans want to get their hands on merchandise. For independent bands, this can also help with the financial aspects of their careers. This is where Bandcamp can be very useful.

What Bandcamp offers

Bandcamp presents itself as a platform providing the ultimate fan experience. It also gives musicians a venue to sell their albums and other goods. The site caters to both digital and physical products, with fans being able to shop easily. Musicians like you have more control on the prices and goods you sell.

You can sell pretty much anything:

  • CDs
  • T-shirts
  • Vinyl records
  • Accessories
  • Music books

Capital Or any other item. All of the items you put up for sale appear on a dedicated page. You can then arrange items easily on the page and then link it to your main page.

Getting the most out of Bandcamp

The biggest thing about Bandcamp is you have full control over how you sell your stuff. There are no price restrictions which means you can sell any amounts of merchandise you are comfortable with. There is even an option where you can give some of your tracks away for free. This is a nice gift for your fans.

Bandcamp for Fans is another feature you would want to use. This feature lets fans set up their own collection pages to display the music that they have bought from the site. You can also put up a “Supported by” section on your profile page that shows who have bought your albums and merchandise. This serves as a nice incentive for fans as they love being acknowledged.

best music websites bandcamp

Finally, make sure that you are subscribed to the site’s Stats service. The stats system is very detailed and covers everything from who is looking at your page, to sales.

Best music websites: Reverbnation

Some of the best music websites provide you with more than just a place to showcase your music. Often, they also provide other services to build your career with. Reverbnation is one such site that presents itself as a well-rounded artist marketing package.

What Reverbnation offers

The first thing that you will likely notice about the site is that it has plenty of tools that can be used for promotions. Aside from the standard fare like artist profiles, music websites, and social media tools, you also get electronic press kits.

Building an electronic press kit is surprisingly easy on Reverbnation. All you need to do is select the information you want to appear on it and specify how it should be presented.

The site also has an extensive advertising network you can tap into. It even lets you devote your ad budget to the sites that will gain you the most prominence. This is helpful if you are an artist that is just starting out and has limited finances.

Getting the most out of Reverbnation

For many new artists, getting a lot of gigs helps with increasing offline exposure. This is where Reverbnation’s Gig Finder feature is going to be useful. Gig Finder lets you locate venues that match your style and draw in an audience that would be most interested in it.

best music websites reverbnation

Reverbnation claims to list over 600,000 places in their database for you to play at.

Booking those venues is also relatively simple with the feature. Once you have found the venues you like, all you need to do is click on them and your pre-prepared electronic press kit will be sent to the booking manager. From there, you just need to wait for final approval and the schedule for your performance.

Best music websites: Dozmia

Most of the sites featured on this list are ones that have been around for quite some time. Dozmia, on the other hand, is a relatively new streaming service. It already has many features which make it one of the best music websites around.

What Dozmia offers

The biggest draw with Dozmia is the number of ways it offers for users to discover new music. Also:

  • Its Discover page lists new tracks as soon as they are uploaded
  • The search feature displays new tracks based on the mainstream artists users listen to
  • Playlists that have the most-played tracks based on a user’s friends list

While these are mainly geared towards end users, artists like you can benefit from them by making your music more accessible.

best music websites dozmia

Getting the most out of Dozmia

Being a relatively new site means that Dozmia’s user base is not yet oversaturated. This leaves room for new artists like you. Getting into the platform early also means you can enjoy a headstart over other acts.

Dozmia’s focus on mobile access is another aspect you would also want to take advantage of. By providing listeners with music-on-the-go, you can attract even more followers.

Best music websites: Reddit Music

Reddit is pretty well known as an online forum that covers anything under the sun. And by that, it also naturally covers music. This makes it one of the best music websites for you to promote on, but one of the most overlooked.

What Reddit offers

The main channel to promote your music on Reddit is the r/Music subforum. This is a specially designated subreddit that lets musicians freely share their music to other Redditors.

best music websites reddit music

The forum follows the same rules as other subreddits where other users upvote your initial thread for more visibility. Reddit Music is also subdivided into different categories. This lets you better reach the people who would be most interested in your tunes.

Another interesting aspect of Reddit is that it is well-known for spawning viral content. You could make this happen with a considerable amount of work but even if it doesn’t happen, being on Reddit Music alone would still be good exposure.

Getting the most out of Reddit Music

As is with any other forum, the trick to successfully promote your music is to engage other users in the right way. Read through the rules of the board first before you begin posting. Also, don’t just talk about your music. Reach out to the other artists and comment on their music. They will more likely than not return the favor by giving you an upvote.

Exploring Reddit further also helps a lot. Aside from Reddit Music, there are other music-related subreddits that you can join in. Be sure to direct them back to your main thread on the Music subforum to increase its prominence.

Some tips when promoting your music

Signing up with some of the best music websites is just the start of your promotional effort. Here are some useful tips for you to make the most out of these sites and make your music career flourish:

  • Post content regularly: This is especially true in the case of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter where a constant presence helps retain audience interest.
  • Make the most out of social media: Platforms like SoundCloud, Youtube, and Twitter are not only useful for promoting your songs but can be used to attract and engage fans as well.
  • Develop your music into a business: Use platforms like Bandcamp, Songkick, and Spotify to monetize your music and earn more through related merchandise.
  • Invest your time on landing gigs: Playing live in front of an audience generates interest in your offline music. Use sites like ReverbNation to locate venues to play in.

By following these tips you will surely build a more solid foundation for your blossoming career.

Spread your sound by promoting on music websites

As you have seen, there are plenty of tools online that you can use to promote your music. These can be broadly categorized into:

  • Music streaming sites: SoundCloud, Spotify, Youtube, and Spotify can all be used to host your music on the Internet.
  • Social media: Platforms like Twitter and Reddit are useful in connecting with, and engaging, users to build a fanbase. A tool like our Twitter Retweets Service will help popularize your tweets.
  • Music marketing tools: Platforms like ReverbNation and Bandcamp can be used to manage other aspects of your music career, as well as generating profits from your tunes.

Join some of the best music websites in these categories and make full use of their features to turn your music act into a successful endeavor.