Funny Tweets from Twitter Marketing Experts Around the World

Trying to promote your brand on Twitter is a serious business. Always being serious might not be the smartest way to go about it. This is where funny tweets help. Read on to find out how some of the funniest brands on Twitter endear themselves to their audiences. You can have a laugh, and learn some real marketing techniques.

Why funny tweets work in marketing

Being funny on Twitter can provide you with plenty of surprising benefits.

  • Humor triggers positive emotions: Laughter causes a release of endorphins that reduce stress and enhance the feeling of pleasure. Associating such feelings with your brand increases trust.
  • Humor brings people together: Laughter can create a sense of community around your brand.
  • Humor increases recall: People tend to forget only 42 percent of positive memories. Associating your brand with positive memories, including funny ones, will increase the likelihood that people will remember you.
  • Humor gives you audience insights: By determining which of your funny tweets followers respond to the most, you get a glimpse at what they value. This helps in better marketing your brand to them.

Using these can help you push your brand to get followers and retweets. Let’s start the laughs:

Some of the funniest brands on Twitter

Still unsure whether funny tweets are going to work for you? Keep reading to see brands that made their mark by being the jokesters of Twitter.

Taco Bell

Even outside the Internet, Taco Bell is well-known for using humor as a part of its marketing campaigns. Its Twitter account also delivers plenty of hilarious one-liners:

They also love throwing in some hilarious advice on romance…

Old Spice

Old Spice has a knack for humor on every platform. It even wears that badge right on its account’s description. On Twitter they succeed with hilariously strange polls…

…as well as funny quips about animals and fitness…

… and, of course, rib-tickling adverts…

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover

The people at NASA have done a great job with popularizing the rover’s work. They did this by turning its adventures (and misadventures) on the Red Planet into funny first-person tweets:

The rover is also pretty fond of shameless selfies using million-dollar cameras…

DiGiorno Pizza

Food companies are well-known for their sense of online humor, but frozen pizza maker DiGiorno Pizza has to be the funniest. DiGiorno is known for its pizza-based puns, including this golden take on the classic song Do-Re-Mi:

The account’s jokes are often about very random topics, further adding to the hilarity:


When you hear the term “toilet humor” some of the grossest jokes often come to mind. Not with Charmin, though. The toilet paper brand actually offers clean fun with jokes that refer to its products and their uses:

Charmin also takes on actual toilet humor, but in a fun and charming way:

Turning your brand into a Twitter comedian

One thing you need to understand when trying to inject humor into your tweets is that it does need some work. You need to carefully craft your funny tweets to get your audience cracking up. In other words, being funny on Twitter doesn’t end with just a joke.

Making your Twitter profile funnier

The first place that you would want to inject humor into your Twitter presence is right in your profile. Social media consultant Amanda Webb says that your profile summary is the most common place to show your funny side. Little known actor Kevin Spacey has a rather silly Twitter bio:

funny twitter profile bio

Your profile and header images are also good places to have some fun. Your choice of images should still fall within the marketing campaign you currently have to make these more relevant to your audience.

Creating your joke tweets

Mashable’s Matt Silverman notes that one of the challenges, when it comes to writing funny tweets, is that you only have 140 characters to work with. That means you won’t be able to do long joke stories. Instead, you have to immediately go for the punchline. Here are some types of jokes that would work on the short format of tweets:


Wordplays are some of the most popular types of jokes on Twitter. This is because these types of jokes work best with the visual nature of the platform as the audience can see the funny spelling changes.

When doing wordplays, be sure your audience will be able to understand the joke at first glance. It would be helpful if the wordplay refers to something familiar to your audience so they can easily grasp the joke. Humor account “Michael, still here” throws in a good example of wordplay, referring to The Hunchback of Notre Dame:


Puns are a type of wordplay that involves switching one word for another one that sounds the same as it. The joke works better if the word used refers to something else instead of being a random homonym.

Situational comedy

Situational comedy is a form of humor that involves everyday situations that result in humorous outcomes. These are commonly associated with TV sitcoms. Yet, you can also use this form of humor on Twitter through clever writing. Kraft Foods throws in a particularly hilarious example of sitcom-style humor with this tweet:

Anecdotal humor

This is another form of story-based humor. Unlike situational comedy, anecdotal humor relies on stories for its humor. Brands like this form as it gives them the opportunity to better connect with their audiences by sharing their stories. Innocent, for instance, shared this little gem they got from their newsletter group:

Random or non-sequitur jokes

These are jokes that totally come at you out of nowhere; often with random nonsense. Skittles came up with a particularly good one that earned them plenty of retweets:

Be careful when doing non-sequiturs. They could easily go over the audience’s heads and end up being ignored.

