The 3 Best Pinterest Marketing Brands: A Case Study

Of all the social media platforms that are used for marketing online, Pinterest is often the one that is least prioritized. But that does not mean that it is the least effective. In fact, the best Pinterest marketing can be quite lucrative.

To better understand how that can be done, let’s take a look at some of the best Pinterest marketing campaigns. You will learn not only how they managed to pull it off, but also how you too can do the same for your brand.

Lowe’s Build It! Board

Lowe’s is a major chain store that focuses mainly on home improvement products. Most would expect its Pinterest account to be an extension of its online catalog. Which it is, for the most part. But they take it one step further with their Build It! Board.

What it offers

One thing that makes the Build It! board standout is that it doesn’t feature any content coming from Lowe’s itself. Instead, it encourages customers to send in pictures of DIY projects that they have completed using their products. The board contains a variety of pins, ranging from simple planter boxes to really elaborate shelves. Alongside user-submitted pins, Lowe’s also pins plans for the projects that its followers can build.

With over 2.3 million followers, the Build It! board is the largest among the dozens of boards Lowe’s has put up. Of the 213 pins currently posted, this particular pin from Etsy is the most popular, with more than 836,700 saves.

Why it works

Hellone reason why Lowe’s Build it! board is a hit with its audience is its balance between promoting products and engaging the audience. By encouraging their audience to share their own content, Lowe’s got a lot of mileage for their products without having to spend more on promotions.

Lowe’s Pinterest campaign is also heavily geared towards providing more value for its audience. The Build it! board not only gives readers furniture ideas, but also provides them step-by-step guides on how to build them. This encourages the audience to get on their feet and purchase the materials at the nearest Lowe’s to get started. The strategy is also used for the brand’s other boards:

lowes best pinterest marketing boards

Each board has a significant following. This, leads to the popularity of Lowe’s entire page.

The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Graphics board

Presenting information to readers in an easy to understand manner has vexed news organizations for decades. This has become even more apparent with online news as readers want to be able to consume information quickly. The Wall Street Journal found a creative way to overcome that challenge on Pinterest via their WSJ boards.

What it offers

The Wall Street Journal’s solution comes in the form of infographics. Infographics have always been popular with news agencies. They allow them to present data and facts in an easy-to-process manner. These visual aids allow readers to find specific pieces of information without having to read a long article.

To increase the accessibility of these visual aids for their readers, the WSJ created the WSJ Graphics board. They then compiled all the original graphics they had created for various reports. The board now contains 4,700 pins and is followed by more than 4,200 people.

Why it works

The Wall Street Journal has always presented itself not only as a veritable news source, but also a reliable provider of important facts. The Graphics board delivers on this desired brand image by providing a single location where readers can quickly get a hold of the particular visuals they are looking for.

wsj pinterest marketing

WSJ believes that, by showing the graphics to the audience who need them the most, it could help increase the readership of their associated articles.

The company had earlier used a similar strategy in 2012 when it created its Quotes board. This compiled some of the most memorable quotes from its various articles. Each quote took readers to the article containing the quote.

The Etsy Finds board

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade products. The site is considered as a treasure trove for those looking for one-of-a-kind pieces that they can add to their collections. That idea continues into their Pinterest accounts with their Etsy Finds board.

What it offers

The Etsy Finds board is one of the more than a hundred boards that Etsy has on Pinterest. It features items that were handpicked by the Etsy team:

etsy finds pinterest board

The board currently contains more than a thousand pins and is followed by over 765,000 people.

Why it works

One of Etsy’s biggest strengths is that it knows how to effectively drive sales. This is clearly demonstrated by Etsy’s Pinterest boards. Each pin on the Etsy Finds board contains a direct link to the products Landing page.

The site goes further, by encouraging its shop owners to also make the most out of Pinterest for their products. Its Pinterest account also features Guest Pinner group boards that let followers pin products on the site that they liked, such as this board made by Random House:

best guest pinner on pinterest

Etsy says that these strategies have resulted in more organic pinning on their account and increased following. The brand currently enjoys almost a million followers.

