How to Set up a Twitter Account, and Start Tweeting!

Ever since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become an important marketing platform for companies as well as their brands. Today, businesses that haven’t already done so are advised to get onboard and start tweeting as early as they can. To make the most out of Twitter you need to start with a well-built account. Read on to find out how to set up a Twitter account that will capture the attention of Twitter users.

Why you need to set up a Twitter account

There are many reasons for you to join Twitter and start tweeting. Let’s look at a few of them:

More exposure

With over 300 million active users a month, Twitter gives you the opportunity to address a large global audience. Twitter’s users come from almost every country on the planet. This means you stand a high chance of finding customers to buy whatever you might have to sell. This global nature also means you can reach people in locations that you might have never been able to access before.

Connects you with your customers

Twitter has the ability to connect you with potential customers well outside of your business hours. As the social interactions occur in real time, it also gives you the ability to address their concerns faster which translates to better customer service. Nike is well-known for its responsive customer service on Twitter.

Viral marketing

Going “viral” has become a commonly-used strategy in online marketing, and Twitter plays an integral part in it. The ability to tweet at any time lets you release your content whenever you might deem it appropriate while the platform’s large user base increases its chances of rapidly spreading across the Twitter-sphere and, hence, going viral.

Connects you with influencers

Building a good relationship with influencers can do your business a lot of good. Twitter helps in easily getting in touch with them and then developing a relationship. What’s more, the platform can be used to increase your own social influence.

Use it to curate content from your followers

User generated content is one way people show their appreciation and support. By curating and sharing such content on Twitter, you acknowledge their efforts while pushing your Twitter account further. The result is increased loyalty for, and recognition of, your own Twitter account.

Creating your Twitter account

Getting to use Twitter doesn’t just mean signing up and immediately sending out tweets. To begin with, your account needs to catch the attention of your fellow tweeters and, to do so, must “look” good. Here’s how to achieve that:

Choosing the right Twitter handle

Before you decide what your Twitter handle is going to be, it is important to consider whether it can be easily remembered and if it is inalienably associated with your brand. In most cases you can just go with your brand or trade name. Remember, your Twitter handle appears in the URL of your profile and helps increase your brand recall while making it easier for people to search for your profile.

To make your handle more memorable use acronyms, or short forms, of your full name. Make sure though that it still retains its association with your business. Take the example of the Wall Street Journal. They only use “WSJ”, three letters that are easy to remember and cannot be mistaken for anything but their initials.

Using a unique handle is a good idea if your business’ name contains generic nouns, or is similar to that of another business’ name.

Choosing a good profile picture

Next to your Twitter handle, your photo is the most important component of your company profile as it puts a “face” to it. Use a good-quality picture that best represents your brand while at the same time being easily recognizable. In most instances this would be where you place your company’s logo.

The logo should be easily recognizable even when it is a thumbnail attached to your tweets or as is the case when your profile appears in your followers’ feeds. If you have a complex or large logo you should fit the most-recognizable part of it in the center of the frame of the photo. Look at what Unilever have done with their fairly complex logo design:

If you’re setting up a personal account and are using a picture of yourself, choose a full-frontal photograph that was preferably taken by a professional. Use a simple background to highlight your facial features.

Set up a Twitter account bio

The bio that appears under your Twitter handle introduces your account to Twitter users, and gets them interested enough to follow you.

According to Buffer Social, an effective Twitter bio needs to have six key elements:

  • Accuracy: You need to tell your audience outright who you are and what you do. People are more likely to follow you if you have this information on display as it gives them a good idea of what they can expect from your tweets.
  • A target audience: Tell the Twitter-sphere who you want to meet and interact with. By putting in specific keywords relating to your niche, your profile becomes more visible to your intended audience.
  • Achievements: People are more likely to follow Twitter users who have achieved considerable accomplishments. Don’t be shy to list what you have accomplished, as long as you make sure that they are in line with the purpose of your account.
  • Connections: Your would-be followers want to know more about you than just what is shown in the bio. Provide this information by pointing them towards other resources like your website, topic threads, or your user accounts on other social media platforms.
  • Intrigue and excitement: In some instances, your audience might want more than facts to convince them to follow you. Draw them in by telling them why they need to follow you. Be upbeat in your tone to further drive that point.
  • The human factor: Show your personality by mentioning things you like, and how this relates to your work. Twitter is all about people connecting with one another. And people frequently connect through hobbies.

