Best Valentine’s Day Twitter Marketing Campaigns: Capture Hearts

Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner, and people are in a mad rush to prepare something for their special someone. Couples are not the only people getting ready for February 14. Brands are also trying to whip up something to offer lovey-dovey couples on that day.

Twitter is likely going to be abuzz with various activities for the occasion. Let’s take a look at some of the best Valentine’s Day Twitter marketing campaigns in the last few years and in the mood…

The wittiest Twitter campaigns

McKinney’s Shred Your Ex (2015)

Ex-lovers are not a great topic for Valentine’s Day. That is why advertising agency McKinney came up with #ShredYourEx. The reward? Watching your ex get shredded.

The agency even prepared a dedicated Twitter account and site just for the occasion. The reception was good, with people sending in both serious and hilarious responses.

Pilot’s Love Guru (2014-2016)

Sending love notes to someone you like can be awkward. For that reason, Pilot came up with an ingenious solution with its Love Guru. Their followers were asked to send their love notes to Pilot’s Twitter account with the name of the person they want to receive it using the hashtag #PilotLoveGuru.

The brand then created custom handwritten notes from the messages that were sent to their recipient’s Twitter accounts.

The initial run of the Love Guru campaign proved so popular that Pilot went on to do it the next two years.

Hertz Dream Date Rewind (2015)

Everyone wants to have that dream Valentine’s date, which why many will do a considerable amount preparing for it. But, there are just times when, even with all that planning, the date just turns out bad. In 2015 car rental company Hertz decided to become a savior of those failed romantic moments by offering a couple the chance to redo it via their Dream Date Rewind promo.

All users needed to do to join the contest was upload a photo or video and explain why they deserve that rewind date. They then need to get people to vote for their entries to win. Sure enough, a lot of eager couples jumped on the opportunity and submitted their entries with the hashtag #HertzDreamDate.

At the end of the promo, three lucky winners got their grand dates with matching luxury car rental from the company.

Durex’s 50 Games to Play (2015)

Whether you admit it or not, Valentine’s is also usually thought of as a time for some, ahem, kinky stuff. As such, condoms manufacturer Durex came in to offer lovers some ideas with its 50 Games To Play campaign in 2015.

The company encouraged its fans to share their ideas using the hashtag #50GamesToPlay, with the 50 best ones receiving gift packs. Durex’s campaign proved to be a winner, getting a lot of attention on Twitter.

As well as media coverage from marketing news sites like Linkdex and Digiday.

Sour Patch Kid’s Singles Awareness Day (2015)

While most brands focus on couples during Valentine’s Day, candy maker Sour Patch decided to instead go after the single ones with their “Singles Awareness Day” campaign in 201. The brand encouraged followers to tweet their biggest romantic mishaps using the hashtag #SPKSAD.

The tweet earned more than 1,000 retweets and plenty of responses from users. Do you see all of the re-tweets that this tweet received? This is showing that hashtag marketing campaigns are an exceptional moment to purchase Twitter retweets for your brand.

The funniest Valentine’s campaigns

People often say that humor is an important part of any relationship. And that definitely goes for both romantic and brand-customer relationships. Thus, many marketers regularly incorporate it to their Valentine’s messages. These are some that will surely make you and your special someone laugh as you celebrate the day.

O2’s Cupids (2012)

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the first figure that will likely come to your mind is Cupid. And your image of Cupid is that of a little kid in diapers carrying a bow and heart-tipped arrows. Thus, British telecoms provider O2’s Cupid Brothers got a lot of chuckles. After all, who can resist letting out a laugh after seeing two grown men dressed in the traditional Cupid garb?

The idea of the campaigns was that users can tweet their Valentine’s messages to )2’s Twitter account for the Cupid brothers to read live on their YouTube channel. What added to the hilarity of seeing two adult men in diapers was the funny way the messages were delivered on the channel.

The campaign proved to be a hit, with a lot of people sending in their messages and getting their loved ones personalized video greetings.

Oreo’s Red Velvet Oreos (2015)

We all have those awkward romantic moments where we don’t know what to say. And these are the times when we want to have something on hand to break the ice. Enter cookie brand Oreo, with its series of funny shorts claiming that its Red Velvet Oreos can do just that.

People who have been looking forward to the particular Oreo variant jumped into the craze and used the hashtag #RedVelvetOreo to show the company how much then want it.

Amusingly enough, the Red Velvet Oreo variant was first thought to be just a rumor or a prank months before Nabisco, Oreo’s manufacturer, revealed the real deal. The hashtag went on to garner more than 18,000 tweets during that February, according to Linkdex.

Tesco’s Love Is All Around (2015)

As they often say, romantic encounters can happen anywhere. Even in the supermarket. This was British grocery chain Tesco built on with their 2015 Valentine’s campaign.

