Auto Engagements Will Increase Tweet’s Success

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The success of your tweets comes down to being able to get retweets and likes. Every single tweet which gets this coveted recognition has a better chance of spreading your ideas, and your account, further. This can help you gain more exposure, make a larger impact and gain new followers.

Many people are turning to our Auto Engagement service for this – a marketing service that helps promote your tweets automatically with a boost in retweets & likes. The service’s focus is quality, and was primarily designed to take advantage of social proof, the concept that popularity breeds more popularity. As our results show, Auto Engagements not only mades tweets look more attractive with a healthily serving of retweets & likes, but also was proven to drastically increase organic impressions, engagements, profile views and followers in as little as one tweet. 

Using Auto Engagements to promote your tweets

Twitter has done quite a bit to give everyone an equal chance to contribute to a global conversation. Small marketers have been given the same space as Nike, Apple, Sony and any other large corporation… Or have they? With the biggest companies garnering the most followers, and retweets, Twitter has become a place where the big accounts belong to large corporations.

Your opportunity to push your account to their level can come from our Auto Engagement service. We believe that any business, or personal account, that wants to increase its impressions, clicks, profile views, and followers can use it to great benefit.

We decided to run an experiment to test the effectiveness of our service. We tweeted out two messages that were exactly the same. Same image, same text, same words, same trending hashtag, exactly the same time of day. One tweet was given our Auto Engagement service, the other was not. To give you the quick summary, our service was able to increase:

  • Impressions by a shocking +2600%
  • Engagements by +2000%
  • Profile Views by 330%
  • Followers by 509%

These numbers were inflated by our service. They are not 100% representative of what happened, but some very real things did happen which greatly impacted the Twitter account which had our service on it. Look at the numbers from our experiment below for proof of how this works.

Our Auto Engagements experiment helps Impressions

Everything in marketing comes down to people seeing your message: They watch a commercial, they read a magazine ad, or they see a billboard. While it’s difficult to measure this in the real world, it can be measured nearly exactly on Twitter. This metric is called ‘Impressions.’ This is simply Twitter counting how many Twitter users see your tweets. It is one of the most important metrics to track on your account.

To start looking at the breakdown of our experiment, here are the two tweets we sent out:


Let’s start breaking down the numbers:

  • The tweet on the right had zero retweets and likes from our service.
  • This low number of retweets and likes resulted in 26 impressions.
  • The tweet on the right had 50 retweets and 20 likes from our service.
  • This high number of retweets and likes resulted in 726 impressions.

How does this service have such a drastic impact on Impressions? As the message is retweeted by our service it is spread to more Twitter accounts. That alone is huge for your tweets. But not only is the tweet getting more impressions via our service, but it is also pushing more real Twitter users to retweet and like it too.

Twitter users are more eager to retweet a tweet which is already popular, and your impressions will increase thanks to all of this. This is why the tweet had 3 retweets and 6 likes on it while the other only had 1 like – Twitter users scrolling by found it much more tempting to engage with.

Since this tweet was sent with a trending hashtag, the service would have also helped push this tweet closer to the top of the ‘Top tweets’ section. When this happens you can go viral in a hurry, and see all of your numbers skyrocket.

Get more clicks, profile views, and followers

While running this experiment we were sure to use our Twitter analytics to see what happened. We waited 22 hours for the tweets to do their thing. The only difference between the two tweets were that one used the service, and one did not. First let’s look at those engagements:

  • Total engagements without service: 5
  • Total engagements with service: 105

This startling difference again comes from the tweet with Auto Engagements being popular and attracting more attention. Keep in mind that our service applies to all of your tweets. Extrapolate this one example out and you’ll see the true power of our service.


This doesn’t stop just at engagements either. We tracked our profile views while the service was being used. Both were recorded for a week to get a good sample size:

  • Profile views without service: 50
  • Profile views with service: 215

Every single time someone sees your profile is another chance to develop your relationship with them beyond your one tweet. A profile view is your shot to impress someone and get a new follower. Your profile’s appeal, through profile and header images and your bio, is what will capture them. Our service helps create so many more of these opportunities.

Getting opportunities is great, but you want results. You want followers. Once again we recorded our results for a week, and the numbers were pretty impressive:

  • Followers gained without service: 30
  • Followers gained with service: 183

Getting impressions is great for brand awareness. Getting engagements can help push for the development of deeper connections. Profile views build brand awareness. Followers, however, build lifelong connections with your account and brand.


The value here is clear: Using our Auto Engagements service gives you more opportunities to gain followers, while also improving your impressions, engagements, and profile views.

What is really behind the success of our Auto Engagements service

Sometimes people have a hard time believing that this is possible. It is very real, and it can be explained with a real world example anyone can understand. Imagine you are walking outside and you see a nightclub with a long lineup:

  • You see that a nightclub is open and popular: Impressions.
  • You’re paying attention to the nightclub because of the line, and you think about going in: A profile view.
  • You decide to get in the line and go in: An engagement.
  • You have a great time and decide to come back often: You are now a follower.

Do you understand now why you see nightclubs with long lines outside? This same phenomenon plays out on Twitter, tweet after tweet, as our Auto Engagements service works to popularize all of your tweets depending on the package you choose now.

What our service can do for your Twitter account is nothing short of a complete change of how well your account gets you impressions, clicks, profile views, and new followers. Try our Auto Engagements service now and watch as your account changes entirely for the better.