By choosing which of these elements to emphasize, you can come up with a Twitter bio that says a lot about you in just a few words.

Customizing your Twitter page

A custom header image is as important as a custom profile photo. You can use the header image to further tell people what your account is about. Use a combination of images and words which convey even more information at a glance.Project management software provider Basecamp captured the essence of its products in a witty and eye-catching banner.

how to setup a twitter account header image

Place your graphic so that most of the important details are visible in the sections not obscured by your profile. You should also make sure the design of the graphic fits the size of any monitor (including those of mobile devices) your followers could be using.

Keep your Twitter profile looking fresh by changing it from time to time. Seasonal and holiday-themed looks are especially popular choices. You can also use it to mark special events or as part of any promotional efforts.

Set up a Twitter account & send your first tweets

Now that your company’s profile is complete, it’s time to start tweeting. An important part of learning how to set up a Twitter account is knowing how to effectively send out your tweets.

What you should tweet

For individuals who are learning how to set up a Twitter account, what you will tweet about it’s pretty simple. You will tweet about what you’re thinking at the time, you will join in on trending topics, and he will comment on things that your friends tweet.

If you are setting up a Twitter account for a brand, it’s a bit different. Hiring resource provider HireRabbit gives some suggestions on what kind of tweets your company account should be sending out:

  • Product advice: After buying your products, people may have questions about them. Make things easier for your consumers by answering the most common of their queries.
  • Company announcements: Twitter could well be the most easily accessible social media platform among your consumers. Hence, this is where you want to send out company announcements first. These include discounts, sales, new products releases, and other similar bulletins.
  • Company milestones: Indulge in a bit of self-promotion every once in awhile by tweeting about your company’s latest achievements. This will not only impress your followers, but also make them feel more involved with your brand.
  • Industry news and events: Outside of providing information about your goods or services, tweeting about the happenings in your industry helps keep your brand relevant to users. This also helps them stay up-to-date on your wider industry’s ongoings.
  • Motivational quotes: Tweeting famous quotes that are related to your company or its services helps introduce your brand’s philosophy to the public. This also strengthens brand image as people see your account being more than just a mindless promotional tool.
  • Jokes: Humor is an essential ingredient of any social media effort, and your tweets should be no exception. Feel free to crack jokes from time to time and keep your audience entertained. You can even direct them at your products for added fun.

Having a healthy mix of the tweet types mentioned above will make your account lively and get more people to follow you. Old Spice is well known for injecting plenty of humor into its Twitter conversations, which continues to earn them a large following.

Writing effective tweets

It’s not all about learning how to set up a Twitter account. Knowing how to effectively compose your tweets is important to attract people to them. To begin with, your tweets should reflect the online persona you want the account to take on. Are you going to be humorous? Are you going to be serious?

To generate ongoing interaction you need to get the audience to respond to your tweets. This is where choosing the right words to include in your tweets comes into play. Content marketing consultancy firm Ripen identified several types of words that people were most likely to respond to online. They are:

  • Imperative words that ask the audience to take action
  • Superlatives like “the most” and “the best”
  • How-to phrases relating to skills and processes
  • Audience-referencing words such as “you”, “your” etc.
  • Words referring to visual media, such as “photo” and “video”
  • Verbs and adverbs

One of this is using the word retweet. It can increase your chances of your followers retweeting you:

The composition of your tweets also plays a crucial role in getting people to respond to your call to action. If you want people to click on links that lead to your business’ website you should draw focus to the links by decluttering the tweets. Remove other elements like hashtags and @mentions for more effect. Couple this with a strong call to action and you will get people responding to your tweets with clicks.