Trending jokes and hashtags

Also, avoid going for the same joke that everyone is already telling on Twitter, as people will lose interest. This was the case when many brands jumped on the #5WordDealBreakers hashtag and made the same joke about their products running out as being the biggest deal breakers.

Using media-based humor

A good way to go beyond the 140-character limit and enhance your funny tweets is by using various media. Images are the most common form of media used for humor on Twitter. These can be used to add visual elements to a text-based joke, or be the joke. Denny’s goes for the latter here:

Videos go one step further by giving you more room for content. With videos, you can do actual skits and even full-blown situational comedies. On thing you need to remember is that shorter clips work better on Twitter.

Audio-based humor is less common on Twitter, but they can still be used for the purposes. When using audio clips for humor, be sure to pick jokes that work best when listened to.

Doing self-deprecating humor

A specific type of humor that brands are very fond of on Twitter is self-deprecating humor. This is humor that has the joke’s originator intentionally making fun of itself. For brands, this is an opportunity to show their audience that they are aware of their shortcomings and that they acknowledge or even embrace them. Ad agency R/GA throws in an amusingly dark example of self-deprecating humor with this tweet:

A big challenge when doing this type of humor is deciding how much to poke fun at your own brand. Too little, and your attempt at funny tweets will look more like blatant promotions. Too much, and it will seem like you are hating on your own business. Test the joke first on a small audience to see how they react before taking it live to Twitter.

Important tips to remember about being funny on Twitter

Like other forms of humor writing, creating funny tweets can be a challenging art to master. Here are some more useful tips to help you come up with posts that will get your followers laughing.

Stay clear of sensitive current events

Unless you are someone like Jon Stewart, trying to take on sensitive topics like politics or current events in your Twitter jokes can lead to a lot of backlash. Fashion designer Kenneth Cole learned this the hard way after having to deal with the backlash caused by an insensitive joke that they sent out:

funny tweets that failed

The joke was about the then ongoing Egyptian revolution in 2011. After the negative response, they took down the tweet and issued an apology.

Follow funny people on Twitter

Finding ideas for your Twitter jokes can sometimes be hard. Look for inspiration by following humorous accounts. Comedians like Mindy Kaling are just some of the funny personalities that have a massive following on twitter.

You can also follow the brands mentioned here purely to see what sort of antics they will pull next.

Use shock and risque humor wisely

Using shock humor is one common way to trigger more reactions to your jokes. While Twitter’s own strict content guidelines will help prevent you from going too far, you should still be ready to defend it should your audience respond negatively. Comedian Trevor Noah got into such a situation in 2015 after Twitter users considered some of his jokes to be too offensive:

Noah was recently announced as the replacement for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show when the controversy erupted.

Get your followers in on the act

Getting them to become part of your funny tweets can increase their engagement with you. Responding to comments they make about your brand is one way to do this. Show your funny side with a snappy comeback, just like this hilarious reply made by Pizza Hut:

Another strategy to get your followers involved is to ask them to submit their own jokes, which you can then post on your profile or on your other platforms. Jimmy Fallon does this a lot:

Start a comedy routine with other brands

Brand competition is often intense on Twitter, with companies trying to outdo each other in attracting more followers. That does not mean, though, that you can’t engage in friendly banter with them from time to time. Doing so, in fact, helps both you and the other brands involved get noticed more by your respective Twitter audiences.

Taco Bell and Old Spice, two of the funniest brands on Twitter, had one such hilarious run-in:

The already amusing chat got even more hilarious when other brands started joining in on the fun.

Write funny tweets to get more followers

Funny tweets are a great way to attract and engage Twitter followers. They can also be used to better understand how your followers think. Trying to be the jokester on Twitter, though, is not an easy act. You need to do it right if your clowning around is to be taken seriously:

  • Know what kinds of jokes to use: There are plenty of joke types to choose from. Choose the one that will best deliver your punchline.
  • Don’t limit yourself to 140 characters: Aside from text-based jokes, you can also use images and videos to get your laughs out.
  • Learn from other funny acts: Comedians and humor accounts are aplenty on Twitter. Follow the ones you like to get more ideas for your own jokes.
  • Get your followers and other brands in on the act: By making your followers part of your comedy routine, you can increase engagement. On the other hand, dueling it out with other brands in funny banter can give you more audience mileage. This is a good time to do some hashtag marketing.
  • Be prepared for the reactions: Not all of your jokes will elicit laughs, and some might even get your followers angry. Respond to these in a candid manner to keep their interest in you.

Follow these tips and you can be the next Twitter comedy star. Don’t be shy and tickle us with your funny tweets today.