All The Things: Highlighting Our Best Social Media Services

Social media is considered as an important component of any marketing strategy. Doing the task of promoting on the socials is by no means easy. Sometimes, even the best of your efforts might not be enough. This is where our social media services can lend you a helping hand.

all the things memeOur YouTube Views Service

When doing a YouTube campaign, getting as many people to watch your videos as possible is an important goal. Here, you will likely be surprised to learn that our YouTube Views Service can be used to achieve this goal.

Building your social proof

One important concept to consider in attracting more viewers to your YouTube videos is social proof. This is how positively your content is perceived based on the number of people paying attention to it. The higher your social proof is, the more people will engage with your content.

In the case of videos on Youtube, viewers are more likely to watch it if it already has a considerable number of views. Which of the videos in the search results below are you more likely to watch:

funny cat videos

Unless your answer is both, you’re going to choose the one that has 18 million views over the one that has 400,000 views. This is what buying YouTube views is for; helping with that initial reaction to your video when it is found.

Getting social media shares

Another way to use our Views service is for generating a buzz around your videos for promotions. This works closely with the above concept of social proof. Simply telling people how many views you have on social media can help:

By combining the Views service with our Likes and Shares service, you can push your videos even further by promoting more people to share them on social media.

Our Twitter Auto Engagements Service

If you are a brand doing a Twitter campaign, one challenge that you might have encountered is not being able to generate enough engagement. This is often due to having a limited amount of resources to get people more invested in your tweets. For this situation, our social media services are going to be very useful.

Creating engagement

Visibility is one important component of creating engagement. The more people who see your tweet, the more likely that they will respond to it. In an experiment, our Auto Engagement Service was able to increase tweet impressions by around 2600 percent. Profile views increased by 330%.


social media services engagement

This works because our service is able to drive more retweets and likes to your posts, increasing their visibility. In turn, this increase in impressions can help drive engagement up by 2000%.

Increasing your influence

Another way that you can make use of the Auto Engagement Service is for increasing your online influence. This is something that you definitely want to achieve, as being an influencer has a lot of advantages for you, just like it has for celebrities like Katy Perry.

Establishing yourself as an influencer using our service jumps off from the points above. By driving more engagement around your tweets, people are more likely to see you as an important figure in your field. This will push them to share marketing tweets like those above, and click on them.

Our SoundCloud Plays Service

If you are an up and coming musician, or a podcaster, getting heard online is essential to build your career. Luckily for you, our social media services have the right tools for the job.

Generating more interest on SoundCloud

Of the various social media outlets available, SoundCloud is the one most favored by musicians since it is dedicated to audio. Artists like Kehlani were able to penetrate the mainstream scene, thanks to their initial forays on the platform.

The number of artists competing on the platform, though, can make attracting more listeners here harder. By using our SoundCloud Plays Service, you gain an upper hand in that competition.  

Establishing your career

One thing that will likely make you uneasy when it comes to getting plays from a third party is their quality. With Devumi, you get good quality plays coming from real users. We go into an extensive campaign to attract listeners to your tracks. This guarantees that the plays that you are getting are genuine, more effectively attracting other listeners.

Our service has been used by over 14,000 solo artists, bands, and podcasters, to help establish their careers. If you are still unsure about getting our service, we provide a 100 percent money back guarantee should we not be able to deliver. This is our assurance to you that our SoundCloud social media services will get your music noticed by more listeners online.

Our Pinterest Likes and Repins Service

At first glance, Pinterest might seem a bit odd as a marketing tool. When used wisely, the platform is surprisingly effective in attracting more people to your brand.

Getting more likes and repins

Just like any other social media site, getting plenty of likes on Pinterest helps in making your content more popular to your preferred audience. However, getting people to hit the like or repin button sometimes doesn’t work without a bit of prodding.

This is where our Likes & Repins Service can be quite useful. Boosting your likes helps in drawing audience attention as they get intrigued by the amount of attention you are getting. The strategy is best used when building hype for new Pinterest content. You can be sure that DC Comics pushed these pins hard when movie was released:


pinterest social media service

Getting your content spread out further in Pinterest increases its effectiveness. This is the strength of our Likes & Repins Service. The more repins your pins receive, the more likely they will be seen by your audience.

