Incredible YouTube Promotion Tactics, With Help From our Services!

When it comes to YouTube promotion, every little bit helps. Why? Well it seems like everyone and their 12 year old brother is opening up a YouTube channel in order to chase that YouTube money. Competition is really picking up. To succeed, you will have to spend a little money to make a lot of money. You can do that when you combine proper YouTube promotional tactics with our services at Devumi.

I’m going to show you how to make your YouTube channel popular by focusing on your channel’s subscriber and view numbers, your Twitter account, and creating a Vine account. Each one will be an integral part of how your YouTube account will be promoted properly so that you can beat all of those amateurish accounts.

Using Devumi for YouTube promotion

Let’s start with your YouTube subscribers

Everything online has one metric which you can look at quickly to get an idea of how well it’s doing. With YouTube that metric is subscribers. Anyone, even the newest YouTube user, can look at a channel’s subscriber number and know if it is good or not.

youtube subscribers

youtube promotion for subscribers

Above you see two YouTube channels which are obviously about video games. One has 3.4 million subscribers. The other has …42. These numbers show up clearly in search results when people are looking for a channel to subscribe to. Which one is going to be trusted enough to earn a ‘Subscribe’ click? Forget that, which one are people going to even bother looking at?!? It’s probably not the one with 42, I’ll tell you that!

Your first tactic for promoting your YouTube channel needs to be buying YouTube subscribers so that you can get past this hurdle. Your greatest challenge is always to get those first few thousand or so subscribers. It’s a struggle every new YouTube channel has faced. Get past it quickly, and grow your channel quickly. It’s that simple.

One viral video: You need views

Every great channel has a channel trailer which plays before people subscribe. It shows on the page right at the top, and everyone who hasn’t subscribed yet sees it. Here’s the popular VanossGaming’s page before you subscribe:

youtube promotion channel trailer example

Their channel trailer, shown in the photo on the bottom left, is a ‘best of’ type video. Your priority here is to put your best content right in front of people who don’t know you at all. This can be ‘best of’ content, this can be a special video which explains your channel, it can even be a custom video like Jimmy Fallon uses:

The secret to this video is seen in the example from Vanoss. Clear as day it shows the number of views on the video. This is the video that everyone sees the first time they visit your channel and it needs one thing: Lots of views!

All the promotion in the world will be slow to help your YouTube channel if people show up, see your most important video, and see that it isn’t a success. If 1 million YouTube views is too much success for you, I’d recommend starting with at least 25,000 views. Remember that this is your best, most seen, most scrutinized video. It has to measure up, or all the effort you put into sending people to your channel in the tactics below will be for naught.

Promoting your YouTube channel with Twitter

Social media can be thought of as a subscription via friendly updates. Instead of your YouTube fans finding out about your new videos through YouTube itself, you’re sharing it with them via a tweet. It’s kinda the same, but with a bit more ‘friendship’ involved!

As is always the case with Twitter, your first priority is getting more Twitter followers. You can follow the link to learn more, but your best bet to get started with a new Twitter account is to buy at least 10,000 followers. These are going to be the very healthy ‘seed’ followers from which your account will grow quickly. It’s similar to your need to buy subscribers: People will judge how successful your account is from the one metric of your followers.

youtube promotion using twitter

Markiplier’s Twitter account has 3.64 million followers. People know to trust it right away with a follower count that high. It’s also an instant follow for anyone who is remotely interested in him as they know it will be good with that many followers.

The next thing you have to consider is your actual tweets which promote your videos. Having a good call to action is important. A call to action can be as simple as ‘watch my new video,’ but it’s better if you add a little more information. Here are some examples from famous YouTubers on Twitter:

You give just a little bit more information, have some fun, and your fans will respond. The key metric here is retweets. The more retweets you get on tweets containing your videos, the better off your YouTube channel will be. Our Twitter retweet packages, used on your most important tweets with your videos in them, are a good option here.

If you want more activity on your Twitter all the time, as you’re using it as part of your entire YouTube promotion campaign, try our Auto Engagements service. This will promote all of your tweets with retweets and likes, pushing the promotion of your YouTube channel on Twitter to the maximum.

Use Vine as your teaser trailer

We all know what teaser trailers are. We see at least, what, 5 of them a day during the summer blockbuster movie season? Your YouTube promotion campaign needs little teaser videos in order to hype your videos up before they release. Vine is the perfect tool for this as its very nature is in short videos.

Here’s the Epic Meal Time guys hyping a video of theirs involving way too much cereal by using Vine:

This hype video wound up getting more retweets than the actual video they created and shared on Twitter! This can be expected as Twitter does tend to prefer shorter content, and Vine is limited to 6 second looping videos. Vine is also owned by Twitter, so the two are easy to build together as you can import your Twitter followers to Vine.

Once you’ve imported your Twitter followers to Vine though it would help to grab a few Vine followers, just to solidify your account. It’s not as important to do as buying Twitter followers, and nowhere near as important as buying YouTube subscribers, but it will help your Vine account grow.

YouTube promotion: From subscribers and views, to retweets and Vines

No one should ever view their YouTube channel as something which exists on its own, and that will succeed solely on who finds it on YouTube. Proper YouTube promotion requires you to get your channel in order, and then push hard on other platforms.

In this article we looked at how you can do this with ease thanks to our services:

  1. Push your subscribers higher with our YouTube Subscriber packages.
  2. Make your YouTube Channel Trailer look like a hit with our YouTube Views service.
  3. Start your Twitter account off right with a follower bump.
  4. Share your YouTube videos on Twitter, and draw attention to them with retweets.
  5. Use a Vine account as your ‘teaser trailer’ sharing tool, and have enough followers to make it popular.

Taking these steps will take your YouTube channel from nothing to a hit in the shortest time possible. All you’ll have to do is create the great content that you know you can create, and wait as the world comes to you!


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