Building your follower base

Attracting your first followers

Garnering a large number of followers on Twitter can prove to be a bit difficult unless your brand is already popular and well-established on the Internet. Let’s take a look at attracting your first set of followers:

  • Be active: Don’t be discouraged if no one likes or retweets your first few tweets. It takes time during which you need to continue posting good content to attract attention.
  • Follow other people: Remember that you can’t get followers if you don’t become one first. Follow people you want to follow you back and find out what kind of tweets they respond to. This is also a good way to get some of their audiences into taking a look at your tweets.
  • Use the search bar: Look for topics that are relevant to your brand and see what people are saying about them. You can gain followers by tweeting using the hashtags used around the topic to slowly draw attention to you.
  • Promote your account to your existing audience: If your regular customers don’t yet know that you have a Twitter account, now’s the time to tell them. Also, share your link on your other social media accounts.
  • Ride the trends: Choosing the right Twitter trends to join can increase your tweets’ prominence and make these visible to a larger audience.
  • Use social proof: Social proof is the way you are perceived based on the number of followers you have. If you have a healthy number of followers, you can use it to convince people that you are worthy of a follow by simply putting emphasis on the fact while doing your promotions.
  • Let people tweet about you: Add a Tweet button to your blog or website to encourage your followers to share your content. Be sure to attach your username to the automated tweets for everyone to see.

Combining the tips mentioned above should eventually lead to your garnering, and then building, a good number of core followers.

Engaging your followers

Directly responding to your followers should be a high priority. This helps you start a conversation that can engage them. Asking your followers questions also keeps them engaged and provides you with feedback about their preferences. Marvel regularly does this through polls to maintain the interest of its fans of their various comic titles.

Contests and promos are also popular means of generating follower engagement. You can either do a Twitter-only promotion or something that also involves other social media platforms. To further draw their interest, offer incentives that would be of value to them.

Of course, trying to respond to, and engage, hundreds of followers at a time will most likely be overwhelming. At such times use tools like Automatic Engagements to lighten your load. For instance, you can use automated retweets and likes to build up the initial hype for, and draw attention to, all your Twitter campaigns.

Gathering even more followers

Your ultimate goal will be always increasing your Twitter followers. This is where everything you have learned so far comes together. But you shouldn’t stop there. Joining in on conversations is absolutely important. For instance, responding to tweets from accounts that already have a large fan base gives you a good exposure to their audience, especially if your comments interest them enough to make them sit up and take notice.

Creating Twitter lists also helps in attracting new followers. By adding people to your lists, you are telling them that their tweets are important to you and they are more likely to reciprocate by following your account. Whole Foods Market maintains a variety of lists catering to people visiting their different branches.

how to setup twitter lists

Finally, don’t forget to thank all the people – followers or otherwise – who engage with you. This might seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way in building your relationship with your current followers. When they feel that you recognize their value, it will prompt them to further promote your Twitter account to their peers and connections. This, in turn, will help you reach out to more people.

How to set up a Twitter account

As we have just seen, having a presence on Twitter can do a lot of good for your business, and for you personally. Knowing how to set up a Twitter account correctly, and tweeting the right way, will also give your social media marketing efforts a big boost. To recap:

  • Set up your Twitter account page the right way: Keep in mind that your Twitter account page is your online persona. “Dress” it well to make your Twitter account more presentable on the platform.
  • Craft your tweets carefully: By meticulously planning the content and structure of your tweets, you make them effective in delivering the intended results.
  • Grow your following correctly: Attract people’s attention and engage them continuously. Soon enough, you will have a booming fanbase.

Do all of this and you will surely build a name that the Twitter world will soon recognize. So, sign up now as everyone is waiting for your first tweet!

How to Set Up a Twitter Account and Start Tweeting in 2017

  • Ever since its launch in 2006, Twitter has become a crucial marketing platform for brands and has over 300 million active users a month—so get your biz onboard and start tweeting ASAP.
  • Using Twitter doesn’t just mean signing up and sending out tweets. Your account needs to catch the attention of your fellow tweeters and, to do so, must look great.
  • Before you pick a Twitter handle, it is important to consider whether it can be easily remembered and if it is inalienably associated with your brand.
  • After the handle, your photo is the most important component of your account. Use a good-quality picture that best represents your brand and is easily recognizable, and write a bio that is compelling and approachable.
  • Now that your company’s profile is complete, it’s time to start tweeting. An important part of learning how to set up a Twitter account is knowing how to effectively send out your tweets.