Building an image of reputability

More than just being a place to promote your content, Pinterest can also be harnessed to improve your reputability in the eyes of the audience. The Wall Street Journal, for instance, has established itself as an essential information resource on the site with its WSJ Graphics board.

social media services pinterest

The idea is to boost the reach and visibility of your best Pinterest content using our services. Doing so increases your social proof, which you can leverage. By directing these likes and repins to specific content users will have the most use for, you establish your brand as a reliable resource.

Combining likes and repins with our other Pinterest services also works to better establish your brand image. For instance, boosting your follower count helps make the increase in likes and repins more convincing.

Our LinkedIn Connections and Endorsements Service

If you are a professional, LinkedIn is one of the of the most useful sites for connecting with recruiters. If you are looking to build your presence on the site for that purpose, our social media services will be a lot of help.

Getting more connections

Connections are one of the most important aspects of LinkedIn, serving to link professionals together. Having more connections on LinkedIn also make you more interesting in the eyes of recruiters. Just like Steven Burda, the person that has the most connections on the site.

social media services linkedin

Getting these connections, though, is not easy. It takes a considerable amount of time establishing them. Our LinkedIn Connection Service can help you around this obstacle. We provide high-quality connections coming from professionals. These connections are also semi-targeted to your industry, guaranteeing that you indeed link with the right people.

Getting more recommendations

Once you get to recruiters, your next challenge is convincing them that you are a worthy hire. This is where more recommendations come into play. Like connections, getting these recommendations the usual way is no easy task and can take some considerable time.

Our LinkedIn Endorsements Service provides you with an easier way to gain these. The recommendations we provide come from real professionals. This makes them more effective in boosting the credibility of your skill-set. This also gives you more leverage to negotiate a good contract with recruiters.

Vimeo plays

While Vimeo might not be as big as YouTube, the site is still considered an effective platform. Filmmakers are the ones who most commonly use the site, but anyone can upload their content to it.

Increasing your social proof

Being a video streaming site, the things that you need to do on Vimeo to succeed is pretty much the same as the ones that you have to accomplish in Youtube. These include building up your social proof. Since Vimeo is regarded as more for professionals this becomes challenging.

Luckily, we at Devumi have the right social media services to meet this need. By getting any of our Vimeo plays package, you can increase the presence of your videos. This, in turn, helps in growing your social proof in the eyes of viewers. This can put you on the Vimeo Staff Picks List, just like this interesting video:

Aside from more views, our campaigns are also designed to generate more likes and comments on your videos. This serves and an all-in-one solution to solidify your contents’ prominence further.

Our Vine Loops Service

At first glance, Twitter’s Vine might seem like an amusing little feature. But the short-form video service can actually be used for a variety of marketing strategies. The service also proves its worth if you are gunning for a younger target audience.

Getting more loops

Loops are the thing that you want to focus your attention on when doing a Vine campaign. Loops are the number of times that the audience repeats your six-second long clips. Just like any other social media indicators, the more loops you get, the more prominent your vines become, like these from the Editor’s Picks List.

social media services vine

Getting more loops, though, is a lot trickier than trying to attract single views. You need to convince followers to watch your vines at least a second or a third time. If you are trying to boost your content up, this just won’t do.

Devumi’s Vine Loops will be able to provide that easily. We don’t just collect loops. Instead, we promote your vines on some of the most popular websites and social media platforms. This brings in not only loops but more followers.

Combining with our other services

To further increase the visibility of your Vines, posting them on other social media sites is always a good idea. Twitter is the most obvious choice here, with it being Vine’s parent service. Use retweets to get your vines seen by more of your Twitter followers.

Ensure your online success with Devumi’s social media services

Harnessing social media for whatever purpose you have can often be a challenge. Capital Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Our social media services are designed to help you:

  • Increase your content’s visibility: Reach out to more people on various platforms through an easy to use system.
  • Build your social proof: By using our services to build your presence on social media, you also enhance positive reception of your brand or content.
  • Go viral: Looking to create the next great Internet hit? Devumi can help you get that initial boost that will make people turn their heads.
  • Attract more following: Devumi does not just help boost your views/likes/retweets counts, but also attract more following on your social media accounts.,

All of these benefits will surely come in handy when making your way as the next social media sensation. Sign up with us today and get ready to become that rock star.