The campaign gave the supermarket giant plenty of customer engagement opportunities, with them actively responding to the tweets.

Unique Valentine’s Day Campaigns

When trying to impress your special someone on Valentine’s Day, the usual flowers and chocolates are sometimes not enough. Instead, you might want to pull off a unique stunt to wow him or her. Brands also want to impress their audience, which is why some of the best Valentine’s Day Twitter marketing campaigns do just that.

Snuggle’s Snug Campaign (2015)

We all love a hug, especially during Valentine’s. But what’s better than one? A snug, says fabric softener brand Snuggle in its 2015 campaign.

While the brand’s Twitter campaign was pretty standard stuff, some of the posts featuring its mascot Snuggle Bear resulted in a lot of weirded-out audience responses.

The oddest part of Snuggle’s campaign, though, was its SnugMobile event. The event again featured Snuggle Bear, this time attempting to get a Guinness World Record for the most hugs given by a puppet. This also gained a lot of coverage on Twitter.

Pizza Hut’s Last Minute Lovers (2013)

Much like the mad rush during Christmas season, Valentine’s preparations can be quite hectic. So, in 2013, Pizza Hut decided to help those lagging behind in their Valentine’s dinner prep work with their Last Minute Lovers campaign.

To join the contest, users just have to tweet using the hashtag #LastMinuteLovers to Pizza Hut’s official twitter account. The thing that makes this ad campaign really unique was the prizes up for grabs. While Valentine’s Day dinner of pizza might still be romantic to some, the brand also threw in a bottle of their own perfume to complete the package. Trying to imagine what a bottle of Pizza Hut-branded perfume smells like is surely weird. But many still sent in their entries and get a shot at the prize.

Epson’s Remote Romeo (2013)

Trying to promote a product that is not usually associated with romance can be challenging. But in its 2013 Remote Romeo campaign, electronics manufacturer Epson not only highlighted the functions of its new printer technology but also managed to tell an engaging romantic story.

Epson asked its followers to tweet what they think should be the story characters’ next should be, with the 10 best ones winning new printers. The account got plenty of amusing responses.

Starbucks’ and’s World’s Largest Coffee Date (2015)

Valentine’s dates are often considered the main event for the occasion. Which is why it wasn’t surprising that coffee shop chain Starbucks and dating website made this their 2015 joint campaign.

What was unique was the campaign’s aim of getting the biggest coffee date record. They posted on a daily basis to keep customer interest up until the Feb. 13 event date. The two companies based the campaign on Twitter, where they both have a large following.

The event gained a lot of traction on the platform, with plenty of customer feedback and retweets.

Heartwarming cause-oriented campaigns

While Valentine’s is often thought of as a day for lovers, it can also be a day to shower the less fortunate with lots of love. This is the route that some brands and organizations take for their promotions. Getting people to act on a cause is often harder than promoting products, though. Which is why these campaigns deserve a mention as some of the best Valentine’s Day marketing on Twitter.

McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’ (2015)

Fast food giant McDonald’s “Lovin” taglines are well-recognized by a lot of people. In 2015, the company decided to make use of that familiarity for a more noble cause with its Pay With Lovin’ campaign.

The campaign let selected customers pay for their orders at participating McDonald’s branches through random acts of kindness. While not as grand a cause, McDonald’s efforts were well-received by Twitter users, with the hashtag #paywithlovin becoming a popular topic and customers tweeting their experience.

McDonald’s campaign also got plenty of coverage from online news sites like Mashable.

Vinspired’s Give Blood campaign (2015

While flowers and chocolates are the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day, UK-based youth organization Vinspired suggested a different one in its 2015 campaign: blood.

The video for the campaign played on the idea of online dating and encouraged young people to donate blood to those in need. Vinspired’s call might not have reach viral proportions, but it proved noteworthy that it got featured in Twitter’s own marketing blog.  

Create the best Valentine’s Day Twitter marketing

Valentine’s Day is arguably one of the biggest occasions where brands can market themselves on Twitter. But for your efforts to be noticed by lovers out there, you need to present your campaign the right way.

  • Be witty: Deliver some great lines to swoon customers over to your side.
  • Be funny: Everyone loves a laugh during the event. Capture their hearts with good humor.
  • Surprise them: Think out of the box to find the best Valentine’s presents for your customers.
  • Give lots of love: Valentine’s isn’t just about the romance. Give back to your customers and others and they will surely love your brand more.

Do all these and your campaign can become one of the best Twitter Valentine’s marketing efforts around and really capture a lot of hearts. And, if you’re lucky, you will capture some more Twitter followers with your Valentine’s Day related contests and campaigns as well.