How a New User Can Create a Twitter Account with Lots of Followers

Hello and greetings, new Twitter user! Your goal, as many millions of Twitter accounts before you have had, is to create a Twitter account with lots of followers, right? Of course! It’s no fun if you’re shouting into the great void of Twitter and no one is listening. Let’s get your account in order and boost your numbers for success in the shortest time possible first. Then we’ll look at long-term success strategies that we can help you with.

Create a Twitter account which grows quickly

Profile, bio, header pics, and the point of all this!

What so many new users on Twitter forget is that success online is determined by branding. Other Twitter users are on Twitter because they’re interested in something. For them to want to follow you they’re going to have to know what your account is about.

You convey what you’re about with your profile bio’s written section, your header image, and your profile image. Let’s look at a random good example that’s in the Devumi ‘Who to follow’ queue:

create a twitter account good example

Perfect! We know what this guy is about both professionally and casually, and there’s a clear profile image. He chose to go with an avatar rather than an actual photo, and that’s fine if he’s looking to hide his identity a little.

Now let’s keep looking and find a not-so-good example:

twitter profile bad example

Ok, the ‘#entrepreneur’ hashtag is meaningless because it’s implied if you’re the founder of @digihunk. I’m sure he means some sort of ‘digital’ engineer …not a train engineer, but that’s not explained. The 3 links to other social profiles eat up all the space for explaining what type of engineer he is and what digital marketing he does (there’s plenty). Overall, I’m not compelled to follow this account based on any of this information.

That’s looking at the written part of your bio and profile image (which needs to be clear since it’ll be small). Now your header image where you have more flexibility to add a little text and get creative. I’ll post 3 diverse examples to follow below:

create a twitter account header images

That’s @MLB using their header image to advertise their other accounts, a much better place to do so than the bio. Brian Setzer advertising his upcoming tour. And the ‘See It Now’ is Star Trek reminding me to get to the theatre already.

Each of these is an example of branding through images, and offering information through images with text overlays. These are advanced branding tactics which you need to work on now, rather than later, to create a Twitter account which will truly grows quickly.

Now to get the followers flowing

Ok, new user of Twitter, what does your account have in common with every Twitter account …ever? Zero followers! Everyone starts from zero, not even Katy Perry’s most followed account came with free followers when she signed up.

The quickest way to get your account going right now, because you’re not Katy Perry, is to buy at least 1,000 Twitter followers from us. We’ll slowly deliver them so that you have time to build your account and follow the next two steps.

1: Participate in a trending hashtag

#Hashtags are used by Twitter users who want to connect conversations. You can click on them and see everything that has been said by anyone who used the hashtag. When these get popular they start appearing in the ‘Trending topics’ section. Then everyone clicks on them, joins in, reads tweets from strangers, and follows new people.

With your account putting in the hard work mentioned above already, and with new followers coming in from our service, this is the perfect time to start participating in trending hashtags to make your rapid account growth look completely organic.

That was from the #SoGoneChallenge where people were encouraged to rap over the ‘So Gone’ instrumental. It was a perfect chance for rappers to sing a few bars, get noticed, and gain a few new followers. Finding trends that fit your ‘brand’, and jumping on them, is the surest way to growth.

2: Use our retweet service

If you really want your tweets to be noticed and gain real followers for your new Twitter account, add on our retweet service. This will help your tweets appear in the Top tweets section. This is an algorithmically controlled feed where the tweets which perform the best are displayed at the top, and then more are displayed below in chronological order with all the less popular tweets weeded out.

You want to be on this list to get real followers. Our retweet service will help get it there, and adding a few likes will help too. I’d actually recommend buying more likes than retweets to make it look like most tweets out there.

What buying retweets will also do is improve your social proof. You can follow the link to learn more about social proof, but the basics can be shown here:

Are you going to retweet the Professor Snape image which already has over 1,000 retweets, or the one of the woman reaching for the remote with no retweets? If you’re like most people, you’re retweeting Snape. And not just because it’s a better tweet, but because you’re noticing that it has many retweets, and that this fact makes it more desirable to retweet.

The same concept, of numbers impacting people’s decisions on Twitter, also applies to why you were buying Twitter followers above. If you didn’t buy them then, and are struggling to create a successful Twitter account now, it’s time to buy those followers and use numbers to your advantage.

Now you’re growing: Keep it going!

With all of the work you’ve put in above your account must be growing by now. To keep that success moving along there are other steps you can take. The first is to do some cross promotion on other platforms which highlights your success on Twitter:

  • Create a YouTube video where you mention your rapid growth, and include a call to action in an Annotation to follow with your @username shown.
  • Tell your friends on Facebook that you’re doing well and ask them to follow if they haven’t already.
  • Instagram your success, create an image with your Twitter handle in it and link out from the post and your bio.
  • Heck, create a tweet which thanks your followers, everyone loves to be acknowledged. You can even ask them to retweet it to spread your message of success further!