What these three brands tell you marketing on Pinterest

With some of the best Pinterest marketing strategies ever done, Lowe’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Etsy demonstrate how useful the site is for promoting a business. But they also revealed a lot about how you can effectively harness it for your own purposes.

Why you should be on Pinterest

The success of these three brands on Pinterest showed that there are a lot of reasons why you should give the platform a shot. Here are a few that will surely convince you:

It converts more visitors into buyers

One of the biggest challenges for brands doing social media marketing is creating conversions from the many visitors browsing their posts. Pinterest does this better than other platforms by cutting down on the necessary steps from discovery to purchase. In the case of Etsy, for instance, customers can buy the items they stumble upon in the Etsy Finds board right there.

Pinterest drives more traffic

With it being an effective channel to get visitors to websites’ product pages, Pinterest also works well as a traffic generator. This is one of the biggest factors that motivated The Wall Street Journal to set up its Graphics board and direct readers to important facts and articles.

User engagement is high

While it might not have the same user numbers as bigger social media sites, the level of engagement that it can generate is significant. Lowe’s knows this all too well and uses it to promote products in a creative manner.

Pinterest can help you discover what your audience loves

Understanding audience trends is an important factor in determining how to market products to them. Pinterest is a great way to get an idea of what the current trend is by just looking at the pins your audience put on their boards. This has helped the three brands decide on what boards to create and what to put on them for their audience.

Using Pinterest to promote your brand

Once you have your initial pins and boards up, it’s time to promote them and your brand. Social Media Examiner suggests a few ways you can better catch people’s attention on the site:

  • Share your lifestyle, not your products: Lowe’s focus on giving the DIY-ers and handy people ideas for weekend projects gave it the opportunity to gain the interest of its target audience. They are able to subtly sell their products on the side of this.
  • Provide inspiration for the audience: Again, Lowe’s board and pins are designed to give followers plenty of ideas for their personal home projects.
  • Invite influential guest pinners: While Etsy’s Guest Pinners board is geared towards fans, it also regularly features other brands and personalities. Random House, for example, posted their favorite items from its catalog.
  • Bring out the human factor: All three brands put heavy emphasis on providing a whole experience of discovery to their respective audiences. This lets the brands better connect with them on a personal level.

Note that these are not the only things that you can do. Finding other ways to attract more people to check out your pins is an important step in making your efforts on Pinterest a success.

The best Pinterest marketing engages your audience

The best Pinterest marketing strategies owe their success to good audience engagement. Here are four ways to effectively engage your audience on Pinterest:

  • Think visually: Come up with creative ways to use the images on your pins to engage visitors. The infographics on The Wall Street Journal’s board let readers learn important facts from a quick glance.
  • Strike a conversation: Use the opportunity to better know your audience and direct them to other useful content on your website.
  • Get your fans involved: Letting your followers pin images on your boards results in said boards appearing on their own pages. This gives a lot of mileage to your board. Such a strategy worked well for Etsy and allowed them to increase sales significantly.
  • Give your audience more than products: Pinterest is used to store ideas. Turn your boards into one-stop shops where they can get them while learning more about your products. This is a strategy that has helped make Lowe’s DIY boards a success.

By following these tips, you not only keep your Pinterest followers interested, you also get the opportunity to make that all-important purchase. With such engaging photos, who wouldn’t want to make purchase from Lowe’s:

lowes best pinterest marketing board

Do the best Pinterest marketing for your brand

Lowe’s, The Wall Street Journal, and Etsy have all demonstrated some of the best Pinterest marketing campaigns. These three brands showed that you too can effectively use the platform if you:

  • Understand what Pinterest can do: By knowing what Pinterest can do for your business, you can better plan out the kind of campaign to pull off on the site.
  • Create the right pins and boards: Your pins and boards should be useful for your audience and drive their interests further.
  • Find various ways to promote your pins and boards: Be creative in drawing people to your boards and keeping them there.
  • Engage your audience constantly: Keep your audience interested by providing them with more content and getting them more involved with your pins and boards.

Follow these steps and you are on your way to getting the most out of Pinterest for your brand. Pay close attention to your Pinterest analytics dashboard you will see them climb If you ever get stuck for ideas, check out the three that we have outlined here for inspiration!