Video Marketing Case Study: Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Channel

Jimmy Kimmel is arguably one of the most recognizable TV personalities today. Much of his success has been built through his years in the television industry, but Jimmy is now using YouTube to his full advantage. With over 9 million subscribers his YouTube channel sees lots of repeat traffic, and his videos get millions of views.

In this case study we will see how he is dominating YouTube. Learn from his success for your own video marketing, and grow your subscribers as well.

Video marketing case study: Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube channel

There are three main areas which Jimmy excels at, and which all YouTube channels must excel at to be successful. If you cannot check off the next three points, you will struggle with your views and subscriber numbers for longer than you need to.

Branding your YouTube channel is key

Jimmy Kimmel is widely known. You would think that he need no introductions. The fact is that Kimmel is so iconic because he does a lot of ‘introducing’ himself in the form of branding. His YouTube header image is a perfect example:

youtube header image example

Within that image you can see his logo, when his show airs, and on which network. This image achieves much more than just branding, it conveys important information as well.

A secondary aspect of his branding relates to his YouTube thumbnails:

custom youtube thumbnails example

Every single video thumbnail gets the logo for his show in the bottom left hand corner. Every single one, in the exact same spot, every single time. Consistent presentation of your thumbnails is an important aspect of branding that is specific to YouTube. Always create custom thumbnails.

Keeping up with, and creating, trending topics

Every single Jimmy Kimmel show features currently trending stories. Of course, he parodies the living daylights out of what’s happening in our society, but that is exactly his intention. This has long been a staple of the late-night TV circuit. These timelyvideos can make him go viral. Here he is swearing in the San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles:

Putting a funny twist on trending topics and issues ensures that he is always relevant. That’s not quite enough for Jimmy. He is also adept at creating trends as a powerful Twitter influencer. His best moment is probably his Halloween themed videos:

He’s playing right to a trending topic, as these are created right around Halloween, and he goes viral with them every year.

Regular posting schedule

For such a funny guy you would think that he simply makes a video of whatever comes to his mind at the moment and posts it on YouTube. Again, you would be slightly off base there. Kimmel has a systematic YouTube playlist system that ensures everything is posted at exactly the right time to get the most exposure. His most common example of this is posting clips from his latest episode:

Not only does he have them organized and grouped by topic, but he also has a recurring series that gets him returning viewership. Here is a good example of one of those series – 3 Ridiculous Questions with Jimmy Kimmel and…

Creating content regularly, and organizing with playlists, is the surest way for anyone to get more views. Using our YouTube views service is a big help, but making it as easy as possible for someone to sit down and watch a whole bunch of your videos all at once will grow your organic viewers. This is exactly what playlists are for on YouTube.

Using effective calls to action for your video marketing

The final lesson learned from this case study is that you should always include a call to action at the end of each video. Ask people to subscribe, like, comment or share. YouTube users are always looking for the next thing to do, the next video to watch, give it to them. Here is an example screenshot from one of Jimmy’s videos:

video marketing case study jimmy kimmel

In this example you can see the subscribe button, this pops up so that you can subscribe to his channel right away. In the top left hand corner you can see another video which you can watch. The audio is of Jimmy urging you to subscribe or watch the video, his words are the call to action.

The two things that Jimmy has done here are the absolute basics of YouTube calls to action. You can feel free to also add:

  • More than just one video
  • Your social media handles
  • The URL for your website
  • Important upcoming dates

Anything that you would like your YouTube viewers to do after watching your video is fair game. Just be sure to use both visual and auditory calls to action for the best results.

Video marketing and Jimmy Kimmel

Not only is Jimmy Kimmel one of most dynamic people in late-night talk shows, he is also effective YouTube marketer. Is video marketing shows you many will clear pathways to success:

  • Effectively branding your channel in the header image, as well as thumbnails.
  • Responding to trending topics.
  • Creating your own trending topics.
  • Taking advantage of social media when it comes to these trending topics.
  • Having a regular posting schedule.
  • Making a habit out of using YouTube Playlists.
  • Using effective calls to action

You have to admit that Jimmy is a little bit ahead of the curve with a nationally broadcast TV show. But he has made the most of his success on this TV show with effective video marketing techniques on YouTube.

Feature image via Disney/ABC on flickr.