How to Get the Most from the Vine App Using Devumi

The rising popularity of Vine, with its ‘tell me a story right now and do it quickly’ features, fits the escalating speed of today’s Internet audience. Those of us here at Devumi love the Vine app as it’s quite entertaining and informative, and because we know that we can help you join the ranks of the most popular accounts

Let’s learn about 4 services which will help you get the most from the Vine app so that you can grow your following, get loops, and become a 6-second media darling!

Devumi’s services help you get the most from Vine

Need followers? Get followers …to GET followers

Those who have just started using the Vine app will notice one thing: They have no followers, and it’s hard to get them at first. Everyone faces that initial uphill battle where they’re creating great content, but being ignored simply because no one trusts an account with very few followers.

You need followers to get followers. Is your head twisted by that? Well, stop worrying. Our Vine followers service is here to help build your following right now. Don’t mess around, start off with 5,000 followers to really be a contender amongst Vine users. Honestly, 5,000 followers will be just a small drop in the bucket compared to the biggest users. Nash Grier has over 12 million followers, you need to play some catch up!

#Winning at trends

Trends on Vine can happen without warning as the highly connected platform needs one hashtag with a good idea attached to it to set the whole platform buzzing. Trends appear on the left hand side of the desktop version, and everyone using the Vine app pays attention to them.

The problem is that since everyone is paying attention, and so many people participate and create content, it can be really hard to be noticed. When you’re scrolling through some trends what is it that makes you stop? For many, it’s how many loops the video has.

One of my favorite all-time Vine trends was the Shia Laboeuf #JustDoIt trend. With well over 100 million total loops over the course of the trend, there was plenty of content out there to watch. Much of it was great:

That was a video from the Vine app with 72.6 million loops, and another with 4.2 million loops. How in the world is a video like this one, with very low views, going to compete:

How is anyone going to pay any serious attention to a video with 3,600 loops when it is up against videos with millions? If you’ve used Vine long enough, and looked through enough trending tags, you know that there are 3 kinds of videos out there:

  1. Bad videos that never break 100 loops.
  2. Good videos with a few thousand loops that never seem to break through.
  3. Good videos with hundreds of thousands, or more, loops that go viral.

The challenge for you is to break through that second tier, and to reach that viral level. To help you get there use our 25,000 loops service to break through towards a truly viral trending video. More people will stop to watch your Vine, take you seriously, and follow you. This is a building block for your account which can lead to even more growth.

Twitter + Vine = Your success

Vine is owned by Twitter, and for a good reason: Vine’s short videos are perfect for Twitter’s short messages. Many people who use the Vine app also use Twitter, you can even import contacts between the two to grow your following on either one.

The great thing about Twitter is its ‘Top Tweets’ and Moments section. These are where the best tweets go, based on retweets, likes, and replies. Here’s the top tweet for a trend going on right now:

Imagine how much fun a Trump impersonator could have with that hashtag, a Vine account, and a position near the top of this trending hashtag. Looking at this hashtag you see that the top trending one has 2,500+ retweets and 4,000+ likes.

Those numbers are within your reach with our Retweet and Likes service. Use it when you have something good to say on Vine, share it there and on Twitter, and see just how successful you can really be.

Collect your Vine videos into a YouTube compilation

As your success grows you can be sure of one thing: People will try to steal your light. When it comes to Vine, this ‘light stealing’ happens all too often in the form of people stealing a bunch of Vine clips and editing them together into a compilation video. There’s a number of entire YouTube channels dedicated to taking people’s Vines, turning them into compilation videos, and not linking out to the creators!

King Bach is successful enough that this isn’t going to worry him much, but you’re not King Bach …yet! When this is happening someone is earning YouTube Adsense off of videos which they didn’t even create, and may not even credit you for. You need to start building at least a small YouTube presence to tap into this and beat them at their own game.

Start building your YouTube channel by creating compilation videos. They’re easy to do as you’re just editing them together back to back, and adding Annotations over the top of the text you entered in the Vine app. Buy some YouTube views to let people know that you’re serious about your YouTube channel, create a link at the end to push people to your Vine, and take full advantage of the video content you’ve created.

Maybe you want to move into YouTube more in the future. King Bach is building his own channel, and Jerry Purpdrank is creating music videos on his new channel:

Step by step, you can go from creating 6 second Vines, to Vine compilations on YouTube, to having your own successful YouTube channel. At the very least, I highly recommend putting together those Vine videos into compilations so that you can get the views, and Adsense bucks, rather than someone else.

Getting the most from the Vine app

Vine is a simple platform: You create and share videos 6 seconds long, or shorter. What you do with it, using hashtags, trends, getting followers, connecting Twitter, and creating a YouTube channel, is what will define your online video career.

Devumi is here every step of the way to help you build every aspect of your Vine app experience with services that quickly build your channel. You’re on Vine because you like to do things quickly. Why wait for your channel to grow when the 4 services above can make it happen now?

Just do it! Make your Vine dreams come true! DO IT!